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Martial Arts-Esque Fighting Styles for Splats

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  • Martial Arts-Esque Fighting Styles for Splats

    So, I was watching some Baki on Christmas Eve 2020 when I had an Idea; what if the various Splats, both 'Canonical' (as in Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Promethean, Changeling, Geist, etc, etc) and Fan-Made (such as Genius, Princess, Leviathan, Endless, various types of Dragons (Embers and Inheritance being the most notable) and so on and so on) had their own Martial Arts/Fighting Styles, designed to take advantage of their various supernatural advantages? Naturally, there'd be a lot of variety and plenty of different styles, sub-styles, schools, and what not due to the sheer variety of ways such beings express their powers and what sort of abilities they'd have 'unlocked' and/or 'researched'.

    Heck, we could just as easily structure them like Merit/Micro-Templates that are only truly available in full to a suitable variety of supernatural practitioner, with other super naturals substituting the closest equivalents they have of the necessary powers and mortals only really being able to master the physical side of it (and maybe mental, spiritual and philosophical sides as well), due to them lacking the required metaphysical backing, mystical 'channels', occult 'reservoirs' and arcane juju to truly make use of it.

    What do you lot think?

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    Many of the splats already do have Fighting Style (and just Style) merits:

    Vampires have Kindred Dueling and Riding the Wave; Changelings have Elemental Warrior and Hedge Duelist, they also have Enchanting Performance as a non-combat Style; Sin-eaters have Retribution (not exactly a Fighting Style, but counts, I think); Prometheans have Brute Force; Werewolves have Relentless Assault and Tactical Shifting, plus a handful of non-style Werewolf combat merits; Beasts also get Relentless Assault (interestingly, the Beast version can apply to Weaponry, but Werewolf is Brawl only).

    Mentats - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Mind/Forces) built around being a human computer; Thaumatech Engineers - a 2e Free Council Obrimos Legacy (Matter/Prime) focusing on the creation of Imbued items and the enhancement of Sleeper technology


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      Mages also have the Adamant Hand merit, which is terrifying since it allows them to cast, buildup power for subsequent spells and engage in non-supernatural combat actions in the same turn.

      There are also some Legacies that embody a fighting style, such as the Perfected Adepts for hand to hand and acrobatics, there is also the Brotherhood of the Demon Wind for speed and mobility based melee. I also wrote the Bannerets of Ameretat, which embody guerilla tactics and tanking. Lastly, GibberingEloquence wrote the Clockwork Knights, who specialize in using mech suits and are pretty awesome.

      New experiences are the font of creativity, when seeking inspiration, break your routine.

      The Agathos Kai Sophos, an Acanthus Legacy of strategists (Mind/Time)
      The Szary Stra┼╝nik, an Obrimos Legacy of Scholars of the Glyphs of Fate (Fate/Prime)


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        FYI; Thanks to a mix-up on my end, I unintentionally double-posted this thread. >This< is the thread you're looking for.