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  • Chronicles of Darkness: Profane Sun - Actual Play

    I recently started a new one-on-one campaign with my partner, who is also my longest-running player. Our playstyle for our one-on-one games is a bit different than most: we do a live play-by-post using a chat app, allowing for the sort of verbosity and extra context that play-by-post games often benefit from while still running a live session. Recently, I realized that that format lends itself really well to a text-based AP, since the entire session is recorded verbatim by the chat app. So, with that in mind, I exported the chat logs to World Anvil and added a bit of formatting - and I figured I would share it here.

    Before we begin - some introductions are in order:


    Samantha is the star of the show, the protagonist and sole PC of the chronicle. A 22-year-old artist that's met with quite a bit of professional success, she's rather optimistic (virtue) and nonconfrontational (vice). She took the Meditative Mind merit on character creation, but I worked with the player to reflavor this as a different sort of outlet; she blogs and does doodles on her Instagram to clear her mind. The player actually started up an instagram account where she hosts in-character doodles as well as a blog for in-character writing. Her character history, as written by the player, follows:

    Growing up, Samantha had two moms - her actual mother, and her mother's best friend. The two of them were pregnant at the same time, and supported each other through single motherhood. Samantha never stood a chance against her 'aunt's son becoming her best friend. The four of them have spent every birthday and holiday together for as long as Samantha can remember, and when she was first accepted on a scholarship for her art, they were the first to celebrate with her. When she graduated with honors, they were in the stands, cheering for her. Samantha doesn't know what it's like to have a normal family dynamic, but she doesn't resent the fact that she doesn't have one. In any other world, she might not have experience dealing with boys, thanks to her 'brother'. She still knows how to change a tire, and knows how to throw a punch, so as far as she's concerned, she isn't lacking anything in her life.
    I also asked her for an overview of the significant NPCs in her life, so I could begin writing a story around her character. All of the NPCs present in this chapter were created by her, but run by my as the Storyteller. Here are their descriptions, as authored by the player:

    Jordan Miller

    Jordan is older than Samantha by almost exactly twelve hours, and he never let Samantha forget it. The two are nearly inseparable, even to the distaste of some of their former romantic partners. Jordan works with computer software, but his real passion lies in music; he’s the lead singer and guitarist of his own band, which plays at a local bar every Friday night (and Samantha has never missed a show).

    The two of them went through an awkward dating phase when they were going through puberty, during which they held hands and made out during a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. He was Samantha’s first kiss, but hasn’t been anything more than an older brother since then.
    Madeline Haines

    Samantha’s mother, Madeline has raised Samantha alone - aside from the help she’s received from her best friend - for Samantha’s entire life. She’s worked at the same restaurant since Samantha was a child, moving from waitress to owner over her time spent at the restaurant. She and Samantha had their moments, especially when Samantha was a stubborn teenager who liked getting into trouble, but the two women love each other, and often express it with gifts or words.
    Amelia Simmona

    Jordan’s mother and Madeline’s best friend, Amelia works in fashion and is often treating Madelina and Samantha to things. Madeline and Amelia joke that Amelia is the bread-winner of their little family, but Samantha secretly expects that something might be going on between the two women. She loves Amelia as much as she loves her own mother, and couldn’t be happier with their relationship.

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    And now, for the first chapter:

    Something of a prologue, the chapter starts by giving us a window into Samantha's day-to-day life, before taking a turn as she finds herself thrust head-first into the night. Content Warning: Harsh language, blood, serious injury.


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      Some notes: I'd originally wanted to give a lot more insight into the mechanics behind the scenes - when dice are being rolled, conditions are being resolved, etc. I wasn't able to do that for the first four chapters, but might change things up if I can find a good way to make those sorts of notes moving forward. For chapters 1-4, those, unfortunately, remain behind-the-scenes, as do our OOC conversations when I need to ask whether or not Samantha would take a specific action, or how she would react to something specific during my posts as Storyteller.