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  • World-Building Aids (Software)

    Working in V:TR in particular, but with the intent to involve other elements, i was hoping to find suggestions for resources you good (or bad) folks use in world-buildings. Not new to the game or systems, but looking to improve the way i do stuff.

    I host through roll20/discord, and roll20's fine enough for sheets and references for the players. Specifically, i'm looking for resources to manage the world/NPC building aspect. Something that might help me better organize domains, territories, locations of interest, NPCs, covenants/factions, etc without making a nightmare mess of folders and subfolders that would be roll20. Maybe something that could port info into roll20 easily enough, or give me aids i can build into the pages. Normally I use Microsoft Excel for most of this, but it's feeling less and less ideal. Didn't feel as burdensome with say, M:TA.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I use for character, location, organization and worldbuilding.
    It´s a pretty good and simple enough tool which scales up nicely. you can also invite your players and get them rights and visibility to certain stuff.

    I don´t know how you can import stuff from to roll20 as I´m not versed enough in roll20.

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      That site seems similar to, to throw another name out. Based on the video preview at any rate. Friend is using it as part of a kickstarter for world design.

      I appreciate the reference, tossing out another product by comparison.