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How to end Tilts that weren't caused by damage

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  • How to end Tilts that weren't caused by damage

    The core system for Tilts like Arm Wrack seems to be that they end when the damage that caused them is healed. For example, if my character takes 2 lethal on a targeted attack to his hand he suffers the Arm Wrack Tilt until he heals the leftmost health box of the damage that caused the Tilt.

    My question is what happens when a Tilt is inflicted but no damage is caused. For example, Sin-Eaters with The Curse Haunt at 3 dots can inflict a variety of Tilts that aren't tied to any damage. Similarly Rahu Werewolves with 4 dots in their Moon Gift can inflict Tilts on attacks regardless of whether the attack deals any damage or not.

    So how do these Tilts end? For Mortals I'm inclined to say that they last for the scene, but what about creatures like Vampires, Werewolves, and Sin-Eaters that can typically heal damage and the associated Tilts easily? It seems a bit odd that Vampires for example can reattach a severed arm through simple expenditure of Vitae, but have no recourse if the attack did no damage.

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    The most general rule: it ends when the subject is no longer being exposed to the source. If you're Blinded because someone is shining a flashlight in your face, it stops when you can either get away or they stop. If the disorienting nature of a supernatural area causes Tilts, they go way when you get out of that space. Etc.

    Supernatural powers that inflict Tilts without damage but can't just be escaped should specify how they go away in some fashion. Full Moon 4 has a duration on it, the Tilts end when the duration ends. Yes, that means supernaturals can't just heal those Tilts (though the duration isn't exactly long). That's one of the reasons it's rated at 4. If you feel like a supernatural power should end it early, you can always call for a Clash of Wills roll. The duration isn't always in the most obvious place (I believe CtL 2e has a quick easy to miss rule at the start of the Contracts chapter that the default duration is always a scene unless a power says otherwise), which represents the majority of the times a power might inflict a Tilt without any obvious expiration on it I can think of.


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      Generally, Tilts imposed by supernatural means should have their duration stated in the rules for that power. If that's not the case, I think they should last until the character would've healed damage if they had damage. For most people it means waiting it out (either as if it was bashing or lethal, and potentially treatable to reduce the time if lethal).

      Vampires specifically heal all wounds not associated with any damage with a single Vitae. This is a good thing because the way Resilience works makes it fully possible for vampires to lose limbs (or at least function in them) without taking any damage in their health boxes.

      Full Moon's Gift 4 does have a duration listed which informs for how long the Rahu has the ability to cause Tilts in this way, but no duration for how long the Tilts are inflicted. You could either use the duration for both the power and the Tilts (with the side effect that Tilts that actually are associated with damage also goes away within a few turns) or say that Tilts not associated with damage goes away at the next "healing tick" as I described above.

      Tilts imposed by the Curse 3 lasts explicitly to the end of the scene.

      Healing powers are almost always internal abilities not tied to any dot rated advantages. That means many splats (such as vampires and mages) don't have any Clash of Wills dice pools so that's unfortunately not a good way to handle attempting to heal Tilts imposed by supernatural powers. I would personally just have all Tilts with a fixed duration be impossible to heal unless the healing comes from a non-innate source, such as a healing spell from a mage (in which case it becomes a CoW).
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