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    Prey Instinct (Persistent)
    Your character knows she has an enemy or group of enemies who would harm her if they found her, though they are unaware of her significance for now. Regardless, she is very aware of them. The nature of this foe and their motivation for hunting your character should be detailed upon taking this Condition. Apply -3 to any Resolve or Composure rolls to defend against Empathy or Intimidation rolls made by your character's enemy. Failing a Subterfuge roll relating your character's enemy can result in the Shaken Condition.
    Resolution: The enemy is stopped, either through lethal means or because whatever incentive they had to hunt your character goes away. Alternatively, if the enemy learns of your character's importance, take a beat and replace this Condition with the Hunted (Persistent) Condition (see Hurt Locker, p150).
    Beat: Your character's fearfulness as it concerns her enemy heightens immediate danger.

    Flashback (Persistent)
    Your character suffered some trauma in the past which has stuck with her. Whenever circumstances become too similar to the situation that led to her gaining this Condition, roll Resolve + Composure. If you fail the roll, your character's reality shifts for the remainder of the scene. She relives the traumatic event and treats everyone and everything around herself as part of the living memory, only able to react to her environment in a way meaningful within the remembered event.
    Resolution: Regain a dot of Integrity, lose another dot of Integrity, or achieve an exceptional success on a breaking point.
    Beat: Your character enters a flashback state as described above.