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Miscelanious Questions on princess the hopeful

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  • Miscelanious Questions on princess the hopeful

    What happens when a stockpile of seeds or a Princess herself are in a Consecrated location with an attached ofuda? All those dark spawn can sense the light drawing them but cant reach it...

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    Hilarity happens.


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      Hillarity as in?


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        The ofuda makes them want to run away from the area when they try to enter it, but once they’re “away” enough to stop running the seeds are still there...


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          and they can still sense them making the place right outside such a consecrated space haunted essentially by stalking darkspawn? .


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            Or darkspawn that keep trying to enter until they succeed on the roll, repeatedly fleeing in terror each time they fail it. Probably depends what kind of darkspawn.


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              Is it safe to say if an ofudas attached to a consecrated place a hopeful might want to make sure he has 20 successes if theirs either hopeful or a stockpile of seeds there.

              since darkspawn can sense both. from a ways off and stronger and stronger darkspawn might start pouring in.

              Darkened,Cataphractt and mneosmye will probaly note each and every such region in their town As it means its an area of interest to the hopeful.

              while a lot of such places are small enough its plausible they wouldnt be noticed, I think its safe to say they'd exchange notes.
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