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Lone Wolf Development's Hero Lab Software for WoD?

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  • Lone Wolf Development's Hero Lab Software for WoD?

    Hi. I was just wondering if there were any future plans to collaborate with Lone Wolf Development to expand on their World of Darkness data files for the Hero Lab character creation software? The software is pretty neat (it's almost a must have for Shadowrun and Pathfinder), and what is there for nWoD has potential, but is largely incomplete. While I've heard rumors, I don't know why development stopped. Biggest rumor I heard was a licensing dispute, but that's only a rumor.

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    It's possible we'll collaborate with Lone Wolf in the future. We've chatted with them about it, and they're friends of Rich's. We haven't had any formal negotiations about nWoD, though.

    The original release was done when we were part of CCP. There was no dispute that I'm aware of, but the people at CCP who worked with Lone Wolf were laid off and weren't replaced. Unfortunately, the character generator fell through the cracks.

    (For anybody reading this thread who doesn't know: CCP and White Wolf merged in 2006. CCP owns the World of Darkness and Exalted. Onyx Path is a separate company founded by former White Wolf creative director Rich Thomas, which licenses the tabletop roleplaying rights to the World of Darkness and Exalted from CCP. Onyx Path owns some other former White Wolf games, such as Scion and Trinity.)

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      Thank you for the clarification. Here's hoping things work out eventually. :-)


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        We've been having an ongoing discussion on the matter on their forums.