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101 Crossover Story Hooks

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    111: (Beast/Leviathan/Mummy/Princess/Vampire)

    For millennia, five (5) individuals, a Begotten, a Leviathan, a Noble, an Arisen, and a member of the Kindred, have been keeping the peace between their respective races, and becoming best friends (to the point of considering themselves siblings) in the process. One day, one of them is kidnapped by an unknown group for unknown, but surely dastardly, designs. It's now up to the other four to rescue their friend, hopefully before anyone else finds out and decides to use this spread chaos, or (even worse) to ignite war!

    112: (Beast/Princess)

    Rumors are beginning to circulate in the Begotten and Noble communities of a Beast and an Enlightened getting together as a couple. A small team (the PCs) is called forth to investigate these rumors, and learn of the veracity behind them. No matter if they're correct or not, the team is to find the two and learn just what is actually going on.
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