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    Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post

    now that we know of the Border Marches and that Father Wolf was an Pangaean instead of a spirit,does it change anything?
    Well, things have been changed in my cosmological view with or without the reveal in Sundered world. While I'll detail it more in upcoming interviews and cosmology posts, a taste for my vision for Father Wolf's origin could be seen in what I wrote in Chris Allen's excellent post for Ten Spirits Binded

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      Your vision of the cosmology of CofD is really very interesting.
      Do you have a shareable file that includes all of your data?
      I would like to resume them in full and associate some elements of my Cosmology.
      I associated the cosmology of the God-Machine with that of the Myth of Chtulhu. Suddenly, this story of ancient civilization fits perfectly with my Chronicle.