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    Let's see if i can label my favorite Vampires in Wod

    Bill Compton From True Blood



    Disciplinesominate 3,Auspex 1,Vigor 2

    Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries:



    Disciplinesominate 4,Auspex 3,Protean 4,Vigor 4


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      Desmond Miles (Assassin's Creed): Acanthus Guardian of the Veil, Subtle Ones Legacy. Desmond is the latest of more than one comingling lines of Sleepwalker and Proximus Dynasties going back more than a thousand years. He Awakened when Abstergo (corporate front for a Seers of the Throne conspiracy) forced him into a powerful artifact which used temporal sympathy to cast his perceptions back into the lives of his Awakened ancestors for extended periods, in an effort to uncover ancient secrets of the Diamond Orders. Unknown to his captors he used the experiences of those ancestors to train himself in the use of his Arcana as well as learning useful spell rotes and skills before escaping.


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        I made some stats for the Doctor.

        Virtue and Vice: Varies. See below under Fae Aspects.
        Concept: Eccentric Space-time Traveler

        Seeming: Fairest
        Kith: Telluric

        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 6, Wits 4, Resolve 5
        Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Stamina 4
        Social Attributes: Presence 5, Manipulation 4, Composure 4

        If you are using Second Edition rules: Power 8, Finesse 7, Resistance 6

        Mental Skills: Academics (History) 5, Crafts (Hedgespinning) 5, Computer 4, Medicine 3, Occult (Astrology) 3, Politics 3, Investigation 3, Science (Time Travel, Astronomy) 6
        Physical Skills: Athletics (Running) 3, Brawl 2, Drive 2, Firearms 3, Larceny 2, Stealth 3, Survival (Hedge) 2, Weaponry (Swords) 6
        Social Skills: Animal Ken 2, Empathy 3, Expression 3, Intimidation 3, Persuasion (Invite To Adventures) 4, Socialize 2, Streetwise 3, Subterfuge 3

        Merits: Ambidextrous, Area Of Expertise (History, Hedgespinning, Time Travel), Quick Draw, Disarm, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Common Sense, Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Fighting Finesse (Swords), Striking Looks +1, Inspiring, Well-Traveled, Fast Reflexes 3, Fleet of Foot 3, Iron Stamina 3, Heavy Weapons 5, Hedgespun Weapon 5 (Time Lord Sword: +5L, +3 Piercing), Hedgespun Raiment 5 (Time Lord Clothes: Empathy +2, Athletics +3), Harvest (Emotions 5, Pledges 5), Token 2 (Psychic Paper), Pledgesmith 3, Token Maker 5*, Hollow 10 (Size 5, Amenities 3, Wards 2; located inside the TARDIS), Workshop 5 (Machines 5)

        *The target number of successes is decreased to 15 per dot of the token, but requires Wyrd 6. He rolls Wyrd + Crafts + Machines Specialty w/ Area Of Expertise + Workshop bonus + Sonic Screwdriver bonus = 38 dice. Also, he automatically rerolls the failed dice without spending glamour, as per the Wyrd 7 blessing of the Artist kith.

        Health: 9
        Willpower: 9
        Defense: 7
        Initiative Mod: 10
        Speed: 15
        Wyrd: 8
        Contracts: Artifice 7, Stone 3, Hours 4, Verdant Spring 4, Spellbound Autumn 3, Vainglory 3, Four Directions 2, Goblin (Trading Luck For Fate, Diviner’s Madness, Delayed Harm, Good And Bad Luck)

        Max Glamour/Per Turn: 30/8
        Frailties: skin contact or ingestion of ginger (major bane), skin contact or ingestion of Aspirin (major bane), must not interfere with the stability of Time (minor taboo), must not harm his companions (minor taboo)

        Mien Blessings: Music Of The Spheres (Telluric), Panomancy (Oracle), Impeccable Craftsmanship (Artist)

        Fae Aspects:

        Immortal Flesh: True Fae are fantastic beings made of the fabric of dreams and madness. When manifested in the mortal world, they can shrug off the attempts of the mundane to damage them, and even the most destructive of harms will not be as severe to them. Any physical damage that does not come from Cold Iron will deal only bashing to the True Fae. Certain supernatural sources of damage can deal lethal to the Gentry, but only Hand-Forged Iron will deliver aggravated damage. Additionally, they are not affected by Combat Tilts unless they were caused by cold iron, hand-forged iron, or supernatural powers. Their flesh is also immune to natural infirmities. They do suffer wound penalties, but they can't be knocked unconscious by Bashing damage.

        Change of Heart: The True Fae are entities almost embodied by their passions and vices, with higher morality and self-denial little more than a whim to them. For them, passion is virtue, and the denial of passion an affectation. Their supernaturally amoral nature is reflected in an inverted ability to regain Willpower. They regain one Willpower point from indulging their Virtue, but refresh their whole pool when satiating their Vice.

        The Doctor, on the other hand, has spent enough time on the mortal world to absorb part of humanity’s nature. He can remain on Earth without suffering damage, regains Willpower normally, can harvest Glamour from selfless emotions, can create Hedgespun items and does not have the Skill limits of most True Fae. However, his mindset is still very much alien, and thus he has no Morality or Clarity meter, nor can his strange thought processes be represented by Derangements, as is the case with the other True Fae.

        Regeneration: The Doctor can completely heal himself when severely ill or wounded. He may also do this at will if necessary. This process causes changes in appearance, virtue, vice, attributes, skills and merits. New Fae Aspects and Mien Blessings may manifest. He may only use this ability twelve times. Temporary side effects may include amnesia, black outs, erratic behavior and loss of motor control.

        Advanced Automatons: this Fae Aspect is based on the ReachWiki’s house rules for Hedgespun Automatons. The Doctor gains the following benefits when building Hedgespun automatons – he can invest 10 dots in each automaton, each dot above 5 grants +1 Attribute and +2 Skills, their Wits and Intelligence scores can be above 3, they have a Seeming and up to 2 kiths, they start with Wyrd 3 and can have up to Wyrd 5 by spending 1 Merit dot per Wyrd point, they can use tokens, can enter the Hedge, can swear Pledges, can harvest glamour, have Virtues and Vices, they start with 10 dots of Contracts, they can gain and spend xp, total xp cost divided by half.

        Titles: the Doctor (Actor), TARDIS (mobile Realm), Sonic Screwdriver (Prop)

        The Tell: the Doctor’s Tells are eccentric clothing, mannerisms, technologies and accessories. Colorful question marks may also appear.

        The Doctor: he looks like a man of varying appearance. In his Mien, he is always illuminated by tiny stars, galaxies, nebulae and planets that appear and disappear. His eyes, although normal, can cause a person to become lost in them, as if they were abysses into every experience of his extremely long life. His Fae Weakness is having both his hearts destroyed.

        TARDIS: the entrance to this Realm looks like a police call box. The inside is a giant computer station filled with strange technologies, beings and relics from different places and eras. This Realm is capable of flying and traveling through space and time, as well as entering the Hedge. The Doctor automatically arrives at his chosen location and time period, unless the ST says otherwise. Other characters may use the TARDIS if the Doctor teaches them how to operate it.

        Sonic Screwdriver: this small handheld device has a large number of uses (see below). The Sonic Screwdriver does not work on anything made of wood and cannot kill, wound or maim living things.

        Lock/Unlock Doors And Similar Objects: no roll is necessary, as success is automatic for most locks.

        Control/Locate/Improve Machines: Dexterity + Science or Computer + 8, with a penalty depending on the complexity of the device.

        Build/Repair/Damage Objects: Dexterity + Crafts + 8. Each roll represents a period of work determined by the ST. Each success restores/removes one point of Structure. Also add +8 to the Wyrd + Crafts roll for making Tokens.

        Analyze Biological, Chemical And Physical Phenomena: Intelligence + Science + 8.

        Miscellaneous Stuff From The Show: use with permission from the ST.
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          Hellboy (Dark Horse Comics): a Supernal Demon of the Mind Arcanum that somehow didn't return to Pandemonium and acquired human characteristics/stats due to his upbringing.

          Virtue: Charity/Justice

          Vice: Wrath

          Rank: 4

          Attributes: Power 9, Finesse 5, Resistance 12

          Mental Skills: Academics (Folklore & Mythology) 3, Computer 2, Crafts (Firearm Maintenance) 3, Investigation (Detective Work) 5, Medicine 2, Occult (Cryptozoology, Supernal) 4, Science 2

          Physical Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 6, Drive 2, Firearms (Revolvers) 1, Larceny 1, Stealth (Urban) 4, Survival 3, Weaponry (Swords) 5

          Social Skills: Animal Ken (Cats) 3, Empathy 3, Expression (Humor) 3, Intimidation (Physical Threats) 4, Persuasion 2, Socialize 1, Streetwise 4, Subterfuge 4

          Skill Tricks: Pattern Expert (Investigation), Myth Expert (Occult), Knockout Punch (Brawl), Concrete Jungle (Survival), Rumor Mill (Streetwise)

          Hunter Tactics: up to the ST.

          Merits: Virtuous, Area Of Expertise (Detective Work), Encyclopedic Knowledge, Ambidextrous, Disarm, Danger Sense, Direction Sense, Very Quick Healer (see below), Innate Multilingualism (see below), Fast Reflexes 3, Iron Stamina 3, Fleet Of Foot 3, Heavy Weapons (Swords, Right Hand) 5, Trained Observer 3, Eye For The Strange, Tolerance For Biology, Demolisher 3, Inspiring, Allies 3/Status 3/Contacts (BPRD), Striking Looks +2, Professional Training 3 (Occultist: Occult, Investigation, Academics), Naturalized Hunter (see below)

          Naturalized Hunter: Hellboy may Risk Willpower like Hunters do.

          Very Quick Healer: Hellboy heals 1 bashing each turn, 1 lethal each minute and 1 aggravated each hour.

          Innate Multilingualism: Hellboy has an instinctive understanding of ancient and supernatural languages, including the Spirit Tongue and High Speech.

          Willpower: 10
          Maximum Essence/Per Turn: 40/12
          Initiative: 12
          Defense: 5
          Speed: 15
          Health: 18 (Size 6)
          Integrity: 6
          Influence: Relics & Artifacts 3, Medicine 3, Mind 2


          Mortal Mask

          Ephemeral Armor

          Ephemeral Weapon

          Elemental Immunity (Fire)

          Essence In Unveiling: Every time Hellboy gains a Beat while he investigates, researches, confronts or reasons with the supernatural or those affiliated with it, he rolls Finesse + Investigation + Rank with NO willpower boosting or 9 Again. Success = the Beat comes with 1 Essence. Exceptional Success = the Beat comes with [Rank] Essence. Secondly, whenever he completes a mission relating to supernatural or those affiliated with it, he rolls Finesse + Investigation + Rank, with the Rote Quality. Each success gives him 1 Essence. Lastly, if he is in big trouble, he may turn his GMC Experience Points into Essence. No roll is required: each GMC Experience Point becomes 10 Essence reflexively.
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            Jeeves (from Jeeves and Wooster) is a normal human, albeit one who is clued in. However, all of Woosters friends are high Wyrd changelings, which would explain their eccentricities and seeming near total blindness to others. Wooster himself is a Fairest of a musical bent, with Wyrd 6 and a frailty preventing him from refusing or breaking a marriage engagement. His Clarity is pretty high, about 7 or 8.

            Jeeves mostly gets as successful results as he does through careful knowledge of the other changelings frailties and bans, as well as benefits from a pact he struck with Wooster to get Glamour sight.

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              Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

              EDIT: Updated the sheet.
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                The Batter (Mortis Ghost's OFF)

                EDIT: Updated the sheet.
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                  I had this idea once, to recreate the Doom Marine as a Dark Hero/Hunter combo, with all Masteries and Asset Skills dumped into Firearms and Brawl. I supose something simmilar could be done with Duke Nukeem, if it suited anyones fancy.


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                    For giggles, here's an attempt to integrate the Originals into the World of Darkness. Yeah, I know; it's my favorite guilty pleasure. Not providing stats, because, quite frankly, they'd be ridiculously OP by standard NWoD definitions.

                    The Mikaelsons

                    A family of Converted Vampires, much like Longinus and Dracula. Over a thousand years old, and currently in torpor, their story is the favorite legend of "named" Methuselahs that gets bandied about. Supposedly, they're the founders of the Original Vampire Clans, or at least their modern incarnation (after all the Clans date back to Rome, which is older even than them). So yeah, no one really believes this tale, but every now and again, someone claims to have met one... and wound up very messily dead shortly thereafter, or so the urban legend goes.

                    Mikael, the Patriach; Clan Gangrel, if any. Supposedly hunts his children down, and kills any other Kindred he comes across while he's at it. Typical Vampire-as-Hunter boogeyman. Another mystical figure the rumor mill attributes the mystical VII to. Why? Supposedly the family originally had SEVEN children, but something awful happened to two of them before they all Turned.

                    Esther, the Thrysus Mage. One of the most powerful in history, apparently, since she supposedly turned her entire family into vampires to fight off some local werewolf tribe. Please, witches are powerful, but there's never been even the slightest hint they were capable of creating whole species. Also seeks to destroy vampire-kind, but is trying to magick up a way to do the entire species in all at once. *Yawn* Yeah, right.

                    Finn, Clan Nosferatu. Eldest sibling. Total mama's boy. Creepy in the extreme, and tends to unnerve anyone who sticks around him too long. Supposedly has a deathwish, and happily assists Mommy Dearest in her latest scheme to end her spawn.

                    Elijah, Clan Ventrue. The Responsible One. keeps his siblings in check, and has the whole Ventrue "noblesse oblige" thing going on. Supposedly the cool, rational member, up until the point you press him too far, and then he turns like a snake.

                    Rebekah, Clan Daeva. Typical Daeva bullshit. Always falls in love with mortals, gets burned, whines for the good old days of mortality, and typically makes very poor unlife choices. Just more typical Patriarchy BS, about how women can't be trusted with power.

                    Kol, Clan Mekhet. This one's fairly interesting. Standard "impulsive" vampire, though he's got an obsession with mystical knowledge. Tracks well with the Mekhet. Still looks like a punk kid and exploits that fact so no one takes him seriously.

                    Niklaus, Clan Gangrel. Oh, THIS guy. This one takes the cake. The REALLY crazy tales insist he's some kind of vampire/werewolf abomination. That's what really clinches this as some crazy story told to wow the neonates.
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                      I like that, Barachiel. With just a little fudging you could make them older and actually have people claim they are the original five Clan sires, even. Or, you could have an Originals/Vampire Diaries game using nWoD mechanics this way, too. Neat.


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                        Originally posted by GottaGoFeast View Post
                        The Slender Man: he shows up in woods, his mind is alien to us, shows up using different forms in the stories of different cultures spanning wide temporal gaps, he kidnaps people (often children) and has strange powers. Sounds like a True Fae to me. He would have the following stats:

                        Virtue and Vice: See below, under Fae Aspects
                        Concept: Mysterious Boogey Man
                        After Nightmare before Christmas, I can't really take the concept of Boogey Man without having it include some social skills in singing and dancing.


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                          Master Xehanort from the Kingdom Hearts franchise is a god damned, motherfucking Acanthus Scelesti. That fucker has things more planned out than Awakening's Merlin.

                          EDIT: Also, the Doctor is a Psychopomp Inquisitor/Tempter. It explains why Colin Baker and Peter Capaldi show up as faces.

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                            For fun, since we've had arguments for nearly every other gamelines, enjoy a Promethean Doctor, the only option that comes with rules for an extra heart! And have some Pandoran Weeping Angels

                            The Doctor
                            Lineage: Osiran
                            Refinement: Aes
                            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 5 Wits 4 Resolve 4
                            Physical Attributes: Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 2
                            Social Attributes: Presence 4 Manipulation 5 Composure 3
                            Mental Skills: Academics 3, Investigation 4, Occult (Prometheans) 4, Science 3
                            Physical Skills: Athletics (Sprinting) 2, Brawl 1, Larceny 1, Stealth 1, Survival 1, Weaponry (Fencing) 2
                            Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 3, Intimidation 3, Persuasion (Fast-Talking) 4, Socialize 3, Subterfuge (Hiding Emotions) 2
                            Merits: Inspiring 4, Eidetic Memory 2, Encyclopaedic Knowledge 4, Shepherd 4, Elpis 4, Repute 3 (The Doctor)
                            Willpower: 7
                            Health: 8
                            Humanity: 5 (Narcissism)
                            Virtue: Justice
                            Vice: Pride
                            Size: 5
                            Defense: 2
                            Initiative: 5
                            Speed: 9
                            Azoth: 3
                            Pyros/Turn: 12/3
                            Bestowment: Revivification
                            Transmutations: Benefice – Able Worker 2, Protective Boon 4. Deception – Incognito 2. Disquietism – Soothe Disquiet 5, Quell Disquiet 5. Saturnius – Refined Masquerade 2, Refine Bestowment 5. Sensorium – Discriminating Tongue 1,Translator’s Eye 1. Vulcanus – Sense Flux, Sense Pyros 1, Sense Refinement 1. Pandoran – Hundred Hands: Heart 3.

                            Torment: When the Doctor suffers from Torment, he loses all empathy and understanding of the emotions of other beings. Any actions that result from emotional attachments confuse him and he openly holds himself apart from and superior to other beings.
                            Disquiet: The Doctor is adept at slowing the growth of his Disquiet, but still moves around as quickly as possible, so he rarely has to deal with its more extreme manifestations. Those near him become irrational and entirely driven by their emotions and whims, becoming illogical and even deranged. His own logical approach clashes horribly with those infected and, when the Disquiet has suitably advanced, even the slightest frustration towards him will result in violence.

                            The Weeping Angels

                            Mockery: The Silent
                            Rank: 3
                            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 1, Wits 6, Resolve 3
                            Physical Attributes: Strength 4, Dexterity 6, Stamina 3
                            Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 2, Composure 2
                            Physical Skills: Athletics (Flight) 2, Brawl (Wings) 4, Stealth (Hiding in Plain Sight) 4, Survival 2
                            Social Skills: Intimidation 3
                            Willpower: 5
                            Vice: Envy
                            Initiative: 9
                            Defence: 6
                            Speed: 16 (20)
                            Size: 4
                            Health: 7
                            Transmutations: Pandoran —Bizarre Weaponry (Fangs •, Bone Spurs ••), Scurry (••••),
                            Flux Within the Shade (••), Perfected Bezoar - Sharp Weapons (•••), Blunt Weapons (••).
                            Bestowment: Wings (••••)
                            Pyros/per Turn: 14/3
                            Special Ability – Blink: The Weeping Angels have an unusual relationship with Dormancy – they are less able to resist it when witnessed by a human. Mechanically, a Weeping Angel suffers a -2 on rolls to resist Dormancy before any other modifiers come into play. They may, however, reanimate as a reflexive action when they are not being looked at, provided they have Pyros in their system.
                            Bite – 8 (L)
                            Wing-spurs – 11 (L)

                            Onyx Path Freelancer: Demon Storyteller's Guide, Dark Eras, Night Horrors: Enemy Action
                            Storyteller's Guide Extra Material
                            After the Fall: Bonus Material


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                              Commander Samuel Vimes from Discworld... I'd see him as a Sin-Eater probably.... His Geist is his "Internal Copper" that keeps him more in check and balances his Sense of Justice (Because he could very well go too far into Vengance).

                              Captain Carrot, Either a Dhampir of a Venture or a Scion. (A Promethean Scion that is, he is generally unfazed by most things that are "Weird") Born too Rule, but realizing that the world doesn't need another "King" he'd rather just be a good man/Copper. (You could also have him as a.. Lucifuge from Hunter... Again Born too rule, but would rather help the common folk.)

                              Issac Clarke (Dead Space) A Human/Embed that has knowledge and is just the right size/shape for the Cog too begin the awakening of some form of Spirit/virus (Idigam Release mechanism anyone?) Eventually freed from his programming/brainwashing by a Demon that helped him overcome it.

                              Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy the Pirate, Pandorans... And the Security Guard is a Promethean. (Had too mention it since i've seen to many Five Nights at Freddie's Videos Lately)

                              All i got for now.. not gonna Stat them.. but that's my ideas.

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                                The Doctor being True Fae makes sense. That non violence thing? must be a pact of some sort. Companions? definitely get changed. He's immortal, and tends to do things for seemingly incomprehensible reasons. He travels between worlds. He has multiple titles, but no one seems to know his real name.

                                The G-Man from Half-Life is an Angel. He moves the pieces without appearing to do anything, almost never talking to anyone. In the middle of a chaotic invasion he doesn't seem concerned. He's able to open portals and take you to a place out of time and space. His motivations don't appear to make any sense and certainly don't appear aligned with that of mankind.
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