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  • GibberingEloquence Heh, this takes me back... I don't have the book on me for cross-reference, so my post will focus on the "spiritual" side of your writeup. It does illustrate why the Batter is scary - not just because of being a nightmare in a fight, but also because of his impossible single-mindedness. "Stay in Your Coma" harkens back to your idea of making him an urban legend, which is an interesting wrinkle for this character. It even leans on his relationship with his puppeteer, which brings me to my only criticism: In order for the write-up to be useful in play, you must give your players means of opposing him. Turning his puppeteer against him could be a fitting way.

    You maintain your preference for putting in so much stuff that the character sheet collapses under its own weight. This doesn't bother me in this case - if Heroes can attain Inheritance, this one definitely did.



    • Scarlet Witch Your headcanon for Dexter's Laboratory reminded me of this homebrew.

      Let Him Speak.


      • Originally posted by GibberingEloquence View Post
        Scarlet Witch Your headcanon for Dexter's Laboratory reminded me of this homebrew.
        I was actually thinking of it too! But since I never read Genius I didn't feel comfortable mentioning it.


        • Made In Abyss is an excellent example of an Innocents Chronicle done right, but with a God-Machine focus. The titular Abyss and its artifacts are Infrastructure, and the creatures within it are Crypitds. Reg himself is a Cryptid, but with an unusual origin. He also has the Tether Propulsion and the Hellfire Exploit as Adaptations, which represent his extending arms and laser cannon, respectively. Riku and Nanachi are Stigmatics.

          Black Hat from Cartoon Network's Villainous is great inspiration for an Incarnate Beast, and he'd fit pretty well as an Anakim Tyrant.

          Let Him Speak.


          • Saitama (One Punch Man) [True Fae Version]

            This version of Saitama made the mistake of striking a Bargain with the Wyrd to be stronger than all the other Gentry. The Wyrd, as always, gave what was asked for at an equivalent price. Now he can defeat anyone and anything short of entities like the Exarchs and the God-Machine. However, the Wyrd sees that as boring and is constantly threatening to erase him due to a lack of stories to tell. That's why he seeks non-combat challenges all the time: his existential crisis is quite literally killing him slowly. Also, the workout routine? That was him doing the usual Gentry bit of not understanding how humans work, and suffering a Dramatic Failure on his Manipulation + Subterfuge roll.

            Notes: Saitama has exchanged 25 Skill dots to acquire Immortal, Know Soul, Occult Sight, One Punch and World Crossing Step as Fae Aspects. He may activate Know Soul with Glamour, same as with Occult Sight and World Crossing Step. Mostly importantly, this sheet is firmly tongue-in-cheek and only hypothetically matters if he suffers Dwindling as defined in Equinox Road. In that case, he loses access to his Immortality and all the benefits of the One Punch, but can still use all of his other traits and his unarmed attacks deal +0L with Armor Piercing equal to his Wyrd. Otherwise, he always uses the One Punch. If someone manages to fool him into breaking a Pledge sworn on his True Name, not only is the Actor Title annihilated without regard for the Immortal Fae Aspect, but the entirety of his being is erased.

            The reason that this version of Saitama cannot instantly defeat literally anyone and anything is that the Wyrd just doesn't have such omnipotence. Even if it did, it would not give such power to anyone because that would make all their stories pointless with minimal effort. And that is boring. Also, Saitama cannot defeat entities like Luna because they always win all Clashes Of Wills against lesser beings, as described in the section for Archmages in Mage 2e. Saitama in the Ironside counts as a lesser being in relation to Luna. Theoretically, if Luna entered the Arcadian Realm of Saitama in her entirety, he could annihilate her with One Punch. But come on, is that really going to come up?

            Virtue: Justice
            Vice: Sloth
            Aspirations: Be a hero for fun, Pretend to be an Average Joe, Find someone who can give him a challenging fight

            Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 8, Resolve 10
            Physical Attributes: Strength 20, Dexterity 8, Stamina 20
            Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 2, Composure 8

            Skills: Academics (Economics) 1, Crafts 2, Investigation (People In Trouble) 1, Occult 1, Athletics 5, Brawl 5, Empathy (Personalities) 2, Expression (Snarking) 1, Intimidation 2, Persuasion (Bargaining) 2, Subterfuge (Poker Face) 3

            Merits: Common Sense 3, Danger Sense 2 (Advanced 2), Indomitable 2 (Advanced 3), Trained Observer 3 (Advanced 2), Iron Will 2, Untouchable 1

            Willpower: 10
            Defense: 13
            Initiative: 16
            Speed: Special (See World Crossing Step)
            Health: 25 (Size 5)
            Wyrd: 10
            Regalia: All
            Seeming Blessing: Wizened
            Frailties: Must ignore anyone who talks too much (major taboo), must only communicate in brief sentences (major taboo), cannot harm anyone who offers him hospitality (minor taboo), can only fight in self-defense or to save someone in immediate and lethal danger (minor taboo), cannot refer to others by their actual names, only mangled versions or nicknames (minor taboo)
            Fae Aspects: Divine Flesh, Immortal, Know Soul, Numen (Occult Sight), One Punch, Ruled By Passion, World Crossing Step

            Divine Flesh: Every True Fae shrugs off the blades and bullets of mere mortals, and even the mystical ravages of other monsters. They heal all bashing and lethal damage at the start of each turn, and downgrade all sources of Aggravated damage into lethal, except Cold Iron. This is an adaptation of the Immortal Flesh Fae Aspect from Changeling 1e.

            Immortal: As per the Dread Power.

            Know Soul: As per the Dread Power.

            Occult Sight: Saitama is sensitive to supernatural phenomena. He notices the active use of supernatural abilities within the range of his senses and may make Perception rolls to approximate their distance and direction. In addition, by spending a point of Glamour, he can see through powers of concealment, illusion and deceit with a Clash Of Wills using his Wits + Wyrd as his dice pool. Lastly, he always knows when he is being targeted by a supernatural power and may mimic the Aura Reading Supernatural Merit, but activates it with Glamour and without drawback.

            One Punch: Saitama can use all of his Arcadian power in the Ironside, but only for the purposes of combat. He has an additional number of dots distributed among Strength and Stamina equal to [Wyrd x 2]. When fighting lesser foes, Saitama forces them to use Down And Dirty Combat and gets automatic Successes equal to his Wyrd. When facing nominally equal foes, roll a Clash Of Wills consisting of his Strength + Wyrd vs the target's Stamina + Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. Defeated foes are either removed from the fight or completely annihilated.

            Ruled By Passion: As per the Fae Aspect of the same name from Changeling 1e.

            World Crossing Step: As per the Surprise Entrance Dread Power, which Saitama activates with Glamour and uses to bypass Chases. Saitama triggers a Clash Of Wills against his Stamina + Wyrd when someone has supernatural means of escape. He cannot use this Fae Aspect to cross between the Hedge, Ironside or Skein. When not using the active effect of this Fae Aspect, he is considered to have a Speed of Wyrd x 50. He also applies his Defense against ranged attacks.

            Indomitable (Advanced, •••) [Idea Borrowed From Xenorath]
            Prerequisites: Resolve ••••
            Effect: Any contested roll that would benefit from Indomitable receives 8 Again. In addition to this, if you spend a point of willpower on a resisted roll you may subtract a number of dice equal to your Resolve from the monster's dice pool instead of 2.

            Trained Observer (Advanced, ••) [Written By WHW]
            Prerequisites: •••• in the Attribute you used to qualify for this Merit and ••• in the other, Trained Observer •••
            Effect: When something picks up your interest, it's like time itself slows down so you can take a look. When a basketball thrown at supernatural speed almost dunks your head and you barely dodge, it's normal for you to notice all the small details about it, just like when examining it while holding it in your hands. This Merit has two effects: One, it allows you to achieve Exceptional Success at Perception Rolls with only 3 successes, instead of 5. Two, it allows you to ignore up to Wits or Composure penalties to the Perception roll, no matter their source; for example, character with 4 Composure could ignore 4 out of 5 penalty assigned to the roll by Storyteller. This includes even Supernatural factors.
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            Let Him Speak.


            • The story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss could be interpreted as being about a Namtaru Ravager who only leaves his Lair out of spite and annoyance at the joyful winter festivities, which he intends to ruin and get a lot of Satiety as well. But as the well-known ending says, the residents of Whoville were the ones to Teach A Lesson to the Grinch, which he takes to heart and becomes a better person.

              Let Him Speak.


              • Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
                Anime made me remember Princess Mononoke. Ashitaka a Deviant? Or some sort of Spirit ridden?
                I'd say the titular heroine is wolf-blooded, her pack being powerful Wolf spirits.
                I have San as a Wolf-Blooded (among many other fully stated characters), but Ashitaka would have to be an involuntary Shadow Cultist.


                • Kimetsu no Yaiba is more or less exactly a CofD Hunter game where all the prey are Gangrel with various forms of unique Devotions, and the main antagonist is a draugr of the careful predator persuasion.

                  Seriously, Nezuko's initial behavior after becoming a demon is pretty much exactly how a newly Embraced vampire who goes into Hunger Frenzy until she realizes she's attacking her Touchstone should behave.


                  • A Character named Hope Abubakar from a NSFW FictionLive Story reminds my of a Princesses she being a champion of the Light against the Darkness she’s also a Trans girl that has Her “Real Form be her magical girl form