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Think of fictional characters and say what they would be in CofD

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  • Think of fictional characters and say what they would be in CofD

    As the title says. You may include an explanation behind your choice and some stats if you want. It does not have to be a perfect match.

    Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics): a Sin-Eater. His Threshold is Torn and his Archetype is Reaper all the way. He has Rage 5, Shroud 5 and Hearse 5. He has the Pyre-Flame and Industrial Keys. He has a Memento motorcycle. He has a Reaper Merit that gives him +1 on attacks for each 2 points of Morality stat the target has below 7. He has a Flaw that only lets him use his powers when innocent blood is spilled, and once that happens, it's hard for him to stop. He can't harm anyone who he perceives as innocent (usually someone with Morality stat at 8 and higher, or who fulfills their Virtue often). Psyche is 7. Strength, Dexterity, Presence, Firearms, Weaponry and Drive are all at 5 or more. The Penance Stare is a quick Ceremony that requires a grapple and the target to be truly wicked. Its dice pool is Psyche + Presence vs Composure + Powerstat and it temporarily removes all willpower points, the ability to regain willpower and inflicts the Broken Condition.

    The Doctor (Doctor Who): either a True Fae or a Genius. If he is the former, he is a Fairest (Telluric/Oracle/Artist). If he is the later, he is a Staunen and a member of the Navigators. Explanation for the former can be found here:

    Aang (Avatar: The Last Air Bender): a Mage. While his powers would suggest aptitude for Forces and thus the Obrimos Path, his connection with major Fate related events and his carefree personality suggest Acanthus. He would be a member of the Adamantine Arrow. If you are using Papa Bear's homebrew 25 Paths, Aang is a Magi (

    Finn (Adventure Time): a Changeling. He would be a Fairest and his kiths would be Apollonian/Soldier (the Apollonian kith can be found here: The Land Of Ooo was where he spent his Durance, and his Court is Summer. He does have Court Goodwill with Autumn due to his fearlessness, as well as his penchant for investigating mysteries and uncovering secrets.

    The Joker (DC Comics): a Slasher, natch. His Undertaking is Maniac. Alternatively, he is a Changeling or even a True Fae that really likes spreading chaos on the Ironside. His Seeming is Darkling and his Kiths are Razorhand/Moonborn/Lurker. If he is a True Fae, his Titles would be himself (Actor), a special gun (Prop) and a group of ogrish thugs (Wisp). Either way, his Morality stat is zero or absent altogether. I suggest using my reworked version of the Lurker kith:
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  • GibberingEloquence
    Rick Sanchez (Rick & Morty)

    Vice: Reckless/Spiteful
    Catalyst: Grimm
    Foundation: Navigator

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 5, Wits 4, Resolve 5
    Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3
    Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 4, Composure 3

    Skills: Academics 3, Crafts (Robotics) 5, Computer (Artificial Intelligence) 4, Medicine (Genetic Engineering) 4, Occult (God-Machine) 3, Politics 2, Investigation (Deductive Reasoning) 3, Science (Physics) 5, Athletics (Chases) 3, Brawl 2, Drive (Spaceship) 4, Firearms (Portal Gun) 3, Larceny 2, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Weaponry 2, Expression (Wisecracking) 2, Intimidation 3, Persuasion 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge (Dirty Tricks) 4

    Merits: Common Sense, Professional Training 5 (Advanced 3, Scientist: Crafts, Science, Computers, Medicine), Scarred, Tolerance For Biology, Trained Observer 3, Vice-Ridden, Automotive Genius, Crack Driver 3, Parkour 3, Stunt Driver 5, Closed Book 4, Contacts (Several), Iron Will, Resources 3, Retainer (Morty 3 [+Beholden Condition]), Safe Place 1 (Garage Workshop), Table Turner, Untouchable

    Genius Merits: ST Fiat, Except Obligation And Science Hero

    Health: 8
    Willpower: 8
    Defense: 6
    Initiative: 6
    Speed: 10
    Integrity: 4
    Primum: 5
    Conditions: Activated Genius, Addiction (Alcohol, Mad Science), Notoriety (Everything), Stoic, Unmada

    Notes: Rick's Scarred Merit is linked to the Stoic Condition and makes him immune to Breaking Points caused by total disregard for scientific ethics and safety protocols. The Advanced Professional Training Merit gives him one more Asset Skill, and also gives 8 Again to all Asset Skills, but makes him Addicted to Mad Science. I am using my own version of the Genius Template, which you can find here.

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  • Yaoi Huntress Earth
    The movie, Dolls (, has some great fodder for Changeling the Lost. You see, the elderly puppetmaker and his wife test people who arrive in their home and if you are a criminal or abusive, they will transform you into a doll to be played with until you earn your penance (children and good people are spared). I could see the couple as a unique set of keepers who only take those that are deemed "guilty" and taken until they "learn their lesson".

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  • HunterInTheNight
    So, I've gotten back into Shadow of War.
    Talion start: geist. Obviously with the ghost in his body.
    Talion end: Promethean? I'm not sure how to classify Nazgul. Is it still a geist, but he is his own ghost or what?
    Eltariel: Mummy? Again, How do you work in light magic and a lack of care about living?
    Baranor: Hunter. I think him using relic or something.

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  • ArcaneArts
    Scrooge McDuck, Mysterium.

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  • Satchel
    With the Mummy 2e Kickstarter wrapped up and Friends at the Table preparing to enter their sixth season, I think this feels at least broadly thematically relevant to Apotheosis:

    Originally posted by Road to PARTIZAN, Episode 05
    This is a message to you, who listens. You must trust me, because we are friends. You just don't know it yet. The Divine Principality offers you progress. But imperial futures are only ever stolen presents. I offer you more: I offer you actualization. My name is Gur Sevraq, and I have stolen the Future.

    With this Divine, I can finally answer an eternal question, asked eternally: Are we caught in a cycle? Is there more to us than there appears, or is there only this, our pathetic greed and violence, ever recurring?

    We believe we have mastered history, learned to draw its shapes in beautiful arcs of our own design. We have spent eons changing our bodies, our minds, our culture. We made flesh into hard metal so long ago that the return to soft tissue became novel. We flattened the apparent heights of our hierarchies, we twisted time to our ends, we colored our skins into skies, turned skies into seas, made sea solid and thinking.

    But from the wide perspective of the Future, each of these changes was superficial, a decoration on the line of history. Whether crystalline or chrome, towering or dispersed, whether drawn in gunpowder black or the blues of heaven, we only ever sketch one shape: the shape of Empire. And God has whispered to me: Learn another, before I erase this one.

    I am Gur Sevraq, and I have stolen the Future. Walk the Prophet’s path with me, or suffer God’s attention.

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  • Konradleijon
    Team RWBY as a Princess Nakema! Yang is a Champion,

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  • Leliel
    As promised:

    Conspiracy: Malta Group (City of Heroes)
    The Directive, Black Eagles, Clancies (derogatory)

    Standing: 7

    Quote: "The world will enter a new era of freedom under our control."

    Background: The United States is not blind to the monsters that number themselves among its citizens. Really, nobody is; the only really blind ones are the monsters who think baselines are that stupid. If they were, hunters would be less of a universal phenomenon. No, America notices; it's just that, like its purely human citizens, it'd cost way more to acknowledge them most of the time and they keep to themselves, so the government mostly remains content to keep up the legal fiction the supernatural is not there, pay no attention to the official "Slasher" classification in VASCU.

    Of course, the fact slashers exist as a legal concept puts the lie to the idea that the States have no plan for what happens when monsters are involved. They aren't big laws, or public; most are passed furtively, as amendments to larger bills, quicker than the media can become aware of them, or simply universally agreed procedure not actually written down. And with all laws, ultimately even these secret laws are the products of people and a society that is no better or worse than the circumstances of the time that produced it. Such as it was with the 1956 Special Draftees Amendment, an innocuous bit of language added to a military bill at the urging of CIA senior agent Robert Vrabel, known colloquially as the Might for Right Act among the people who knew exactly what the "unique talents described often as paranormal" buzzwords meant, and approved of them. Quite simply, it defined those same individuals - metahumans, in the vernacular of 1956 - as valued and treasured assets of US interests abroad, and thus in matters of national security and critical defense against talents of similar potential or equivalent crises, said metahumans were subject to immediate drafts without prior notice by the armed forces.

    To say this was an unmitigated disaster is putting it a bit mildly. Besides the fact the vast majority of shadow people are not soldiers, because the vast majority of people are not soldiers, the draftees were often people chosen for their powers and not whether or not they would be exactly pleased to be informed that their country needed them, and even the would-be Captain Americas were more than a little disillusioned by the sudden usurpation of their free will and agency. It didn't help that the whole thing was caused largely by Vrabel's paranoia; the man came back from World War II a little bit broken and with a very deep fear of Soviet Russia. War, in Vrabel's opinion, was inevitable, and (always having been regulated to the out-there cases) he knew that the Party was willing and able to manufacture metahumans willing and able to serve the Motherland in whatever ventures she deigned. That these experiments often backfired if they went anywhere at all simply never registered to him; it was possible, and thus, it was a danger. Hence, his real brainchild, Project Titan; the deliberate crafting of a task force meant as the covert metahuman arm of Uncle Sam and the CIA to fight "esoteric terrorists" across the globe (and communists, not that there was much of a difference to Vrabel). A cunning plan, hampered only by the fact absolutely none of its drafted members had any knowledge of how to be spies apart from hiding their paranormal abilities and only slightly more were in any way enthused.

    Needless to say, it didn't last, but it did last far longer than it should; the military was obsessed with somehow making their pet "monster squad" work, and to their credit, the so-called Gigantes really did stop the Cold War from going hot a couple times. The people pushing for the renewal of the Might For Right Act just omitted the fact that each one of one those times, the people pushing for the war were not actually Soviets, but third parties who wanted to leverage the occult to start WWIII for whatever reason (and especially that the worst of them was backed by the very American John Birch Society). What ultimately did it in was not the secret halls of power coming to realize it was a "damn stupid idea", as Lyndon B. Johnson put it, but the Civil Rights Movement; several members had long suspected that the draftees were distinctly less "vital to the metahuman community" (read: white) on average, and informed a trio of prominent African-American metahumans shortly before the draft board was scheduled to deliver the notice, and they objected as non-violently as they could. After the gunfire died down, none of the three had been brought to heel, the Gigantes were in full mutiny, and a slim majority of Congress had come to share Johnson's skeptical view of the whole thing, with the amendment being repealed as quietly as it had been put in play.

    Not everyone was happy about this, let alone the aging Robert Vrabel. He felt not just frustrated, but outright betrayed by the government he had personally (in his mind) helped support against communist metahumans for more than a decade. He was not alone; the Congressional supporters of the Act felt just as frustrated by the "naiveté" of ignoring the clear and present danger of esoteric terrorism, and quietly helped put him in contact with sixteen other senior members of various Western intelligence agencies, most prominently MI6's Neil McIntosh (he being the head of the research program into "semi-unique metahuman expression", aka Divergence), and provided an excuse for all of them to be on the island of Malta together for about a month to discuss "pertinent matters." And so, in May 1967, four and a half weeks to the repeal of the Might for Right Act, the Directive for the Establishment of Metanormal Stability was formulated, and the nameless, international black ops force dedicated to it was recruited from the best, most fanatical special operatives any of its Directors' countries could spare - now known today among the shadows of intelligence agencies across the world as the Malta Group.

    Description: The Malta Group is fundamentally an atavism of the Cold War, with an ideology that on some level is older than they themselves are. The Directive fundamentally does not see the difference between capitalism and democracy - or rather, they see "capitalism" as the antithesis of "communism", which is the antithesis of "democracy", so it's all the same to them. Their insulting nickname is actually something the CIA itself dubbed them with in frustration; a "Clancy", in some spy parlance, is a person who thinks the world operates exactly like Tom Clancy novels, and it's not hard to see why the Malta Group comes off that way. To them, Western hegemony is a good in and of itself, and the fact there really aren't communists as a major political force any more just means the anti-Western sentiment is just really crafty and subtle these days. The Black Eagles want nothing more or less than the absorption of the entire world into an effective one-world state ruled by the Anglosphere, with the majority post scripting that America is naturally first among equals. Actual Western intelligence values their data on metahumans too much to cut them off, but it's very much a "hold our nose" thing; the Directive has a tendency to make bad situations worse and disrupt negotiations with shameless warhawking to increase the already sizable political share of the English-speaking world. The default Malta uniform even looks like a player character from a stealth-action video with body-concealing black kevlar and night vision goggles, hence their appreciated nickname of Black Eagles.

    Enabling with reluctance is still very much enabling, though. The Directive's rampant jingoism comes off as a tolerable flaw to an otherwise useful third party that obviously loves America with their whole heart, which is why the American government hasn't quite let itself realize this love is a bit stalkerish. The Malta Group loves the idea of the Western world, but the actual people in it never quite measure up; like most fanatics, the Directive has an image of the world that doesn't quite allow for people in it, too flawed, too unruly, too human. Ironically for an organization founded on the principle of suborning monsters to the needs of baselines, the Malta Group ultimately views the nature of man as fundamentally corrupt - and the idea of what Malta finds corrupt has less to do with any religion and more to do with Ayn Rand. Which is why, of course, they are part of the Web of Pain; even beyond their knowledge of, and desire for, their own metahuman agents to suborn the specter of esoteric terrorism (which is to say any supernatural activity they dislike and can blame on an anti-Western metahuman), the lack of any oversight and tacit approval of the Anglosphere (especially given the nationalistic surge of the past few years) has turned the Clancies into outright neofascists. Capitalism is good, democracy is good, the Malta Group is the spear of democracy and capitalism, so anything that increases their power is fundamentally helping democracy and capitalism. Similarly, anything that restricts rampant capitalism is not only bad, but spiting the Black Eagles personally. Needless to say, the Malta Group is deeply angry, and about a lot of things.

    Still, the Directive has something many conspiracies would kill a small country for, and that's a great deal of data on non-Deviant supernatural beings. Truth is, a lot of it was initially lifted from fellow black ops group (though one still actually working for the government it defends) Task Force VALKYRIE, but the Malta's lack of ethical boundaries and better ability to wring intel out of the shadows through their Devoted and use of Manticores means they've expanded on and corrected it. They still don't know, say, what the individual clans of vampire are, but they do know many vampires fear an alien race of smoke-like energy-based organisms with the capacity to replicate the neural signals of the brain, allowing them to puppeteer the corpses of the dead (and how to bribe said beings to point them in the direction of metahumans the Malta Group wants terrified and occupied). Generally, their knowledge supernatural is restricted to things that they can directly weaponize, either against metahumans or more human enemies of the West, but that's not a small category. Fighting the Malta Group directly also runs directly into the fact that have many, many favors to call in with intelligence agencies and private contractors across the world, not to mention preexisting social contacts given how both those things are their recruitment pools - and that's actually the weaker response, because unlike other Conspiracies, the Malta Group enjoys fighting its enemies directly, it lets them flex their technological muscle.

    At their core, the Black Eagles are a highly trained paramilitary force, and more than that, they've long since cracked a few secrets of occult technology to equalize the playing field against esoteric terrorists, the most infamous being the Special Qualification Marksmen, aka the Gunslingers, a unit dedicated to overcoming metahuman adversaries through use of a vast array of specialized ammunition (their nickname comes from the shameless "cowboy" culture they have; many of them train in revolvers just to complete the image). As confident as the Gunslingers make them, however, the Malta aren't stupid enough to think a bunch of guns and a cocky attitude is enough to fight some kinds of metahuman, and so some of the most suicidally brave of the Black Eagles, called Sappers in their normal parlance, are equipped with Bio-Energy Feedback Inducers, a successor to the humble taser that disrupts the flow of supernatural energies inside the bodies of its targets, making it far more difficult to access any form of supernatural ability. And of course, there's their new Titans; based on the hypothetical Next-Generation Mechanical Guard project the Soviets made in the last days of the Cold War (and ironically only funded and developed when the Directive stole the designs), they aren't true Devoted, but rather a line of nothing less than fully armored sentry drones that stand taller than a man, run by repurposed human brain; while definitely less than the average Renegade, they are universally very resistant to damage and, more importantly, mass-produced and repairable; a Deviant assaulting a major installation of theirs is likely to be surprised by the four or so cyborgs specifically built to counter assaults from people like them.

    Principles: Metahumans Exist for Humanity, Western-Style Capitalist Democracy is Objectively Better, World Peace Through Superior Firepower

    Virtue: Interventionist

    Vice: Nationalistic

    Attributes: Power 8, Finesse 6, Resistance 6

    Hierarchical Nodes: Board of 17 (CIA Special Liaison to China Jack Firenze; linked to Special Qualification Marksmen), Tactical Operations Oversight (General Dylan Anderson)

    Temporal Nodes: Metahuman Response Teams (Captain) Grady "Gyrfalcon" Sears), Paranormal Neutralization Initiative (Dr. Aimee Knight; linked to Bio-Energy Feedback), Project World Wide Red (Morgan "Moment" Hunt, Infiltrator Devoted), Project Tartarus (Chief Engineer Oscar Woods; linked to Titans),

    Exploitative Nodes: Intelligence Agency Contacts (Archivist Noel McDonald), Golden Apple Program (Lucia "Lightwitch" Ferguson, Devoted Occultist - linked to Monstrous Pawns), Arms Dealers (Basil McIntosh, CEO of Sentinel Arms LLC), Occult Drug Trade (Dr. Tom White of Crey Biotech), Esoteric Terrorism Consultation Service (FBI Senior Agent Hayden Whitaker)

    Structural Nodes: Recruitment Office (Taylor Stevens, CEO of 50 Blessings Consulting), Inter-Squad Coordination Command (Colonel Zariah Hubbard), Metahuman Research and Containment (Dr. Jaden Austin, Chief Archivist)

    Special Qualification Marksmen: These are Firenze's babies, to be frank - not surprising, given how he was trained as one, and he hasn't lost the touch even as he's gotten on in years. Gunslingers are tough customers, and though they aren't the most common Clancies in the world, they're fast, perceptive, and above all well-equipped. Every Malta Group detachment (about 20 people) has at least one Gunslinger, who has at least one firearms-related trait at 6 dice or higher, and has access to two types of special weapons treated as different types of a Magnitude 2 ranged lash. A few of the elites might by Devoted, but they are best represented as their own characters rather than part of the Icon.

    Bio-Energy Feedback: Sappers are any metahuman's worst nightmare, able to turn their powers into a source of pain. Every squad of Malta has at least one Sapper, usually two, who are given the unenviable task of getting close enough to a metahuman to hit them with their Inducers. It's very much a high-risk, high-reward thing; an Inducer has the same statistics as a taser, but when used on a supernatural being with a power stat, the more paranormal aspect of their own biology is turned against itself in a wave of overwhelming nausea. They suffer the Sick Tilt along with a penalty equal to their power stat (highest Magnitude Scar for Deviants) to any rolls to activate their supernatural powers or Clash of Wills for the rest of the scene (maximum penalty -5).

    Titans: They'd be Deviants, if the brains running most of the weapons systems were still alive enough to have a soul (this has happened more than once, admittedly, but still). As it is, the Titans are the Malta Group's pet guard mecha, standing twice the size of the average human and bristling with weaponry, all run by a combat computer that uses the brain of a deceased human as a CPU. Titans are Size 7 robots built with six dots of Variations up to Magnitude 3, symbolizing the different array of weapons and devices each is built with. However, they are also mindless; the computer is clever, but it is ultimately a very advanced tactical program rather than person whose corpse was desecrated to give it thought; the Titans don't have non-combat dice pools beyond rudimentary problem-solving, all their storage space taken up by a vast array of strategies and combat protocols. Assume a well-established Malta Group facility has one to four, used as elite anti-metahuman guards based on size. As a side note, while the Soviets were convinced that human brains could indeed be repurposed as combat computers, the proposal to start research into Titan development was deliberately lost out of moral disgust; the Malta Group doesn't see the irony.

    Monstrous Pawns: The Malta Group understands metahumans well enough to know how to play to their paranoia. On conspiracy actions, they gain 8-Again when their plan involves manipulating supernatural beings to their agenda so long as they can conceivable convince the pawns in question that it is desirable for their security or the security of their loved ones. On the other hand, on a failure, the Renegade players may chose two complications; monsters are even more factionalized than the Web of Pain and far less predictable, especially if they figure out they're being used by baselines.
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  • Aiden
    You can do most X-Men characters as Deviant characters.

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  • Leliel
    Now that we've got a preview of the Deviant Conspiracy rules, someone remind me to stat up the Malta Group from City of Heroes as one. Not sure what Standing they would have, they aren't cosmic but not sure if they're an American phenomenon or a Western World one.

    I do have their Touchstones though:
    Virtue: Jingoistic

    Vice: Protective

    Principles Control all metahumans, Spread democracy and capitalism, Ensure world peace through Western hegemony.

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  • Konradleijon
    A Character named Hope Abubakar from a NSFW FictionLive Story reminds my of a Princesses she being a champion of the Light against the Darkness she’s also a Trans girl that has Her “Real Form be her magical girl form

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  • Leliel
    Kimetsu no Yaiba is more or less exactly a CofD Hunter game where all the prey are Gangrel with various forms of unique Devotions, and the main antagonist is a draugr of the careful predator persuasion.

    Seriously, Nezuko's initial behavior after becoming a demon is pretty much exactly how a newly Embraced vampire who goes into Hunger Frenzy until she realizes she's attacking her Touchstone should behave.

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  • lbeaumanior
    Originally posted by Wormwood View Post
    Anime made me remember Princess Mononoke. Ashitaka a Deviant? Or some sort of Spirit ridden?
    I'd say the titular heroine is wolf-blooded, her pack being powerful Wolf spirits.
    I have San as a Wolf-Blooded (among many other fully stated characters), but Ashitaka would have to be an involuntary Shadow Cultist.

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  • GibberingEloquence
    The story of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss could be interpreted as being about a Namtaru Ravager who only leaves his Lair out of spite and annoyance at the joyful winter festivities, which he intends to ruin and get a lot of Satiety as well. But as the well-known ending says, the residents of Whoville were the ones to Teach A Lesson to the Grinch, which he takes to heart and becomes a better person.

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  • GibberingEloquence
    Saitama (One Punch Man) [True Fae Version]

    This version of Saitama made the mistake of striking a Bargain with the Wyrd to be stronger than all the other Gentry. The Wyrd, as always, gave what was asked for at an equivalent price. Now he can defeat anyone and anything short of entities like the Exarchs and the God-Machine. However, the Wyrd sees that as boring and is constantly threatening to erase him due to a lack of stories to tell. That's why he seeks non-combat challenges all the time: his existential crisis is quite literally killing him slowly. Also, the workout routine? That was him doing the usual Gentry bit of not understanding how humans work, and suffering a Dramatic Failure on his Manipulation + Subterfuge roll.

    Notes: Saitama has exchanged 25 Skill dots to acquire Immortal, Know Soul, Occult Sight, One Punch and World Crossing Step as Fae Aspects. He may activate Know Soul with Glamour, same as with Occult Sight and World Crossing Step. Mostly importantly, this sheet is firmly tongue-in-cheek and only hypothetically matters if he suffers Dwindling as defined in Equinox Road. In that case, he loses access to his Immortality and all the benefits of the One Punch, but can still use all of his other traits and his unarmed attacks deal +0L with Armor Piercing equal to his Wyrd. Otherwise, he always uses the One Punch. If someone manages to fool him into breaking a Pledge sworn on his True Name, not only is the Actor Title annihilated without regard for the Immortal Fae Aspect, but the entirety of his being is erased.

    The reason that this version of Saitama cannot instantly defeat literally anyone and anything is that the Wyrd just doesn't have such omnipotence. Even if it did, it would not give such power to anyone because that would make all their stories pointless with minimal effort. And that is boring. Also, Saitama cannot defeat entities like Luna because they always win all Clashes Of Wills against lesser beings, as described in the section for Archmages in Mage 2e. Saitama in the Ironside counts as a lesser being in relation to Luna. Theoretically, if Luna entered the Arcadian Realm of Saitama in her entirety, he could annihilate her with One Punch. But come on, is that really going to come up?

    Virtue: Justice
    Vice: Sloth
    Aspirations: Be a hero for fun, Pretend to be an Average Joe, Find someone who can give him a challenging fight

    Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 8, Resolve 10
    Physical Attributes: Strength 20, Dexterity 8, Stamina 20
    Social Attributes: Presence 1, Manipulation 2, Composure 8

    Skills: Academics (Economics) 1, Crafts 2, Investigation (People In Trouble) 1, Occult 1, Athletics 5, Brawl 5, Empathy (Personalities) 2, Expression (Snarking) 1, Intimidation 2, Persuasion (Bargaining) 2, Subterfuge (Poker Face) 3

    Merits: Common Sense 3, Danger Sense 2 (Advanced 2), Indomitable 2 (Advanced 3), Trained Observer 3 (Advanced 2), Iron Will 2, Untouchable 1

    Willpower: 10
    Defense: 13
    Initiative: 16
    Speed: Special (See World Crossing Step)
    Health: 25 (Size 5)
    Wyrd: 10
    Regalia: All
    Seeming Blessing: Wizened
    Frailties: Must ignore anyone who talks too much (major taboo), must only communicate in brief sentences (major taboo), cannot harm anyone who offers him hospitality (minor taboo), can only fight in self-defense or to save someone in immediate and lethal danger (minor taboo), cannot refer to others by their actual names, only mangled versions or nicknames (minor taboo)
    Fae Aspects: Divine Flesh, Immortal, Know Soul, Numen (Occult Sight), One Punch, Ruled By Passion, World Crossing Step

    Divine Flesh: Every True Fae shrugs off the blades and bullets of mere mortals, and even the mystical ravages of other monsters. They heal all bashing and lethal damage at the start of each turn, and downgrade all sources of Aggravated damage into lethal, except Cold Iron. This is an adaptation of the Immortal Flesh Fae Aspect from Changeling 1e.

    Immortal: As per the Dread Power.

    Know Soul: As per the Dread Power.

    Occult Sight: Saitama is sensitive to supernatural phenomena. He notices the active use of supernatural abilities within the range of his senses and may make Perception rolls to approximate their distance and direction. In addition, by spending a point of Glamour, he can see through powers of concealment, illusion and deceit with a Clash Of Wills using his Wits + Wyrd as his dice pool. Lastly, he always knows when he is being targeted by a supernatural power and may mimic the Aura Reading Supernatural Merit, but activates it with Glamour and without drawback.

    One Punch: Saitama can use all of his Arcadian power in the Ironside, but only for the purposes of combat. He has an additional number of dots distributed among Strength and Stamina equal to [Wyrd x 2]. When fighting lesser foes, Saitama forces them to use Down And Dirty Combat and gets automatic Successes equal to his Wyrd. When facing nominally equal foes, roll a Clash Of Wills consisting of his Strength + Wyrd vs the target's Stamina + Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. Defeated foes are either removed from the fight or completely annihilated.

    Ruled By Passion: As per the Fae Aspect of the same name from Changeling 1e.

    World Crossing Step: As per the Surprise Entrance Dread Power, which Saitama activates with Glamour and uses to bypass Chases. Saitama triggers a Clash Of Wills against his Stamina + Wyrd when someone has supernatural means of escape. He cannot use this Fae Aspect to cross between the Hedge, Ironside or Skein. When not using the active effect of this Fae Aspect, he is considered to have a Speed of Wyrd x 50. He also applies his Defense against ranged attacks.

    Indomitable (Advanced, •••) [Idea Borrowed From Xenorath]
    Prerequisites: Resolve ••••
    Effect: Any contested roll that would benefit from Indomitable receives 8 Again. In addition to this, if you spend a point of willpower on a resisted roll you may subtract a number of dice equal to your Resolve from the monster's dice pool instead of 2.

    Trained Observer (Advanced, ••) [Written By WHW]
    Prerequisites: •••• in the Attribute you used to qualify for this Merit and ••• in the other, Trained Observer •••
    Effect: When something picks up your interest, it's like time itself slows down so you can take a look. When a basketball thrown at supernatural speed almost dunks your head and you barely dodge, it's normal for you to notice all the small details about it, just like when examining it while holding it in your hands. This Merit has two effects: One, it allows you to achieve Exceptional Success at Perception Rolls with only 3 successes, instead of 5. Two, it allows you to ignore up to Wits or Composure penalties to the Perception roll, no matter their source; for example, character with 4 Composure could ignore 4 out of 5 penalty assigned to the roll by Storyteller. This includes even Supernatural factors.
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