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  • Fan-made splat display: show us your stuff!

    So, I had some ideas for Homebrewed supernaturals, and I figured I might as well set up a thread, not just to show my ideas, but to allow everyone to share. So critique the ideas bellow or share your own!

    [Blank] THE INFECTED
    Those of this group of Supernaturals have been changed by the Disease, a strange, unnatural viral infection that causes those Infected to die or gain strange, protean supernatural powers. Inspired by Pathogen: The Infected and EmoGoth1337's Virus on
    Mood: Uncertainty-The Disease is a dangerous thing, one which can change a person into a horrendous monster, but despite the clinical terms the infected use to describe the Disease, it can grant them power unseen outside mankind's wildest imagination. Weather It is Boon or Bane can change from person to person or even day to day.

    Theme: Holding it together- It can be so easy to break, to fail to maintain one's Coherency and become some Thing. The Infected have to be careful and focus, because those who aren't lose their humanity very quickly.

    INHERENT AXIS:Vector- This is how the Infected are infected, and what subtly different incarnation of the Disease they manifest.
    •Airborne: Those infected through the air. Tend to be subtle.
    •Savaged: Those infected through nature. Tend to be aggressive.
    •Bloodied: Infected through humans. Tend to be social.
    •Contaminated: Infected through objects, food, or drink. Tend to be paranoid.
    •Tainted: Infected through inheritance. Tend to be focused.

    OUTSIDE AXIS: Stratagem- The survival strategy the Infected uses, focused on how they understand the Disease. More like Archetypes or Refinements than Covenants.
    • Prognosticators: AKA Docs, Medics,Quacks. Disease as mystery, seek to understand the Disease and themselves.
    •Sentinels: AKA Heroes, Martyrs, Busybodies. Disease as Blessing, focus on using the Disease to help others.
    •Opportunists: AKA Execs, Climbers, Piggies. Disease as Opportunity, focus on using Disease to further one's own goals.
    •Evolutionists: AKA Bosses, Unifiers, Tyrants. Disease as Ascension, believe Disease is next step for humanity, seek to unite the Infected.
    •Normalists: AKA Joes/Janes, Facades,Stepfords. Disease as Obstacle, seeks to maintain normalcy, see Winter Court.

    SUPERNATURAL ADVANTAGE: Morphism- How mutable their form is, how easy it is to activate Symptoms.

    INTEGRITY STAT: Coherency- How much the Infected controls their form, how easy it is to appear human, weakened by forsaking humanity or using powers too often.

    POWERS: Symptoms- Mutations that can be manifested, weak ones subtle, strong ones blatant, lower Coherency makes even subtle ones more obvious, high Morphism and Low Coherency makes it harder to stick to human appearance.

    Those of this group of Supernaturals were once normal people... Until they realized they weren't real. They were instead Avatars, extruded bits of pseudo-selves created by inscrutable, unknown entities from outside our world.

    MOOD: Desperate Hunger- The Eldritch are born empty and hollow, lacking the selfhood others take for granted. Their entire existence is built around this hunger, the fear that they are not "real" enough, and that they will fade away into the nothing they were formed from.

    THEME: Search for Identity- The Avatars are born empty. They were created as hollow masks, and their very existence is based around making themselves someone who truly exists. Their whole "culture" ,such as it is, is dedicated to this pursuit.

    INHERENT AXIS: Origin-Maybe there are only a few of these Entities, or maybe there are simply a few categories, but the Eldritch notice a few similarities in their natures, which manifest at their worst the less Selfhood they have. I'm unsure what they should be. On one hand, the Origins could be twisted, Lovecraftian twists on traditional roles in mythologic pantheons(for example, a fertility/love god(ess) who represent poisoned , self-destructive emotion and fertility without sanity or limits. Also, maybe a Patriarch figure filtered through the Daemon Sultan, or a Messenger/Trickster figure filtered through the Crawling Chaos. Alternatively, they could be based on the three attribute categories: The Potent(Power), The Twisting(Finesse) and the Undying(Resistance).

    OUTSIDE AXIS: Actualization- Again, a more philosophy based Axis, this is what the Avatar uses as the backbone of their new Identity. Currently I have:
    •The Unchallenged:"I am defined by my ability to effect others", the Pillar of Power
    •The Passionate: "I am defined by what I believe", the Pillar of Dogma
    •The Extrophile: "I am defined by those around me", the Pillar of Others
    •The Bound: "I am defined by what I am not", the Pillar of Fetters

    SUPERNATURAL ADVANTAGE: Distance- The Potency of the Eldritch is defined by Distance; both how far from their "fellow" humans as well as from the strange beings which gave them life.

    INTEGRITY STAT: Selfhood- While the Arisen focus on their Memory and Prometheans seek to forge their Humanity, the Avatars must focus on the creation of a true self, apart from what they were created by and the mad urges that spawned them.

    POWERS: Inheritance- Though they are at least separate enough from their creators to develop their own identities, they still possess a number of strange sorceries and alien powers they euphemistically call Inheritances. These powers can be made stronger through ritual.

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    Ha, I started Pathogen. I am always happy that someone is doing something with the material. Last night I spent a long time thinking about a powers system where one "generalized" power can then be "evolved" into something more specific and powerful - like demon's Gadgets + Interlocks, except getting stronger and more specific with each iteration.


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      well, I am working on a fan splat called Conjurer, which is a mix between time travelers, abyssal summonings and a lot of Alice in Wonderland imageries just for fun. I have invested a lot of effort into it, and I'm still not even half way to finish it :P

      I'm also tinkered about a revision of the Changing Breeds, which could be found in here, and more especially a kinda antagonistic breed of atavistic shifters based around the Old Ones (not Lovecraft's). Some other things I would like to finally write down are a template for "evolved Hosts" (which would be likely be based around the Shapeshifter template from WAtP), the Spirit Devourers (which are what happens when a spirit tries to claim something bigger then it can chew, would be based around the siten uzu like claimed), Fetches (as,working without a changeling counterpart), and the Second Children from the Pain Prophet's testament (which would be something like cryptids on steroids with some demonic and angelic qualities). Plus, a setting hack to play aliens which is based around what we got from Mirrors, Demon and Changeling, and converting the demons from Monte Cook's WoD under the name of Intruders.

      Finally, there are few ideas left on the concept level or finishing works other people did that I liked- making the demons from Demon the Promised into something playable, making a playable Sublimati, expanded abmortals, kereboi sin eaters, creating an "Eternal Ice" counterparts to Promethean, expanding some ideas for fan games I ran to in the internet (sorcerer, daemon and warlock) and adding Tulpas, Ophidians, Black Dogs, Exorcists and Lidrecs.

      Yeah, no way in hell I'm gonna finish them all :P

      EDIT: also, something like magi's Djinn. still thinking how it could be adapted into horror :P
      Also- Gargoyles and Revenants
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        Well, I've been batting around a few ideas, but I really don't know which one would be most appealing to players, or which I should probably focus on developing, or even if they're worth developing...

        Celestial: The Reclamation
        You were a god once--a Celestial. You were an Olympian sitting on your golden throne high atop your mountain, maintaining order in the world. You were a Deva sitting in your shining palace in the Heavens, passing judgement and brining balance to the cycle of life. You were a Grigori flying high in the skies, teaching and guiding humanity towards a brighter future on behalf of Heaven. The world was once bright and full of possibilities--and then you fucked it all up.

        Your selfish and petty actions led to the creation of a child which overthrew the gods from their mountain; you're wasteful and negligent focus caused you to burn through your merit and you fell from your shining palaces in the heavens; you became distracted, eventually shirking your duties and bringing forth the great flood which nearly destroyed the world and forever banned you from your place in Heaven. You were a god once--immortal, all-powerful, and all but invincible…but now you walk in the modern nights a mere shadow of your former self. This is a World of Darkness, and it's YOUR FAULT. You move across the planet now, hunted by creatures that once feared and worshipped you, trying desperately to pick up the pieces of your former glory all in the quest of that one seemingly impossible goal…redemption.

        Celestial, a game of sorrow and lost majesty, where fallen gods seek reclamation: a way to right their wrongs and put the world the way it once was.

        [Side Note: No Celestials aren't quite the gods of myth, but rather they're the beings which inspired those stories, along with their prophecies of doom and despair--all stories which relate to how the WoD became the WoD]

        Keres: The Consummation
        It all began with the choice. It might've been in a dark alley on your way home, or perhaps it was in but a dream on an otherwise unremarkable day, or perhaps you saw him in the darkness of death after you were murdered…But it all ended the same. HE came. The man whose face and voice you can't remember, dressed in a black dress suit. He said his name was Moira, he said he had an offer for you. You would serve as an agent of Fate. You would serve for a set period of time, do as you were commanded, kill as ordered, destroy as directed.

        If you followed your orders, if you survived to the end, you would be granted the Prize. The Prize was different for each person--perhaps they wanted revenge on the person who ruined their family's good name, perhaps they wanted a happy life with their soul mate, perhaps they wanted to see their murdered daughter alive and well again--but what it all boiled down to was what was most precious to you. The Prize was your heart's desire. No tricks, no traps, no twist endings…whatever you truly wanted, delivered.

        Now you're one of the Keres, an agent of Fate. By day you try to maintain a semi-normal life as a mundane human being. But by night you transform into a terrifying weapon of kismet, bringing death and destruction whenever it is commanded of you. And you must obey the orders that ring in your head, you must obey them as close to the letter as possible, if you want your Prize. Furthermore, if you fail to regularly follow through with what is commanded of you, or you are slain in your duties, something worse than death awaits you.

        Yet, you struggle...

        Sure you slay monsters and other corrupt influences in the world, but what of the seemingly innocent lives you are asked to reap? What of the apparently good organizations and people you are asked to eradicate from existence? Is that worth it?

        Keres, a game of choices and uncertainty, where souls seek the consummation towards their ultimate desire, or control over their Fate.

        [Side Note: Draws inspirations from things like MARVEL's Ghost Rider, Image Comics The Crow, and a little bit of the video game Twisted Metal, among other things]
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          @hellovg:Both of those are pretty awesome! I especially like how Celestial seems like it would focus on more "titanic" heroes, more Kronus than Zeus. Any ideas for the Internal or External Axises(or Splats, as others call them) for that or Keres?


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            Originally posted by ZealousChristian24 View Post
            Any ideas for the Internal or External Axises(or Splats, as others call them) for that or Keres?
            Well, nothing official yet. For Celestial the Inherent axis revolves around what their former domain was in times past--The first group ruled in the heavens, and hold an affinity for powers dealing with energy and physics, as well as such concepts such as honor and justice. The second group ruled in the elements (ocean and mountain gods and such) and hold an affinity for the elements as well as for spirits and numina. The third group ruled amongst mortals and animals (trickster and hearth gods and such) and hold an affinity for luck, illusions, and emotions and such. The final group ruled in the realms of the dead, and hold affinity to dark and occult forces as well as spirits of the departed.

            For Keres, I've had the darndest time deciding their inherent axis and how they should be divided up.

            I haven't formulated outside axis for either group, nor have I any idea how their power would work, or what their powers would be called.



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              I do have a concept for a Psychic game themed around the conflict between individuality and the needs of society and web culture. However I haven't even started working on it beyond writing the outline. I know how much investment writing a fanline takes.

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                One thing I've been working on for a while is a sci-fi inspired rule set, with templates for full body cyborgs, more genetically themed transhumans, uploaded minds, and just plain ol people making the most out of a cyberbrain or something. I don't have much in the way of solid mechanics just yet, only the general idea that I want to differentiate it from Bleeding Edge's Plugins by having a more "iPhone"ish approach, with an emphases on making the most out of a few major implants or technologies and improving their capabilities with experienced usage and some tinkering/programing, along with some kind of superhuman merit system to reflect those who've practiced using their transhuman attributes.

                But wait, there's more! I've also been poking at a system for playing starships and mechs. The Mechs would probably be a simple attribute-replacement, with the pilot providing the skills and some additional things. The ships though are a bit more complex as I'm trying to cobble together some kind of ramshackle tabletop EvE online (which I think was once stated to be a thing but now isn't). While it's kind of inspired by Infinite Macabre's ship rules, I'd like to try to make something that's more complex and robust for the more space-based stories, and because I think I like trying to make splats.

                So far, this is a bit more worked out, and I'm just going to go ahead and post what I have so far for possible commentary.

                Obviously this is all still a long way from even being remotely playable, and to be honest, I doubt I'll poke at the mechanics more until I figure out the thematic side of my take on sci-fi cyberpunk and space opera. I should note that I'm thinking of all this independently of the World of Darkness. For now, I'm working on this as if are no things like vampires and mages and such in the mix, no God-Machines except for the ones built by hyperintelegent madmen that are probably faulty and brilliantly idiotic, which IMO would make them more terrifying.

                Instead, I'm more interested in the idea of Intelligence Amplification, exploring the implications of people augmenting their minds and bodies in the context of all the conflicting cultures subcultures and attitudes that we see today. Most people will want to just be their own thing and not harm anyone else, just a plain ol person with their own quirks. Others will probably be monsters. Some will be both. While there are horrible aliens out there, I like the idea of most of the monsters having human origins that driven more by lofty goals and plain ol hate, though I also want to at least try to rethink that tired and frankly dumb trope of "cybernetics eat your humanity."

                To use an Eclipse Phase comparison (because I know someone will): less focus on the Exsurgent ETI and TITAN scale AIs, more focus on Exhumans and Factors. Technically I could do all this in EP, but to be honest I like the Storytelling system better.

                Admitdly I could do all this on Future!Earth, but I loved Star Trek as a kid and it's my damn setting, so fuck it. Besides, I like the idea of a setting that's "Star Trek + Elysium", not to mention it could provide for some cool ideas if/when I put the World of Darkness back in. Vampire ships? Space battles with a supernal angel? A ship crewed by a single hive-souled? A cyborg building his own golden road? I think it could be cool.

                In short, there's lots of ambitious ideas but I'm still trying to give the whole thing it's own spin, as I still feel like it's very much "this thing from another franchise, BUT WITH THIS!" I also feel like this post will be the odd one out in this thread considering the lack of supernatural anything going on, but I still feel like it has a horror inspiration that's fitting with the World of Darkness.


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                  Had an idea a bit before Demon the Descent was Released.

                  "Angel: The Ethereal"

                  Your a Angel serving on Earth trying to balance your duties to God based on the "Kommandments"

                  with your human like emotions.

                  God Freuently commands Unpleasant or even reprehensible actions, so long as the net effect, will be positive.

                  For the morality trait I did decide this much that at 10 Your actualy a borderline Sociopath, albeit one without greed or malice.

                  at lower scores, for good or ill, your driven more by human emotions, rather then Divine purpose.


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                    WAY back when, I wrote up my take on Parasite Eve in the nWoD, and I've updated it for second edition (still haven't finished the Third Birthday Chronicle part, mostly because the game failed to grab me. . . I may completely jettison that aspect and go on the seeds I already wrote that are more interesting to me.)

                    For those who are unaware, Parasite Eve and Parasite Eve II were games for the Playstation. The basic story was that mitochondria, symbiotic organisms that provide the energy our cells need to function, mutated and evolved into something else, called Neo-Mitochondria. They caused horrific transformations in their hosts, resulting in dangerous monsters called Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (or NMCs.) The NMCs were led by Eve. Formerly a singer named Melissa Pearce, Eve was the result of Neo-Mitochondria transforming a human host. Eve claimed to be a sapient being older than humanity, who had been guiding evolution for thousands of years to bring about her rise and the end of "nucleic domination." Whether this was true, or simply a delusion of Eve's warped mind, no one can say.

                    There was one other human infected with Neo-Mitochondria. Police Detective Aya Brea. But unlike Melissa Pearce, her Neo-Mitochondria did not warp her body and destroy her mind. Aya was able to channel her Neo-Mitochondrial energy in any number of ways, and was instrumental in stopping Eve. She continues to hunt NMCs with an offshoot of the FBI, the Mitochondria Investigation and Suppression Team, MIST.

                    There aren't X or Y Axis in my PE book. Characters can be normal humans, or NMHs (Neo-Mitochondrial Humans.) There are two kinds of NMHs, Infected and Activated. Neo-Mitochondria is the result of mad science tampering with already-evolving mitochondria, and some humans have mitochondria in their bodies on similar evolutionary tracks. They can be awakened into full NMHs by close proximity to concentrations of Neo-Mitochondrial energy. Infected NMHs were attacked by ANMCs (Artifical Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures), and the parasites infected them to turn them into ANMCs as well. A stabilizing vaccine, developed from the mitochondria of activated NMHs, allows them to (mostly) retain control of their human forms.

                    Theme: Distrust, Secrecy, and the Monsters Within. NMHs look just like everyone else. . until they immolate dozens of monsters with a wave of their hand, or transform into a monster themselves. Eve was just an ordinary, if slightly sickly, young woman before she became the omnicidal maniac Eve. If Eve was the ancient consciousness she claims to be, can anyone be certain the NMHs have slipped her control, or are they puppets dancing on invisible strings? If Eve was just a delusion of a Neo-Mitochondrial fractured mind, then who's to say no other NMH won't suffer the same psychosis? To avoid public panic, the existence of Neo-Mitochondria and NMCs is kept tightly controlled. But when scorpions the size of go-karts start attacking people in broad daylight, secrecy becomes a difficult thing.

                    Power Stat: Parasite Energy. As Parasite Energy increases, NMHs become more powerful, able to perform greater feats with their Neo-Mitochondrial Energy, but the more other people begin to fear their power, and the farther from humanity they set themselves apart.

                    Power Pool: Mitochondria Points. Term taken straight from the video game because I couldn't think of anything better, explained in-universe as what NMH's refer to the energy generated by their Neo-Mitochondria because any other term to describe it requires at least two doctorates to pronounce.

                    Integrity Stat: Integrity. NMH's are still human. . . probably.

                    Powers: Parasite Powers. Broken into five categories, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Transformation. Transformation powers are only attainable by infected NMHs, and are crucial to controlling their ANMC forms and harnessing the vast power contained within.

                    My Geist GMC Updates
                    My Infinite Macabre Goodies
                    Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday Chronicle
                    Shamelessly pimping my book


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                      I worked on the beautiful trainwreck that was Outsider: the Calling, an nWoD game about normal people touched by the Cthulhu Mythos.

                      There were five different origins (Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Nighurath, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur) that had great fluff, with the other axis being your response to the transformation (eager for revenge, trying to become normal again, faithful servitude, etc). Powers were called Rejections and were super neat in that they operated on the inverse of Mage's paradox; everything they did had to be blatantly impossible. There was talk of including the Dreamlands, there was discussion of interesting settings across the globe, we wrote up specific Hunter groups, it had a Cult mechanic long before Mummy...

                      The rules were terrible. And the project hasn't updated in three years (as you might expect from an anonymous 4chan collaboration). But the ideas were a lot of fun, and I turned a lot of that into Arkham Lost, my C:tL setting hack.

                      Remi. she/her. game designer.


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                        Originally posted by atamajakki View Post
                        I worked on the beautiful trainwreck that was Outsider: the Calling, an nWoD game about normal people touched by the Cthulhu Mythos.

                        There were five different origins (Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Nighurath, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur) that had great fluff, with the other axis being your response to the transformation (eager for revenge, trying to become normal again, faithful servitude, etc). Powers were called Rejections and were super neat in that they operated on the inverse of Mage's paradox; everything they did had to be blatantly impossible. There was talk of including the Dreamlands, there was discussion of interesting settings across the globe, we wrote up specific Hunter groups, it had a Cult mechanic long before Mummy...

                        The rules were terrible. And the project hasn't updated in three years (as you might expect from an anonymous 4chan collaboration). But the ideas were a lot of fun, and I turned a lot of that into Arkham Lost, my C:tL setting hack.

                        I remember seeing some of that, there were lot of fun ideas. You should get back into it, especially now with the 2e rules.


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                          @atamajakki: I remember seeing that! I thought it was a neat idea, though I'd have done something different for the External Axis, mostly because my close-minded self having trouble imagining the non-Rebels as anything other than villains(Rebels, of course, I can imagine as both heroes and villains).


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                            I doubt there's enough functional material in O:tC (I still remember when it was Alien: the Outsider, oh my goodness) to justify a 2e, as there never really was a 1e; anything I'd be doing, I'd essentially be building the game completely fresh. I just don't have that in me.

                            As I mentioned, Arkham Lost was my attempt to salvage Outsider's best ideas; it doesn't hurt that the game already had a lot of shared thematic content with Changeling to begin with.

                            Remi. she/her. game designer.


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                              Well, a friend of mine and myself are working on (yet another) Dragon fanline, since we were dissatisfied with Embers. Basically, our thought was that no Dragon game could succeed at making "being a dragon" horrific. Like, at the end of the day, dragons eating each other's hearts for power sounds horrific, until you realize that what you've made is essentially Highlander with Dragons. That's not a horror game, that's a metal album cover. So our goal is to make a Dragon game that's a metal album cover right from the start. So, I present for your consideration:

                              Dragon: the Inheritance

                              You are a dragon, and you love it. And really, what isn't there to love? You are strong, you are deadly, you can even fly unaided through the sky. The poor normal people tremble in terror at your passing, for you are the embodiment of everything that has ever preyed upon mankind, and they know it. Dragons have always been a symbol of greed and arrogance, but with all the power you hold in your claws, why shouldn't you be? Why shouldn't you rule the world?

                              The answer is that once, you did. Or, at least, your distant ancestors did. Before the age of man, dragons were the planet's dominant species. They had their own great cities and civilization, and the humans were lowly, primitive servants. Until, that is, they rose up against their rightful rulers. Just as the dragons had once usurped another race, the Cycle of Fate turned, and humans overthrew the dragons. Because of the actions of a great sorcerer, however, the dragons were not wiped from the earth, but instead were disguised as humans and left to hide in the shadows of the world.

                              Dragons are now thought of as myths and tall tales, populating the various legends of mankind. And those legends contain seeds of truth about their subjects. Dragons do hoard things that are precious to them, though not always in forms as recognizable as piles of gold. Dragons can, at will, change from their human disguises to their awesome true forms. And, inevitably, any story involving a dragon ends with the dragon being slain.

                              You see, normally when a dragon reveals its true form to mortals, an effect called the Enkindling occurs which causes those mortals to react with fear and awe. But sometimes, the Enkindling produces the opposite effect, creating a mortal who will try, at any costs, to kill the dragon. These mortals are called Slayers, and they are the bane of a dragon's existence. Fate works on the Slayer's side, aiding their strikes and protecting them from harm. They are not unstoppable - a dragon might kill a single Slayer, or even dozens over her lifetime, but one will get to her eventually. A dragon's life is ultimately about learning to survive as long as possible, without giving up what makes them who they are.

                              Inherent Axis: Heritage
                              A dragon's Heritage defines what manner of mythical dragon they are most similar to, and what they hoard. Amphiteres: Divine dragons who hoard prestige.
                              Drakes: Poisonous dragons who hoard aesthetic.
                              Hydras: Nigh-immortal dragons who hoard experiences.

                              Wyverns: Hungry, destructive dragons who hoard reputation.
                              Wyrms: Mystical dragons who hoard power.

                              Outside Axis: Dynasty
                              A dragon's Dynasty is the dragon's political faction, which informs their strategy for surviving slayers. Dragons usually join the dynasty of the dragon they received their Inheritance from. Nagaraja: Spies and activists with command of snakes. Survival through knowledge.
                              Xiuhcoatl: Fire-and-brimstone dragon fight club. Survival through strength.
                              Yinglong: Weather-controlling dragon mafia. Survival through resources.
                              Zalciai: Luck-blessed matriarchal puppet masters. Survival through community.
                              Zmaj: Sorcerous assassins with a collective messiah complex. Survival through control.

                              Supernatural Advantage: Kauchaomai (Ancient Greek, lit. "I boast")
                              A dragon doesn't draw their power from any external source, but rather their own supernaturally enhanced sense of self-worth. A dragon, an Heir, is Willpower personified. They declare that they are a mighty being of scales, wings, and claws, and the universe has no choice but to comply. As such, the size and power of a dragon's true form is dependent on the strength of that dragon's conviction.

                              There is no "juice stat" associated with Kauchaomai. Instead, it grants an extra Willpower pool to the dragon, and a dragon's activated powers cost WP points. Dragons also have an extra way to regain WP, by spending time with their hoard. The bigger the hoard, the more WP the dragon can gain.

                              Modified Integrity Stat: Serenity
                              If a dragon's self-worth is the fuel for their power, then their self-image is the focus for that power. In order to leverage their power effectively, a dragon needs to know who they are, as a person. Even more importantly, they need to try their hardest to live up to that idealized image of themselves. Because when a dragon's actions diverge too greatly from what they feel they should be, they can lose control over their own power. Serenity measures how well a dragon knows who they should be and how well they measure up to that image, and directly effects how often they Enkindle Slayers.

                              Powers: Legacies
                              Legacies are modifications to a dragon's true form, enhancing their natural abilities and granting them new ones. Deadly claws, armored hide, fire breath, wings, silvered tongue, poison, etc. Legacies consist of two parts: Core and Auxiliary benefits. Core benefits are simple, giving straightforward abilities on a 1-5 dot scale. Auxiliary benefits are optional add-on powers that give more specific enhancements to the core power, or provide other related benefits. (for example, immunity to fire and heat as an auxiliary to fire breath)
                              [Essentially, a dragon's magic powers are "being a motherfucking dragon."]
                              Dragons also have access to draconic sorcery, following the example of the legendary dragon sorcerer Zirnitra.

                              (Incidentally, yes, we are aware of how similar Slayers are to Beast: the Primordial's Heroes. I swear we had the idea before they even announced that they were working on a new game.)