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    It probably wouldn't have hurt, but I have no idea what the actual policy is :P

    "Universalism" is absolutely necessary in some form, or there would be far too many books and "spare-change" to keep track of. A necromancer reviving the dead and messing around with ghosts and an mage mucking around with time are both distinctive concepts from different cultures, but they both fit under the umbrella for "magic user" letting them both be mages. We don't need a splat just for "Necromancers" and a splat for "Time Witches", or everything gets cut into such small parts that the world gets even more cluttered than it already is.

    It can be because they are beings of other cultures, by that sidebar's reckoning, and not that they are just confused for them. It explicitly says that the GM can make it so that Taoism is right, and that demons made up the other religions for lolz. The thing is that the difference between "evil spirits" and "inferno demons" is fuzzy even from a meta perspective. Back to my example, the Otodo would suggest that Oni are closer to the demons that made the Lucifuge, which may or may not be the Inferno demons. Mortal Remains puts them under the same umbrella, calling the Inferno type "Lesser demons" (and namedropping Whispers) while the God-Machine demons are the "Greater Demons", with "anti-demon" powers that the Lucifuge has working on both of them equally. Inferno has the L' Enfant Diabolique, who's close approximation of the Lucifuge suggest that they would be born of Inferno style demons. The only real way to tell a particularly mean spirit from a demon is to do something that works on one and not the other, and it isn't like we get a lot of examples of that happening in the fluff. Then there is the "Demons" that the Knights of Saint George use, which may or may not be related to either or both.

    2E Goetia arn't really close to Inferno or Christian Demons, in form or function, as "entities of pure thought or concept" who don't usually possess people or do particularly nasty things for no other reason than they are evil beings. They don't really overlap much, aside from being called demon occasionally.


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      Thing I wish it was Inferno 2.0

      I very much hope that they will abandon the Goethian approach of the first edition by a Zoroastrian approach in that second. And I expect the two in X to be what their function for Ahriman (based on the 6 Persian archetypes - 1 - Akoman - Corruptors, Seducers, Tempters 2 - Indar - Dark Lords, Proud Rulers, punish their enemies and reward their devotees. "righteous" 3 - Nanghait - Punishers and Torturers 4 - Sawar - They are not Corruptors and Corrupt and Vicious 5 - Tauriz - Agents of Conflict and Destruction 6 - Zariz - Cheaters and Entities with opposing natures or contradictory purposes and will contradictory to its purpose) and the Y in what is this demon (1 - Angels, Djins and Fallen Gods - like the Christian and Muslim version 2 - Demons Reborn as such by Carma - like the Buddhist, Hindu and Taoist versions. - Creation of Ahriman 4 - Destructive Natural Spirits such as Chagas the Negative Entities of Shinto 5 - Dark Gods - Paganism 6 - Deviant Gods - like the rulers of Xibalba 7 - Contaminated Spirits and Supernatural Beings very evil and mighty ones that were destroyed. 8 - Unclaimed Human Souls that fell there and ascended - Spiritist Dragons. 9. Forgotten Gods. 10 - Others, including Goethias things).

      Zoroastrism is unfortunately little used in fiction but Vertigo had done an excellent job of it as the basis for other metaphysics within them. As of the Original Demons criticizing the Fallen Angels, "these angels came and think that they rule here, but they do not know that we are much older than the creator of their rebel leader."

      Ahriman is not the opposite pole to God Machine. A Great Entity of the Dark Mother Level, The Divine Fire, and the Machine God certainly, but something even older than these. Older than anything and indifferent to other great entities but treated by them as Contagion is. And seen as something external.

      It would be interesting until such a thing was dead (as Kamen Rider Black worked, waiting for a successor who will never come). But I do not know if hell would not get too big, just like the contagion and end up becoming a crossover supplement. Against the Created and Corrupted by the Forgotten God. This would refer to the God of Yellow too, where Darkness and Evil precede everything, not all evil came from it, but it was the first thing that arose, a reversal of Christianity in which Sin is disobedience and denial of Light that the Natural State. Here we would have the Darkness is the Natural State, the light is a rare event (which tends to create in new darkness distinct from primordial darkness and averse to it as much as light itself).