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Ephemeral Beings... What if Rank was another Attribute?

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  • Ephemeral Beings... What if Rank was another Attribute?

    OK, I confess: I enjoy hacking the Ephemeral Being rules.


    Ephemeral Beings possess four Attributes they use to interact with the world around them:

    Power is a measure of how much brute force they may bring to bear, mentally, physically, or socially. As such, it replaces Strength, Intelligence, and Presence.

    Finesse is a measure of how much grace and precision they have at their disposal; as such, it replaces Dexterity, Wits, and Manipulation.

    Resistance is a measure of how much they resist the erosive pressures of the world. As such, it replaces Stamina, Resolve, and Composure.

    Rank is a measure of how much "magical" the being is, and how much they may influence the world with their whims. They receive a number of Influence dots equal to their Rank, use Rank in place of Skills when taking actions related to their Influences, and use Rank as a Supernatural Tolerance trait.
    As a consequence:
    Tier Essence Pool Attributes Numina
    0 5 Two at 0, Two at 1 [Max 5] 1
    I 10 Two at 1, Two at 2 [Max 5] 3
    II 15 Two at 2, Two at 3 [Max 5] 5
    III 20 Two at 3, Two at 4 [Max 5] 7
    IV 30 Two at 4, Two at 5 [Max 7] 9
    V 50 Two at 5, Two at 6 [Max 9] 11

    You may always choose to increase an Attribute or the number of dots in an Influence by one instead of taking a Numina. An Ephemeral Being cannot have more dots in an Influence than their Tier.
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    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.