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  • Originally posted by Jimborg View Post
    Killerclown brings up a good point: what are the extent of the activities you can perform while your Leviathan is Dead But Dreaming?
    Not that much. You're limited to channels/adaptations that explicitly state they work when you're dead and channels/adaptations that explicitly state they work while you're dreaming. Your cult can use Rituals like normal.

    Though on the other hand, that list does let you possess a Beloved to use as an avatar. So a dead leviathan could make a very atypical charachter for a mortals+ level game.

    Originally posted by Jimborg View Post
    Are they still subject to the same Tranquility requirements for human contact as before? Does psychic interaction count as human contact? Can you use Ichor to go to a lower Depth, so as to gain access to your powers and gain better control of your Cult?
    Yes to all three. However psychic interaction that works on targets within a certain distance of you won't work, because your mind is somewhere beyond this mortal plain and thus out of range (unless you're currently possessing an avatar). You have to use things like Contact List.

    Originally posted by Jimborg View Post
    Heck, you could probably do most of a campaign around just bringing yourself back from death, though it'd be more "Sim Cult" than your standard WoD game.
    Sim Cult is pretty much the intent. The ability to survive death is mostly there to be a last chance to claw your way back to life. You could play an entire story of "Sim Cult" if you like, and there's potential with using a dead Ophion as a nearly unkillable reoccurring antagonist who appears as the puppetmaster behind a new cult every a few sessions after you exterminated the last cult.

    However the intent is that you use this state to plan your cult's heist on the Cheiron Group laboratory storing your body and then order them to supply you with Ichor so you can regenerate. My hope is that the many limitations of being dead will add to the fun of organising your own rescue; but I'm not really worried if the novelty wears off after a while.
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