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  • Originally posted by TerrorCooper View Post
    Okay, so, I really like this project (even if I'm not going to get all that involved in it), so has anyone tried to create a full-on sample character for each combination of Strain and School? As in a full character sheet and description (and/or image) of each of their depths? The reason I ask this is because I'd really like to see the sorts of directions you lot would take in terms of the characters thusly created.

    If not, then I'd be all too willing to wait. I'm not good at creating characters, so I'm afraid that I'd have little input to add.

    If its already been done, could someone direct me to them (or at least provide links please).
    Not that I know of, though there were, IIRC, some Leviathan characters in the Antagonists chapter.


    • Huh... okay then. I'm all to willing to wait.

      Still, there are a total of forty-nine (49) possible characters if one doesn't include the School of Thunder (fifty-six (56) if you do), which is quite a bit. So I'm willing to wait quite a while for my request to be fulfilled.


      • Okay, so I was combing through the merits section of Chapter Six (6), and I had this thought when reading the 'Narrow Wake' and 'Wide Wake' Merits; 'Okay, but what happens if someone playing Leviathan tries to take the both of these for the same character? Would the two merits just cancel each other out? Or are they actually exclusive? Would the changes in effective Sheol negate each other while still leaving the Wake Diameter altered?'

        If this has already been covered, then I apologize, retract the questions and humbly request a link to the answer. If not, then what're your answers?

        I'd also like to inquire as to why nobody seems to have thought of adding in a Lexicon, Glossary, Dictionary or anything else along those lines to aid newcomers in quickly gaining a basic understanding of the various terms used?