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The Sin Song Infection [Infected Variant]

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  • The Sin Song Infection [Infected Variant]

    (based around Saika from Durarara, using the new Hurt Locker spoilers)

    The Sin Song Infection is an ancient one. According to the stories, it has all started with a single sword- a cursed one. Forged by a Japanese blacksmith without a wife or children, its maker has invested all of its love and passion into creating a single blade, one which would express its emotions and fulfill its love. His love was so strong, that like a dark version of the Greek Galatea, once the sword was finished it was awakened into life- and like the statue, it also wished to express its love to its maker. The only differences was that Galatea may have been a woman made out of stone, but she was still a woman. The sword, however, was still a sword, and so its showed its love in the only way it knew how- by cutting through the heart of its maker, and by doing so it turned into a Muramasa, becoming forever cursed.

    As a cursed item, it changed its owners quickly- the sword truly loved humanity, and it showed its love by cutting their heads and drinking their blood. Being a parasitic being, it has to understand love through its owners, driving them to kill those they loved in order to express their passions. Most people couldn't handle the endless love of the blade toward mankind and slit their own throats with the sword, although once in a while came something with a truly perverted personality- someone who could control the sword through his or her own love. Still, humans are mortal beings, and they eventually die. After switching so many partners, the sword wished to "settle down", find the right person and express their love to each other in a way only they knew how.

    It wanted to have children.

    No one is sure when the first child of the sword once born- only that somehow, it learned to split itself, just like bacterias do. That shard of passion moved into a suitable host, dwelling inside a weapon which was dear to him. Sometimes, the new host was able to withstand the weapon's love. On others, he killed himself- freeing the child to search after a new host. Some of those weapons were destroyed by people who saw them as threats, but most of them time those who hunted after a sudden "slasher" have focused their efforts on the person, not its weapon.

    While through most of the years the Sin Song Infection, as it came to be called, was contained to east Asia- but in the modern times, it managed to spread through the whole world. The children of the Song can now travel freely in Europe, Africa, the Americas.. There are so many places to see, so many wonders to witness, so many emotions to feel and delights to indulge....

    And the love. There are so many people to love.

    The Template

    generally, the Sin Song Infection uses the Infected Template with a number of changes. First, each Carrier also has a single dot in Assertive Implement for free, which he could rise through bonus points or EXP. Also, he could rise his dots in the merit up to 5 (unlike the regular version, which is limited to 4). In an addition, the Carrier may use his dots in Assertive Implements OR the Carrier (the lower among the two) as a Supernatural Tolerance trait, and use the higher to limit its Infected Merits or infecting other people. While each is limited to 5 dots, some whisper that sometimes, both the weapon and the Carrier become so in tune that their personality is merged- which may be represented by merging both Merits into one. Use it with caution,

    Another feature is the weapons ability to feel its progeny. Each Carrier of the Sin Song Infection gains Bloodkin and Proud Parent for free. The weapon also wishes to be with its Carrier for all time, allowing itself to be absorbed into the body of its wielder and be drawn out of it freely. The Carrier can not lose or leave behind his weapon- it would simply show up inside of her. Unlike other Infections, the Sin Song requires more then a simple roll to infect another person- it must cut him, dealing at least one level of Lethal Damage. The weapon may also infect other weapons as normal, which are considered to be 1 dot Assertive Implements- but once touched by another person they must roll Clash of Will against the person, with failure meaning that the spirit gets destroyed (the rule effects only weapons with an Assertive Implement of 1). That makes cutting other people into the "safest" option for procreating- although it requires sacrificing one dot of the parent's Assertive Implement Merit each time they procreate, to the minimum of 1 (during which they cannot make new children).

    The Unseen Senses of the Carrier tracks down people, not object. During the character creation, decide the weapon's "preferred type"- either Social, Mental or Physical. People with high attributes (of 3 and above) in the corresponding category would trigger that sense. Monsters, however, are not targeted by that sense- the infection's love is toward mankind alone. Also, any people with Integrity of 4 and below triggers the Unseen Sense automatically, for those people are very suitable to expressing the weapon's love. While the weapon may infect any person as a new Carrier, trying to infect a non suitable host means -1 modifier to all rolls per dot of Integrity he has above 4, although he would gain +1 modifier per integrity dot below 4. The victim may roll Willpower against the Carrier's roll, and if the rolls wins he is immune for another Infection attempt from the same weapon. The Assertive Implement dot is still wasted, however.

    Finally, the last difference between the Sin Song Infection and others is that unlike similar supernatural sentient diseases, the Sin Song is a mental infection. During the Lament Symptoms Condition, it also grants immunity against being Claimed by ephemeral beings (the weapon is jealous lover after all). During Acute Symptoms Condition, it grants total immunity against possession of all kinds, although it doesn't change the body- instead projecting an "unease" aura which makes other people feel uncomfortable near the Carrier (unless the person's Integrity is 4 and below, and then they gain +2 to social modifiers against them). During Symptomatic Flareup, the aura is so powerful that it scares other people away- but makes anyone with Integrity of 4 and less Obsessed with the character, and the Carrier also gains one additional negative Condition which effects him as long as the Symptomatic Flareup isn't resolved. Finally, during the Progressive Infection Condition, the Carrier projects a terrible aura of fear and blood lust, as the love of the weapon radiates itself to any person who meets it. The Infection doesn't deal direct damage to the Carrier- and instead may force him once per chapter to attack another human, taking control over him for a number of hours equal his Assertive Implement rating. During this state, the weapon would either try to cut any suitable host or kill anyone to whom the Carrier feel affection (or almost any other human if the weapon can't find any). The only way to stop the Condition is by the methods described in the Hurt Locker writeup, or losing enough Integrity that the user would be in control. Most just kill themselves before that, as the weapon show its finale "love" toward his former owner, and goes searching for a new one.

    Finally, considering that this is a mental infection which seeks to degrade its owner's stability, any person with Integrity of 4 or less have a certain control over the Infection, gaining the Patient Zero merit for free (which can't be bought otherwise). While Patient Zero is inactive, both the penalties and the benefits of the Conditions are cancelled. If the Carrier has Integrity of 1, he gains perfect control over the Infection- forcing the weapon to his will. The weapon may not attack other without the Carrier's permission, and he may suppress or active the Condition as he wishes. He doesn't suffer from the additional Condition given by the Symptomatic Flareup, neither can the weapon take control over them during the last stage of the Condition. They enjoy all of the weapon's benefits without its disadvantages. In a way, they become the parasite's parasites.

    that's it. Hope you liked it
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    Seems like an interesting idea. But where do we go to see the new Hurt Locker spoilers?


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      Originally posted by ZealousChristian24 View Post
      Seems like an interesting idea. But where do we go to see the new Hurt Locker spoilers?

      This thread.

      Or this blog entry.


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        Ah! Thank you. I thought they would be posted in the original spoiler thread. Thank you!