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Ephemeral Being House Rules + New Epic Numen

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  • Ephemeral Being House Rules + New Epic Numen

    Ephemeral Being House Rules

    Maximum Essence/Per Turn: Rank x 10/Rank x 3 (this progression becomes much more pronounced at Rank 6 and above, and may be represented like amechra's suggestions. Max Essence Per Turn becomes Rank x 5)

    Bonus Godlike Successes: Ephemeral Beings of Rank 6+ get [Rank/2 round up] bonus successes on rolls relating to their purview, rather than [Rank]. For rolls not related to their purview, they get [Rank - 5] bonus successes, as before. Rolls like Perception, Remembering and Social Maneuvering do not get either amount of Bonus Godlike Successes, since they already have a base dice pool of 15 for those rolls (see Combining Attributes For Mundane Rolls, below). Clash Of Wills receives [Rank/2 round up] Bonus Godlike Successes if the roll relates to the ephemeral being's purview, but only [Rank - 5] if the roll is unrelated. If the roll is opposed to the purview, no Bonus Godlike Successes are given.

    Extra Godlike Health: Ephemeral Beings with Rank 6+ add their full Rank as extra Health dots.

    Willpower: Resistance + Rank (maximum is 10)

    Initiative: Finesse + Resistance/2 round up

    Defense: Finesse + Rank/2 round up. (maximum is 10)

    Speed: highest between Power and Finesse + Rank. If you need a higher Speed Advantage, give the being in question the Speed Numen or something similar.

    Corpus: Size + Resistance, as before.

    Social Maneuvering: the base number of Doors required to convince an ephemeral being to do something is equal to its [Rank x 2]. If you want to make that more variable, the base number of Doors is equal to [Resistance] or [Resistance + Rank/2 round up]. For ghosts, Virtue and Vice in Social Maneuvering are inverted: going against their Vice adds one Door, but taking advantage of their Virtue moves your Impression one step up. For Angels, those Traits work the same as with a human. Spirits don't have Virtue or Vice, but you may treat a Spirit's Virtue as "Increase Rank" and Vice as "Spread Influence".

    Combining Attributes For Mundane Tasks: use the highest between the relevant Attributes instead of combining them, and don't use Essence to boost them. Example: the ephemeral being has Power 5 and Resistance 3 and wants to remember something. While it would normally combine Power and Resistance to represent Intelligence + Composure, it only rolls Power.

    Skills And Untrained Penalties: Use Rank as the rating for Skills when the roll falls within the nature of the being. Subtract Rank from unrelated rolls and spend 2 times as much Essence to boost them (10 times more Essence if the being has Rank 6 or higher). For rolls that are opposed to a being's nature (such as an anger spirit trying to calm down a crowd), subtract Rank, do not use Essence to boost the roll and do not apply any Bonus Godlike Successes.

    Using Essence To Boost Rolls: spending Essence does give you bonus dots, but only for rolls that are not Numina nor Influences. Temporary Attribute dots gained through Essence do not change Advantages, either. So, if you boost Resistance, you will not gain extra Corpus/Willpower/Initiative.

    Manifestation: the Astral Sojourn Numen from Mage: The Awakening - Summoners (page 221) has been turned into a new Manifestation.

    On The Fettered: Fettered humans retain their Conviction.

    Using Influences To Create or Mass Create: At Rank 4, the number of created examples of the Influence is increased from only 1 to [Successes], which caps at [Power/2 round down]. The created examples of the Influence are still temporary. Creating a permanent example of the influence still requires Rank 5 and only produces one example. At Rank 5, getting an Exceptional Success on the Power + Finesse roll to use Influence 5 does not result in [Rank] examples being created, but [Rank x 2]. At Rank 6+, the number of created examples is [Rank x Successes/3 round up], and don't forget the Bonus Godlike Successes.

    Banes: in addition to the official effects, an ephemeral being that is confronted with its Bane loses both mundane and magical Armor, and its Defense is halved round down.

    New Numina

    Maim: This Numen requires a Finesse + Rank – Defense roll to touch the target first. If a Grapple is established, spend 3 Essence and roll Power + Finesse vs Stamina + Resolve + Supernatural Resistance as an instant action. If the ephemeral being gets more successes, inflict the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilt. This does not cause damage. You may apply cosmetic touches to the affected limb based on the ephemeral being’s purview, such as charred bones for a fire-spirit or tumors for a disease-ridden ghost. The Tilt lasts for a number of turns equal to successes. By spending 5 Essence + 1 Willpower point (no +3 bonus), the Tilt lasts for one hour per success. This Numen may only be used once on each individual per scene. An Exceptional Success applies the Tilt to both arms OR both legs.

    Plague: Same mechanics as the previous Numen, but it inflicts the Sick or Poisoned Tilt, whichever is more thematically fitting. Cosmetic effects may still be applied. If you spend 5 Essence + 1 Willpower point and also get an Exceptional Success, the Tilt is grave instead of moderate. If the ST continues the effect of the Tilt outside combat, the Toxicity rating is equal to Rank, with damage being dealt each hour. Ephemeral beings of Rank 3+ are normally the ones that can inflict either Tilt, but not always.

    Roar: Spend 2 Essence and roll Power + Resistance vs Stamina + Resolve + Supernatural Resistance. The ephemeral being unleashes a horribly loud sound that is thematically appropriate. Anyone within Rank x 10 yards who does not get as many successes as the ephemeral being suffers the Deafened Tilt for a number of turns equal to successes. By spending 4 Essence + 1 willpower point, the Tilt lasts for one hour per success. Despite the wide radius, this Numen produces real sound, so the appropriate barriers may negate successes or even render it useless. However, the sound does not travel any further than the aforementioned radius, so the ephemeral being does not risk too much unwanted attention.

    Legion: Often referred to with collective nouns suiting the ephemeral being’s purview, this Numen is always active unless suppressed as a reflexive action. The ephemeral being is surrounded by instances of its purview, such as flying insects, floating daggers or spheres of phantom fire. Anyone that comes within Rank x 3 yards of the ephemeral being must succeed on a Stamina + Resolve – Rank roll each turn or receive 1 bashing damage. This damage applies to anyone within the radius who fails the roll, and may be upgraded to lethal by spending 1 Essence. Armor does not help unless it covers the entire body and its general rating matches or exceeds Rank. (Note: If you want the ephemeral being to cause dice penalties instead of damage within a field of effect, use the Emotional Aura Numen, house ruled below).

    Ravage: Power + Rank rolls for melee attacks deal +0L by default. Every 2 Essence spent increases the Damage Bonus by 1 for the scene. Your maximum Damage Bonus is equal to [Rank]. Apply the target's Defense and Armor. Each point of Damage Bonus above +5L becomes 1 point of Armor Piercing.

    Aegis: Every 3 Essence spent gives 1/1 Armor for one scene. You may gain up to [Rank/Rank] Armor with this Numen. Each 1/1 Armor above 5/5 does not remove 1 success, but cancels Armor Piercing on a 1 for 1 ratio.

    Mirage: This Numen requires 2 Essence and a successful Perception roll. The ephemeral being's Corpus is blurry, chaotic or otherwise confusing, allowing it to apply its Defense against long range attacks for one turn, such as Firearms and the Blast Numen. Each individual attacking it after the first, regardless of dice pool, imposes a cumulative -1 on the being's Defense, as before. Opponents that join the fight after it has started may bypass the ephemeral being's Defense if it does not succeed again on a Perception roll, which might receive a significant penalty if the latter is focusing on the initially present opponents.

    Soul Sight: Roll Finesse + Rank as an instant action. Success allows you to interpret the body language and aura of the target to gain information about him. First use of this Numen in the scene is free, but each subsequent use within the scene costs 1 Essence. This Numen may only be used once on each individual per scene. Clash Of Wills may happen if the target is actively trying to conceal his thoughts, emotions or aura. Exceptional Success allows you to ask 2 questions. Be mindful of what the ephemeral being's purview is, as that guides what questions it probably makes and how its senses interpret the visions. Sample questions below, taken from the Aura Sight Technology and 2ed Auspex:

    * What is this person's mood? A flash of emotion on the victim's face. Ideas normally alien to the ephemeral come flooding into its senses.

    * What is this person afraid of right now? A spark of terror in the victim's eyes. Thoughts of pain or suspicions of being discovered.

    * What is this person's Vice or one of his Aspirations? A hidden smile over a guilty pleasure. Impressions of a faraway person or building.

    * Is this person being controlled by someone else? Eyes shifting around looking for their master. Colored threads leading away from the person.

    * Is this person a supernatural creature -- and if I have seen them before, what is she? Dark threads surrounding a vampire. Wire cables coming off of a demon.

    * Who here does this person want to hurt most? Glances towards the intended victim.

    * Who here is the most likely to give me what I want? Blood throbbing through the victim’s jugular vein. The sound of jingling coins from the victim’s pocket.

    * Who/what here is most likely to lapse into violence? The victim’s hands stained with blood. The smell of gunpowder wafting from the victim.

    * Who here is most afraid? The smell of urine from the victim’s pants. A whimpering sound from the victim.

    * Who/what here is most likely to hurt me? Blood drying on a car crusher. Waves of hot rage boiling off the victim.

    House Ruled Numina

    Emotional Aura: The radius is increased to Rank x 5. The penalty is no longer a fixed -2. Each success on the Power + Finesse roll inflicts a -1 penalty (up to -5). This Numen now costs 2 Essence.

    Innocuous: The ephemeral being gains 9 Again when rolling Finesse + Rank for the purposes of stealth.

    Mortal Mask: The Perception roll to see flaws in the disguise can also be Wits + Skill. Said Skill might be Investigation/Occult to look for tiny marks of the entity’s purview, Medicine to notice flawed anatomy, Empathy for strange mannerisms, and so on. This Perception roll is penalized by the successes of the Power + Finesse roll, not the rating of Finesse.

    Telekinesis: Fine motor control is possible with this Numen, but it is costly and requires concentration. Spend 3 Essence and roll Finesse + Resistance. Successes become the “Dexterity” for careful handling. Whether the ephemeral being is using “Strength” or “Dexterity”, add Rank to represent the relevant Skill. Targets still use Defense and may Dodge, as if the object was being thrown normally. After the object is released or thrown, the corresponding roll and Essence expenditure must be repeated. However, the extremely fine motor control displayed by sophisticated machines or supernatural powers meant for great precision is still impossible. The maximum Size of the object is equal to Power or Resistance, whichever is higher.

    Awe: The affected targets may still benefit from Defense, but they can’t run away unless they succeed on a Resolve + Composure – Rank roll. If the ephemeral being got an Exceptional Success, the affected individuals must spend 1 Willpower point to run away (no +3 bonus).
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    Let Him Speak.

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    Moved the content of this post to the post above.
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      To focus on something near and dear to my heart...

      I'm not a fan of the Create and Mass Create changes; it's a massive power boost that then brings in two restrictions that function on different types of time. As far as I'm concerned, it's not a very good plan.

      I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

      So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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        Originally posted by amechra View Post
        To focus on something near and dear to my heart...

        I'm not a fan of the Create and Mass Create changes; it's a massive power boost that then brings in two restrictions that function on different types of time. As far as I'm concerned, it's not a very good plan.

        Hmm, now that you mention it, I agree. The power boosts were too big and the restrictions were tacked on. I edited my post accordingly.

        However, I would like to know what you think of the other house rules and the new Numina.

        Let Him Speak.


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          I've been thinking of making a slight tweak of your Legion Numen for use. Specifically, I was thinking of doing one or some of the following...

          * Change the range of the Numen's effects to a number of yards equal to the entity's Power instead of Rank.
          * Change the damage inflicted by Legion from one bashing/lethal damage to an amount equal to the spirit's Power. Successes in Stamina + Resolve would therefore reduce this damage.

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