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Tweaking Prerequisites

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  • Tweaking Prerequisites

    As it stands, the prerequisites for Style merits are pretty harsh; I kinda want them to be more available to my players.

    So, here are my houserules:
    1. The dot ratings of all Attribute or Skill Prerequisites are reduced by 1. For example, Martial Arts would require you to have Dexterity ••, Resolve ••, Athletics •, and Brawl •.
    2. Fighting Styles that are currently unique to a given template, such as Kindred Duelling or Relentless Assault, are no longer restricted to a given template. However, if a certain technique requires or improves some feature that your character does not have, you can't take that dot (or any of the following dots, unless you are using Hurt Locker's alternate prerequisite system.)

    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.

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    I'm pretty sure that Kindred Fighting is not restricted to Kindred, but comes with the provision that it's not gonna be easy to go through the trial and error of learning it as a mortal.

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      I'd be careful on #1.

      There are a few Style Merits (at least in 1e, I haven't checked through the 2e ones to see if this is a case yet; especially with Hurt Locker still being in development) where the Prerequisites ensured that some of the maneuvers were actually effective compared to the normal moves they replaced or modified.