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Zombie Creation System from Antagonists updated to GMC

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    New Aspect: Wall-Crawling (• or ••)
    Some zombies possess the terrifying ability to crawl over walls and ceilings like giant spiders. Undeath has warped their bodies and enabled them to wall-crawl via claws, microscopic fibers in their fingers and toes, suction cups or some dark magic. For one Creation Point, this Aspect allows the zombie to crawl on walls and ceilings at half Speed. For two points, it can crawl at full Speed. The zombie gains +2 to any rolls involving balance or stability.

    Zombie, Crawler (11 CPs)
    Power: 2
    Finesse: 3
    Resistance: 2
    Health: 5
    Initiative: 3
    Physical Integrity: 10
    Size: 5
    Speed: 10
    Contagious 3, Quick Movement 2 (+5 Speed), Sense: Living Animals, Special Attack: Claws, Wall-Crawling 2
    Weakness: Brittle, Vulnerability (Brain)

    These zombies lack the power and toughness of most, but make up for it in mobility. They are swift and can crawl on walls, reaching victims when they might otherwise feel safe, breaking through windows and tearing down defenses. Their elongated bones press through rotted flesh, but their slight builds make them vulnerable to weapons.

    Zombie, Werewolf (47 CPs)
    Power: 6
    Finesse: 2
    Resistance: 5
    Health: 11
    Initiative: 7
    Physical Integrity: 10
    Size: 7
    Speed: 13
    Contagious 3, Death's Voice, Magic Resistance 3, Pack Instinct 1, Preservation 3, Quick Movement 4 (+10 Speed, +5 Initiative), Regeneration 3, Regrowth 2, Sense: Living, Sense: Ephemeral Beings, Special Attack 4 (Claws 2, Jaws 2), Thick Hide 1, Tough 4
    Weakness: Vulnerability (Silver)

    Was this decomposing horror once Uratha? Or was it some other kind of skinchanger? Whatever its origin, it hunts the night, whether the moon is full or not. Big, strong and fast, these creatures work in packs to bring down their prey. Wounds inflicted by silver weapons end the hold undeath holds on their lupine bodies, but silver weapons aren't exactly common. Their howls can chill the bones of even the bravest survivors. Without silver weapons, the beasts regenerate at a frightening rate and return to haunt those foolish enough to think them dead.
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      The following rules are adapted from my swarm rules in FWC, which in turn are adapted from the 1st edition rules and David Hill's excellent swarm form rules for Vampire.

      A cloud of angry wasps. Waves of bloodthirsty rats. A cackling murder of crows. Sometimes small creatures gather into swarms, of their own accord or at the behest of some supernatural entity. These creatures are Size 1 (rats) or Size 0 (insects).
      Swarms possess traits similar to those of ephemeral beings, including a Rank, three broad Attributes and Advantages. While some ephemeral entities like spirits can form into swarms, such things are best handled by their own specific rules. A swarm’s Rank is not a measure of its supernatural power (and doesn’t act as Supernatural Tolerance), but rather its size and durability. Like ephemeral beings, a swarm’s traits technically range from 1-10, but rarely ever surpass Rank 5. A swarm possesses Power, Finesse, and Resistance Attributes, like ephemeral beings.

      Power governs the swarm’s raw strength when it exerts itself and ability to overcome victims, but most swarms have relatively low Power.
      Finesse describes how mobile the swarm is, and how well it can get around things like barriers.
      Resistance represents the swarm’s overall durability to harm and environmental conditions.

      Swarms do not possess Skills and automatically fail most Mental and all Social rolls. When performing physical actions, swarms don’t suffer unskilled penalties if the attempted action is appropriate for the swarm, like chewing through barriers or attempting to pull down a victim. Swarms do not use Stealth or ambush tactics unless directed to by an outside party.
      Rank Trait Limits Attribute Dots Aspects Victims Swarm Size
      1 1 dot 3-4 1 1 1-yard radius
      2 2 dots 5-6 1-2 2 2-yard radius
      3 3 dots 7-9 2-3 4 4-yard radius
      4 4 dots 10-12 2-4 8 8-yard radius
      5 5 dots 13-15 3-5 16 16-yard radius
      Swarms don’t have Integrity traits, Virtues and Vices, or Willpower. They are mindless agglomerations of frenzied creatures. Neither do they have a Size trait, since they are treated as a single entity rather than individual creatures. Instead of Numina, they have Aspects, special abilities appropriate to their creature type.
      Health: A swarm’s Health is equal to its Rank + Resistance.
      Initiative: Initiative is equal to Finesse.
      Defense: Defense is equal to Power or Finesse, whichever is higher.
      Speed: Speed is equal to Power + Finesse + a species factor. Take an average species factor if the swarm is composed of multiple creatures, like insects and spiders. Swarms possess any special movement abilities of the base creature, like flight or wall-crawling.

      Fighting the Swarm
      Swarms attack by surrounding their prey and suffocating, biting and stinging them to death. Everyone caught in the swarm suffers from panic and limited visibility and hearing. Victims suffer the persistent Distracted Condition until they escape. A swarm rolls its Power to attack. The swarm can condense its size by one or more Ranks to increase the damage done by an additional die per step. For example, a Rank 4 swarm (8-yard radius) with Power 2 could condense into a 1-yard swarm and attack a single target with 5 dice. Condensing like this leaves the swarm more vulnerable, and swarms cannot swell to larger size Ranks. For each step by which it condenses, add one die to any attacker’s dice pool. Only full-body armor protects against the swarm, and then only at half its rating. Defense does not apply, though supernatural powers like Celerity work normally. Damage caused by swarms is bashing unless stated otherwise.

      Swarms are difficult to harm. After rolling attacks against the swarm as normal, factoring in armor and other modifiers, the swarm takes one point of damage of the appropriate type, or two points with an exceptional success. Damage suffered reduces its Health. Fire, explosions, chemical sprays and other area effects cause normal damage. The swarm’s maximum Rank is limited by its Health, so as it takes damage, the swarm shrinks in size.

      At the Storyteller’s discretion, swarms of particular animal types gain certain special abilities appropriate to their species, like venom or the ability to bite through barricades. A few such sample Aspects are described below.

      •Flight: The swarm can fly at its regular Speed. It adds +3 to any rolls involving foot chases and can circumnavigate most obstacles. Flying swarms may be susceptible to high winds, at the Storyteller’s discretion.
      •Wall-Crawling: The swarm can move up walls and over ceilings at half its normal Speed and gains +2 to any rolls involving climbing or balance.
      •Toxic: The swarm is comprised of poisonous animals, or ones that can sting or bite and inject venom. Most often this simply inflicts damage, but in some cases may inflict Conditions (such as poisons that slow the reflexes and make escape more difficult). The poison’s Toxicity is equal to the swarm’s Power.
      •Aggressive: Increase the swarm’s Initiative by its Rank.
      •Ferocious: The swarm attacks with two dice per Rank, rather than one. Alternatively, for two ranks of this Aspect, the swarm inflicts lethal damage.

      Zombie Swarms
      Immune to many of the frailties of the living, zombies are difficult to kill and swarms are no different. Depending on the source of the zombie outbreak, small groups of mammals or even insects might become zombies and form into hungry swarms. These swarms do not require an Aspect to form, just like other zombies need no Aspect to form into hordes, but have access to a few special Aspects of their own. Several existing Aspects and Weaknesses apply differently to swarms. Swarms do not have Attributes or Advantages like other zombies, as described below.

      Because the undead are relentless and feel no pain or fear, zombie swarms only ever take one damage from a normal attack. They also inflict two dice of damage per rank of size, instead of just one, and can condense to inflict more damage per the rules above. Chemical sprays like pesticides and lethal gasses do not affect them in any way, but fire and explosives do.

      Zombie swarms do not have Physical Integrity, using the rules above to govern size and Health, instead. Unlike larger zombies, swarms do have a Defense, which represents how difficult they are to strike in combat, rather than any self-preservation instinct.

      Swarms cannot have the following Aspects: Autonomous Parts, Indestructible, Inhuman Growth, Limited Intelligence, Preservation, Regeneration, Regrowth, most forms of Special Attack, or Undead Strength. The creatures are simply too small to withstand much punishment and often fall apart in the act of pursuing and attacking prey. The remaining Aspects may apply special rules to swarms.

      •Death's Voice: The buzzing, scratching or chittering of a zombie swarm can affect the living just like the moans of other zombies.
      •Thick Hide: At the Storyteller's discretion, some swarms may consist of creatures very difficult to harm, whether they are armored or protected by some magic.
      •Tough: Each rank of the Tough Aspect gives the swarm one additional rank for the purposes of how much damage it can take (this may take their effective size rank above 5).

      The standard Weaknesses don't always apply normally to swarms. Changes are described below.

      •Brittle: The swarm is especially vulnerable to physical attacks and takes one extra point of damage on an exceptional success with the attack roll.
      •Decomposition: Swarms have no Physical Integrity and so cannot have this Weakness.
      •Residual Memories: Swarms have no true minds and so cannot have this Weakness.
      •Short-Lived: The swarm loses one Rank every (Resistance) hours.
      •Vulnerability: Zombie swarms cannot have this Weakness. The creatures are too small for specific body parts to have relevance as a Vulnerability. Other Vulnerabilities, such as chemicals or fire, must inflict one point of damage, plus an additional one per Rank above 1 (much like larger zombies with Vulnerable body parts), but also usually inflict full damage.

      A basic zombie template, modified by a number of creation points as outlined above, might look like this:

      Zombie Swarm Template
      Rank: 1
      Power: 1
      Finesse: 1
      Resistance: 1
      Health: 5
      Initiative: 1
      Speed: 2

      Attributes and Rank cost 2 creation points per dot, while Aspects cost 1 per dot unless specified in its listing.

      New Aspects
      The following Aspects are usable by all zombies, except those marked by an asterisk.
      *Swarms only

      •Flight: The zombie can fly at its regular Speed. It adds +3 to any rolls involving foot chases and can circumnavigate most obstacles. Flying zombies may be susceptible to high winds, at the Storyteller's discretion. Cost: 2 creation points.
      •Toxic: The zombie can poison its prey. Maybe its bite injects venom or it oozes some toxic secretion from its rotting flesh. Most often this poison inflicts bashing damage, but in some cases may inflict Conditions instead (such as a paralyzing poison). The poison's Toxicity is 2. Additional creation points add +2 to the Toxicity.
      •Special Attack: Ferocious*: The zombie swarm attacks with two dice per rank, rather than one.

      Sample Swarm: Killer Zombees (4 CPs)
      Rank: 2
      Power 1, Finesse 2, Resistance 1
      Health: 3
      Initiative: 2
      Defense: 2
      Speed: 10
      Aspects: Death's Voice, Flight, Special Attack: Ferocious, Toxic
      Weaknesses: Intensely Stupid, Short-Lived, Vulnerability (Fire)

      Killer bees gained fame as the result of a genetic experiment gone awry. Their reputation for sheer aggression is no exaggeration, however. The bees swarm any perceived threat and pursue it for much longer than regular bees, stopping only when their victim is dead. Zombified killer bees won't stop even then, and will pursue the living anywhere.

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        Zombie Dragon (75 CP)
        If dragons aren't real, why is is an undead one barrelling towards you way faster than you can run?
        Power: 10
        Finesse: 3
        Resistance: 10
        Health: 25
        Armor: 3/1
        Initiative: 3
        Physical Integrity: 8
        Size: 15
        Speed: 13 / 58 while Flying
        Flight, Limited Intelligence, Magic Resistance 5, Quick Movement 10, Regrowth, Sense (Living), Sense (Magic), Special Attack 10 (Claws 2, Ferocious 4, Jaws 2, Spitter, Tackle), Thick Hide 3, Tough 5, Undead Strength 5
        Decomposition 2, Hunger, Residual Memories (Piles o' money), Unholy, Vulnerability (Heart)

        "Yeah Jake?"
        "Why does God hate us?"

        (I "cheated" and made the bonuses for all that Quick Movement only apply while flying. Because dragons can't walk that fast but they should be able to keep up with a car.)
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          Love this topic. I was wondering: would there be any interest in pooling talents to use this to build a splatbook, or even a set of splatbooks, to adapt some of the more famous Zombie Games to the 2e NWoD?

          Basically, remember the "Silent Hill in the NWoD" fan sourcebook? I was wondering if folks would be interested in a project to work on converting any of the following for NWoD:
          * Resident Evil
          * House of the Dead
          * Dead Island
          * Dying Light
          * Left 4 Dead


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            I don't really see the point? You have the base games. Just make the zombies from each and you're good to go.

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              This is really cool.

              I always liked the fast-ish, brain eating zombies from Return of the Living Dead, created from 2-4-5 Trioxin. As an added benefit, they don't really have weaknesses to their structure. Even if you burn them, the smoke and ash just becomes a potential source for new zombies.
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                All Necromorphs possess the following base traits:

                Necromorph Template
                Power: 5
                Finesse: 2
                Resistance: 4
                Health: 9
                Initiative: +2
                Physical Integrity: 10
                Size: 5
                Speed: 12
                Death's Voice, Pack Instinct ••••, Preservation •••, Quick Movement x2, Special Attack (Ferocious), Thick Hide •, Tough x2
                Dismemberment: Attacks that inflict the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack tilts apply their damage directly to the Necromorph's Physical Integrity.

                Add the following:
                • Special Attack (Claws) x2, Undead Strength

                Add the following:
                • Special Attack (Tackle), Special Attack (Claws), Quick Movement (+5 Speed)

                Add the following:
                • Reduce Size to 2 and Physical Integrity to 5.
                • Special Attack (Spitter), Wall Crawling x2

                Add the following:
                • Contagious x2, Flight, Special Attack (Grapple)

                There. That should be enough to start an infestation.

                I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

                So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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                  I was reading Hurt Locker for the Infected; perhaps some of the details from it could be added to the creation system? Some of the merits like Bulletman Syndrome would be a cool addition to this. I personally was looking for a GMC rule update for Antagonist zombies so this does it well. Excellent work


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                    I am liking this.
                    Expect me to link this to my 2E Conversion of Zho'ak from Predators. It'll work nicely with its Animation Dread Power.

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