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    So, a while (several years come to think of it) I started this grandiose project ... it has been a weird trip trying to write it, but fun none the less. Over the last few months the writing bug has hit and i have been slowly editing, re-writing and finishing sections off, especially those that dealt with the strange new stuff I was adapting and bringing in. Some you will remember me talking in the corner about this project, long conversations with the clock and the designs on the wall, which of course has all helped write it. It is not done by far but it is actually proceeding well for a change. I have a couple of the chapters finished, and even pdf-ed to look all nice and glam. I am going to google doc the lot of it for people to see and comment on. Go nuts.. blow me out of the water or give me suggestions, hints, rule breaks etc. I will post as I update sections and so those who are interested can see and who knows even use some of it.

    I am going to start with Chapter Three which is now pretty much done and looking all nice and glitzy. Over the coming week I will add links to the other chapters as well as the maps of the city for people to see what I am slowly driving myself insane writing ... :P

    Ignore the link below .. use the big listing further down the page ... i just can`t figure out how to remove the link completely.
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    one of those links will likely not work right .. sigh ... need coffee


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      The first one works right. You can edit the post so you don't have to make new ones. This looks really cool, nice job with the formatting. I haven't done more than skim so far.


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        Here's list of the chapters ... most will likely be standard goggle doc non-editable pages as i post em tonight and tomorrow. If it will let me .. i will just keep editing this post with the updated links as well.
        Timeline -- 75% done --
        Prologue -- 99% done --
        Introduction -- 99% done --
        Chapter One: Geography -- 90% done --
        Chapter Two: History -- 50 % maybe less --
        Chapter Three: Deadly Seas -- 99% done --
        Chapter Four: Whispers in the Dark -- 99% done --
        Chapter Five: Small Town Blues -- 99% --
        Chapter Six: Moonlit Streets -- 99% done --
        Chapter Seven: A Scream from the Depths -- 99% done --
        Chapter Eight: The Never Ending Show -- 30% done --
        Chapter Nine: Nature Trail to Hell -- 20% done --
        Chapter Ten: Red Legacy -- 20% done --
        Chapter Eleven: Eternal Nights -- 99% done --
        Chapter Twelve: Kindred of the City -- 99% done --
        Chapter Thirteen: Savage Moon -- 50 % done --
        Chapter Fourteen: Forsaken of the City -- 30% done --
        Chapter Fifteen: Mind over Matter -- 20% done --
        Chapter Sixteen: Awakened of the City -- 20% done --
        Chapter Seventeen: The Forever Path -- 20% done --
        Chapter Eighteen: Created of the City -- 20% done --
        Chapter Nineteen: Lost and Found -- 20% done --
        Chapter Twenty: Lost of the City -- 20% done --
        Chapter Twenty-One: Light in the Dark -- 20% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Two: The City’s Vigil -- 20% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Three: Chthonian Dreams -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Four: Geist of the City -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Five: Sands of Time -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Six: The Arisen of the City -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Seven: Cogs in the Machine -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Eight: Unchained of the City -- 10% done --
        Chapter Twenty-Nine: Waking Nightmares -- 10% done
        Chapter Thirty – Begotten of the City -- 10% done
        Chapter Thirty-One: Hell on Earth -- 80% done --
        --- Map of the wasteland reflection of the City --
        Chapter Thirty-Two: Taken of the City -- 75% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Three: Islands in the Sky -- 5% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Four: Exiles of the City -- 50% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Five: Concrete Jungle -- 5% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Six: Primals of the City -- 75% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Seven: Silent Death -- 20% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Eight: Inquisitors of the City -- 80% done --
        Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Shadow City -- 5% done --
        Chapter Forty: Oddities of the City -- 5% done --
        Chapter Forty-One: Shadows of Shadows -- 5% done
        Appendix 1: Social Charts
        Appendix 2: Maps of the City -- Lots of these ... this is just the map of the city districts ...
        -- Index of the map so u can see what the numbers mean, sorry meant to post that last night too --

        Appendix 3: The Realms -- 5% done
        Links to FEAR Corp Books I did

        FEAR CORP --
        Project Nova --
        Rival Corps 1 - DEATH PLC --
        The Foundation for Law and Home Security --
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          Ok .. there it is at the moment .. as I update and write I will and remove. All comments, ideas, flames, suggestions, OMGs, WTFs and such are appreciated. If I can keep my brain going my plan is to have alot of it done by Xmas.


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            For the Exiles, you appear to be drawing inspiration from Hunter: the Reckoning and heavily modifying it to reflect a more religious interpretation. If I got that right, I would recommend looking at Dark Ages: Inquisitor as well: I'm pretty sure that one of Dark Ages developers indicated that Inquisitor was intended to be that line's counterpart to Reckoning. In particular, I'd note that Inquisitor used Conviction in a role not unlike a “power stat” and used “Piety” in a role akin to a “morality stat”. They were definitely different things, with too much Conviction and not enough Piety resulting in a state of Callousness.

            Consider making the Exile's Power Stat be Conviction while leaving his Morality Substitute as Communion, and have a similar dynamic between the two as exists between Conviction and Piety in Inquisitor. Faith as a fuel stat still makes sense, though it would be derived from Conviction.


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              The weird thing was I was trying to figure out a way to do the Exiles when someone on the forums suggested using the old HtR stuff .. so I did .. but yeah heavily modifying to a degree. I will go pull the DA stuff and take a look as well. Thanks.


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                Been working slowly on updates here and there ... will endeavor to update the google docs Sunday. Had a thought about the Exiles ... perhaps the reason the Seraphim take the Grigori is not only to watch but also to defend against the “outer gods” in a war to stop them from invading. Grigori are also tasked with seeking out the cults of these old gods and destroying them to limit the faith that pours up and into their aether to sustain them in their dark places. When exiled the Exiles fight to return to assist or to return to take over and run the war properly, but many fall to the outer gods, becoming minions of their strange cults.


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                  Going over the newer GMC rules in detail ... did the facepalm as i realized i'd not updated to them .. sigh ... lol .. the project that never ends!!!


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                    Found something that could help with your brainstorming.


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                      Cool vid. I am hoping to update stuff this weekend.. sorry about the delays .. work has been less than stellar to me and has my brain in a bad place ... that and Fallout4 and Legacy of the Void came out ... :P


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                        No worries; take your time man. Enjoy yourself with the new releases and see what inspiration they may or may not bring for when you're back on track, until then there is no rush so don't stress yourself.


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                          OK so... I a having a wee bit of hard time doing the Forsaken part atm. I want the beginning to read like stories and songs that might told by the Uratha. Not sure I am quite hitting it.

                          This what I have so far ...

                          Let me tell you a story of the world and how it was sundered. Once, long ago, everything was one, and the spirit and the flesh walked together, watched over by Father Wolf. Pangea. It was our Eden. Then there came the fall, when our ancestors saw Father Wolf falter and so they took it upon themselves to save the world by replacing him, and upon slaying him did they realize that they had done more harm than good, forever destroying our paradise.
                          This story is true.

                          This is a tale of how the world was in the lands that were. Once the land was fresh, covered in the might of the wild and open to skies from which the stars looked down upon us. All was in order, with life moving as it should. The people had recovered from the sundering and now lived with those of their kin and their kins’ kin. We were rare in those days in this land of the past, born to the blessed of Luna and raised by kin in the ways of the tribe. We hunted the lands for fresh kill, sharing with the people and kin. We sang songs about the fire, danced under the moonlight and sought to honor our ancestors and forget the deeds of the first born which sundered all.
                          We discovered other shifters in our travels across the lands, like us, few and far between, and we also discovered the Hosts as we wandered. Rage and jealously led to many battles between the people and the other shifters and hosts. Our numbers were depleted even more when we encountered our brothers the Pure. Territories we drawn, tribes formalized and lines drawn. We strove to hold onto what little we had left and rebuild the people.
                          This story is true.

                          The Forsaken are a curious breed, wolfen shapeshifters, half in the spirit world, half out. They have existed for untold thousands of years, indeed if some were to be believed since the dawn of creation, once the guardians of the borders between worlds; they were cast down for killing their sire. As least that is what they believe.
                          The Forsaken inhabited the area where the city is for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years before the founding of the city. They lived off the land, paying homage to the spirits of the wild as they did so, making sure to appease the good spirits who brought them bountiful harvests and game. The songs tell how the Uratha that lived within them were viewed as gifts from the spirits, their children given to the tribes through mortal man to be raised to help understand man, so that when they died and joined the spirits they would better understand man and his ways. Native American legends and stories of shapechangers exist throughout their songs and stories of the past. In many cases these are based on interactions with either Forsaken or other shapechangers.

                          We sing tonight about a time of darkness.
                          In nights past
                          Dark brothers walked
                          Shadows behind them
                          Blood in their eyes

                          Manitou of death claimed the children
                          Manitou of shadow chilled the souls of the elderly
                          Manitou of disease and pestilence walked among us
                          Kin grew sick and many became duguthim
                          The lucky died

                          The people rose
                          Walking under the stars
                          Their howls echoing the forests
                          Shattering the Manitou and dark brothers wills
                          Claw and fang torn into corrupted flesh and souls

                          The new dawn shone
                          Light warming cold souls
                          Sending the dark brothers back to the shadows
                          A time of healing again began

                          Early in the history of Uratha in the area they ran afoul of a pack of Azah Gadar, the Bale Hounds, who came to make war upon the peaceful people of the area. They unleashed horrors on the tribes and corrupted many, sowing the seeds of possession by dark and powerful manitou. These Bale Hounds were defeated by the sacrifice of many, the foul horrors forced back into the spirit realms and the Uratha set to guard them. The lore of the local Uratha tells how a mighty forest grew up around the place of passage, full of mighty trees and imbued with a strange supernatural life of its own, utterly wild and untamable. The songs and tales tell of many years of peace, with Uratha and man living happily, the land providing them with plentiful harvests and long summers.

                          Let me tell you of a time when winter did not want to leave. The people and their kin had enjoyed many seasons of bountiful harvests and game. They had grown, spreading out across the land with many small villages that traded with each other. Life was good and peaceful. The first signs of the coming cold were the lessening of the harvests. Crops didn’t grow enough due the shortened seasons but luckily most villages had surplus and so they shared and didn’t think much about it. Game became scarce next, with the lack of fresh growth in the grasses and trees, the deer and other plant eaters grew thin and sparse. The predators followed suit, in some cases destroying entire herds to sustain themselves to the determent of the people and their kin.
                          Then came the cold and snows and ice that seemed to never leave. Many moved southwards to escape the frigid onslaught while others stayed, determined to survive the cold winters. Among the people a young Uratha came forward have claimed to have been given a vision of the sun being trapped by a vast shadow like thing that sapped and ate its light and strength. At first the youth was scoffed at, but when two others stepped forwards saying they too had seen the vision, it was taken as a sign that the spirit of the sun was under attack and that the three would be the ones to free it. The youths purged and readied themselves through rituals and rites for their journey, gathering powerful medicines and fetishes to carry with them.
                          They entered the Shadow and began their journey, walking deep into the places that were but whispers in the tales of old. Many challenges came before the youths as they travelled, from having to play word games with powerful nature spirits, to bargaining with ice spirits to see which side they might be melting on, which would reveal from where the sun’s rays came, to finally hiding from the spirit of something that took the form of Father Wolf, calling itself the Winter Wolf, the Harbinger of Fimbulwinter and the first of the three messengers of the End Times. The tales of these trials are for another night as they teach other lessons.
                          Finally the youths reached the shadowed realm of the sun itself, where the vast shadow was slowly encircling the spirit in its folds. Coated in frost with ice hanging from their fur, the youths engaged the shadow with gifts of light while using gifts of fire and heat on the fading sun. The sun, sensing the aid, sparked one final time and its power combined with the youth’s energy re-ignites it and the sun flared to life in all its glory, banishing the shadow to the depths of the Shadow.
                          The youths returned to their tribes as the snows melted and the ice receded, the plants springing to life again.
                          This story is true.

                          The time of cold occurred deep into the past of the world, with many occultists and researchers noting it might coincide with the last mini ice age. The whole spirit quest to free the sun is something many tales exist of, with variations on what trials the youths had to overcome to get to the sun spirit, but the one which is always the same is that of the Harbinger of Fimbulwinter appearing, something that many deem to be a foreshadowing of times to come. Modern Uratha doubt that the spirit quest occurred, citing it as pure fantasy, but the older members, especially those of Native American descent, all say it did happen.


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                            Originally posted by Walksforever
                            the spirit of something that took the form of Father Wolf, calling itself the Winter Wolf, the Harbinger of Fimbulwinter and the first of the three messengers of the End Times.
                            The Storm Lords are not pleased by this...


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                              hmmmm ... going back over my lore.. missing something ... need to read more of the intro "this story is true" stuff.