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A Sadistic Combo of possessed vestments: Lust ••• and wrath •

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  • A Sadistic Combo of possessed vestments: Lust ••• and wrath •

    Well reading Inferno I noticed a combo that appealed to my S&M sensiblities. Lust • Dark Side ••Cruel Ambrosia •••Pain is Pleasure with Wrath • Slayer of Man A villian could use Slayer of Man to torture someone with thier words, with the dice pool benifiting from 9 again thanks and use Pain is Pleasure to drop thier defences and when they are no longer able to defend themselves use Cruel Ambrosia to give them hallucinations and addict them to you. A Possessed of Lust could be a very dangerous pervert with this combo. Could make a good villian. Also I'm curious about Immovable Object, does burnout still damage you, or is Immovable Object leave you immune to burnout effectively allowing you to use it at will?

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    Just watch that morality drop. The thing aboot Infernal Demons is they give you a crap load of cool toys and expect you to use them.

    And can force you to do so at the worst possible moment. Contest of wills and all that.


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      The only way to avoid Burnout damage is to sacrifice a permanent dot of Willpower. See page 148 under the result of failing the Burnout roll.

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        Awww so that keeps that Vestment of Sloth from being abused. And yeah that would drop someone's morality pretty fast. It'd be great for an erotic s&m fan fic tho. Just out of curiousity am I the only one who prefers the Possessed of Inferno over Demon: the Descent, Demon: the Fallen, or the Lucifuge of the Hunter books? I like the lack of Judeochristen focus, it doesn't remind me of the Matrix movies (ironic that I've come to hate those movies given my religious beliefs are so digital in nature). I like its focus on vice and inner conflict with the demon who mixes lies and truth.


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          I want to make clear this isn't a cheap shot at Demon the Descent, my dislike is about all the peusodo Matrix and Fight club philosphies on the web, and there are many. So when the analogy of the matrix got into my head it tainted Demon: the Descent. Demon: the Descent is a very interesting game and an original take on demons, just not my cup of tea.


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            I'll just add Pride 1: Superemacy to your list of stuff this particular Posessed has. It'll turn his allready 9-again imbued curse of bashing death, into a fucking rote action mate!
            This is so amazingly grotesque. I'll probably use it in my ongoing campaign. Thanks for the tip dude.


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              Great idea and your welcome


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                I good at designing perverted inhuman villians.

                example Mr. Skank, he's principle owner of a girls private school (all students are 18). He's an austocract from Europe, born to an old wealthy noble family, who was mutated in the womb by chranobel nulclear disaster. He has a hump on his shoulder which is actually a giant testicle that weeps semen. He also a master of the dark arts, owning collection of evil books of which the Necromaticon is but a single volume, and amoung the least in its alien horror and unspeakable debauchery.

                his noble ancestery has taught him peasants, specifically female peasants, exist only for the pleasure of those of suppior station, and he is cruel and debase in his application of this philosphy, especially with his poor students.

                i creates the character for an S&M story I wrote.