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[Hack] Just For Fun- One Night in the Lonesome October

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  • [Hack] Just For Fun- One Night in the Lonesome October

    so, Halloween is coming, and I've decided to make a tribute to one of my favorite novels in converting it into nWoD! Hope you'll like it :P

    Once every few decades (sometimes more, sometimes less), the world is found on the verge of change. No one really knows what exactly happen- only that when the stars are right and all things are in place, the veil between world becomes.. thinner. Things can get in, things can get out. The great Outside starts to reach toward Earth, seeking grasp, and if luck is on its side- the Gate would be open, and the world would change forever. While there are many strange factors in the equation that no mortal man may calculate, one thing is known- that the great event is governed by the two celestial bodies: the Sun, and the Moon. That time of the year must combine both one of the days in which the dark and light stand against each other (either an Equinox or a Solstice) and the Full Moon signals both the beginning and the end of the event, giving that dangerous time its famous name- the Lonesome October.

    If no one would try to intervene, the chances for the Gate to Open are 50/50- and even than it would open only for a split of a second. However, either because of the madness which creeps into the minds of people as the Beyond comes closer or simply out of pure greed or desperation, some people align themselves with the Outside and seek to make sure the Opening would happen, allowing great and terrible things to pass into the world. On the other side, either because certain powers love the world as it is or simply because people don't want to allow monsters from beyond the world to consume our mind, some people take a stand and want to make sure the Gate would stay Close. Those who seek that change are simply called Openers. Those who wish to protect the status que name themselves as Closers. And that whole struggle about the fate of the universe is simply called as the Game.

    Like any good game, this one also has rules- although that in that case, they are more of a guidelines. You may act against the rules, but doing so may cause more harm than good- either by the arcane powers who govern the Game or by the way the other Players would act toward you. Sure, in the end you may have to kill each other, but it is no excuse to be rude...

    The Rules:

    The Game Was Made for Man Alone- only beings with soul (or a parallel) may participate in the game. That includes any Major Template, Minor Template, people with Supernatural Merits or people who belong to an Hunter Compact/Conspiracy or a Mystery Cult. Those who have no touch with the occult world would not know about the game in the first place, and those who are not human enough may not start of Project and join the game. Also, no being with Supernatural Tolerance trait of above 5 may join the game, for they already considered to be "too far" from humanity. Those beings, however, may act as patrons for Players and use them in order to advance their agenda in the game.

    Join Before the Moon would Die- the Game begins exactly one lunar month before the Endgame: that is, it starts during the Full Moon. Once the Game begins, any person who fits for the First Rule may join it by starting a Project (see below). There is no upper limit for the number of Players, although the number of Players would create complications in the creation of the Gate (see below). New Players may join- and later Players may leave- before the time of the New Moon (also called as the Scavenging Night, see below). Each such change would create ripples in the Ley Lines which form the Gate and influence its location. However, after the New Moon, the number of Players is set in stone- no Player may join, no Player may leave (unless he dies).

    Take a Stand- and Keep it Quite- once a Player joins the game, he must chose his alignment: Opener or Closer. An Opener would try to open the Gate, while a Closer would try to stop it. A Player may change his alignment through the course of the Game, even during the Endgame itself. Because of that, during the early phases of the Game it is considered to be rude to ask someone's what his alignment is, and assassinations are not as common as diplomatic attempts to make someone change sides up until the Endgame. People who declare their alignment openly usually end up dead, or would lack a lot of information (for keeping your alignment a secret makes gaining information a lot more easier as other Players would be less suspicious near you). Technically, there is another alignment- Spectator- but those people are not truly Players, but a special case of civilians (see below)

    Don't Involve Civilians- the Game was made for the Players alone. A Player is not meant to tell anyone who doesn't know about the Game anything about the Game. While that would include most of the regular mortals, it also includes supernaturals who have not been "invited to Play" (that is, didn't heard about it by themselves). More Players means a more complicated Ley Line network, which makes the calculation of the Gate's location a lot more difficult. That would also force a Player to make a descent investigation in order to recognize who is a Player and who is not, for including a Civilian in a Map would give a wrong location. A special case of Civilians are Spectators- that is, individuals who have interest in the Game or know about it, yet do not start their own Project or influence its outcome directly- although their presence may effect the finale result.

    Establish Your Haven- in order to join the Game, a Player must have a place where the Ley Lines meet. Such a place is represented by a Safehouse Merit or its parallel, or by owning a Loci/Hallow/Wyrm Nest/similar mystical site (although that such a site may not become the location of the Gate). A single Player may own more than a single site, yet doing so would complicate the network and change the Gate's location (meaning that in order to calculate the location of the Gate, one need to know no only the number of Players, but where they live and how many such place they have). Changing the location of your Safehouse would influence the Gate's location if it is done before the New Moon. Because of that, Maps created before the New Moon are not reliable, and force the place of the Gate to shift to another place according to some Arcane Vector, although the Gate would always be establish in a place of mystical significance, while creating a number of "fake sites" which are meant to confuse the Players. While the Gate may not manifest in a place owned by a Player, it may show up in a place controlled by a Civilian, which may make things a bit more complicate. Taking over the place of a future Gate would shift its location even after the New Moon.

    Scavenge When the Shadow Covers the Light- also known as the "Scavenger Night", that is it the night of the New Moon, which means it is the last time Players of both sides may work freely with each other. This is also the last night for Player to achieve half of their Project (see below), and usually involve a last minute action. During that night, everyone are expected to help each other. Not helping a Player to finish his Project during that night is against the spirit of the game, and may create a negative view upon the Player, and perhaps even lead to his death as someone "unreliable".

    Do Not Use a Tool Against a Player- while the Projects of the Players are their main power source, using your Catalyst Dice before the Endgame is forbidden, and causes a severe punishment. Using your Dots in the Project, Power Tools or Haven (see below) directly against a Player would force the Player to roll for Paradox as if he was a mage. Using a Gaming Tool before the Endgame at all would force you to roll for Paradox, while using it against another Player would make you to suffer from a Paradox automatically. Those items were made strictly for the use of the Endgame. Using any natural abilities against a fellow Player are possible, but suffer -3 for all rolls. If you want to kill another player, you better do it as a mortal.

    Give a Gift to the Fire- once the Gate is found and all Players are gathered in midnight, the Endgame may begin. The Endgame is done around a burning fire, and each of the Players throws a small package into it which was prepared by the Project. Giving such a Gift to the Fire gives +2 Catalyst Dice to the rolls, while not giving a Gift to the Fire means you may not join the Endgame at all.

    The Right of the Sacrifice- the Openers have the right to do the first move in the Endgame, which means the Closers must react to them. Also, The Openers may preform a human sacrifice in order to speed up the Opening, giving them +2 to all Catalyst rolls. Once the Endgame starts, however, Player has the right to touch the sacrifice or move it, and the sacrifice must be preformed upon an altar. That means that there is a chance for the sacrifice to save himself, if he manage to escape. Helping the victim to escape- or trying to force him to stay once the Endgame ha started- would allow a free move for the opposite alignment against those who break the rule.

    Prize and Punishment- those who win the Game may convert all of their dots in the Project and Tools into Exp, plus gaining a number equal to their dots in the Haven. Those who lose (and survive) suffer one level of Bashing damage per dot in Project+Tools+Haven. After that, the Game is over.


    Project (Merit, 1-5)
    answers the First Rule and has an Haven
    The Project is a special merit by the fact that it may not be bought by Exp. Instead, any Player who joins the game may get the first dot for free if he joins before the Half Waning Moon, or by preforming a human sacrifice if done after it. Once the first dot is "bought", the Player must tune it to a single aspect of the world, represented by the Arcana from Mage. Your dots in the Project are equal to dots in that Arcanum, and may be used by the Player as long as they don't break the rules. You may use all of your Catalyst items in those rolls, yet your effective Arcanum rating equals to your Project. The Project is meant to create a center of power in a way related to the chosen Arcanum, and the way you mean to do so must be declared when the Project is starting. You may not rise the rating of the Project by using Exp, and instead must do so by achieving certain milestones in the Project, which grant you a "Project Beat". Five such Beast equal to a single dot of Project. a Player must have 3 dots in his Project before the Scavenger Night, and 5 during the Endgame.

    Power Tool (Merit, 1-5)
    prerequisites: a Project
    When the Gate is manifested, certain items gain mystical energies which may be used during the Game. Those items, called as Power Tools, must be found and acquired during the Game, and they show randomly through the region in which the Gate is going to manifest. Finding such Tool grants you a Project Beat, and you may add the dots in the Tool to your Catalyst rolls. Tools have no alignment, and may be used for both Opening and Closing. They work only in the hands of a Player, and may be stolen from one another. After the Game is over, the Tools lose all of their special energy. For an item to become a Tool, it must have some resonance with the occult world, yet without a power of its own.

    Gaming Tool (Merit, N/A)
    a Project
    Gaming Tools are legendary items made in order to give certain Players a great advantage over others. There are only 5 such items, who show up randomly through the region of the Gate when the first Full Moon rise. Finding such a Tool gives the Player a Project Beat. Each of the Gaming Tools gives the Player 10 dots in their Catalyst pool, although there is a catch- for 2 out of the 5 Tools have alignments: one may be used only for Opening, and the other for Closing. Any Catalyst roll done with such an item ignores the will of the Player and acts according to the item's alignment. Gaming Tools may also be stolen, and when the Game ends they vanish until a new Game starts. The unaligned tools are a Figure, a Pentacle and a Ring and the aligned Tools are a pair of identical Wands, although sometimes they change their form in order to make it harder to find them.

    Making a Map
    making a map is a complicated process, in which a Player must take one hour per Player's Haven (including himself) in order to calculate where the Gate is going to take a form. Having a missing or wrong data would influence the calculations. In case the amount of correct data is 1/5 than the total amount of information, the Player would get a meaningless answer (sending him to investigate a place with no connection to occult). In case 1/3 of the data is correct, he gains the location of a Spectator or a similar place with connection to Occult or the Game. If he has 50% of the data he gains the location of one of the mock-Gates created by the Gate. Only if he has 100% of the data he gains the Gate's location. changes in the data would turn a former Gate into a mock site, unless they are done after the New Moon.

    Catalyst rolls:
    Anytime a Player wants to activate his Project, he may roll Project+Power Tools+Gaming Tools+Haven (which are the dots in his Safehouse parallel). A Player may decide to use a smaller pool for such rolls. The Catalyst rolls may be used either in order to cast spells which are connected to their Arcanum, although during the Endgame they may be used to Open or Close the Gate, as detailed below. During that time, you add +2 dice thanks to the Gift to the Fire.

    The Endgame:
    The Endgame starts in a circular way, starting from the leader of the Openers and ends up with the leader of the Closers. The Openers makes the first move. During that time, there are no limitation on the use of Tools and/or supernatural abilities. The first one to directly attack a Player makes the whole faction to suffer -2 modifier to all rolls during that turn, unless it is done as a punishment for breaking the Sacrifice Rule. Until the Sacrifice is preformed (or escaped), no roll for Opening or Closing may be done in that turn (meaning you must wait for the circle after Sacrifice in order to roll). If there is no Sacrifice, than the Players may roll after the first circle. After the Sacrifice is solved, each circle at least one Player is expected to roll for Catalyst from each faction, with the results being contested against each other. In case their is no opposing roll, the one who rolled gain one Progress automatically. Each such Progress may be cancelled by a successful Catalyst roll by the other side. The first side to either get 5 Progresses or have all of its members dead or escaped win the Game.

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