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  • Hunting Ground Tilts

    Here are some Tilts related to the Shadow, pretty much inspired (read: ripped off from mercilessly) by W:tF and Territories. While these Tilts normally only occur in the Shadow, their effects bleed into the Material if they happen to overlap a Locus, and might be carried along for a bit when Spirits cross over the Gauntlet.

    Barren [Environmental Tilt]
    The funny thing is, this is one of the few safe places for us. Spirits don't come here.
    The Gauntlet is much thicker within a Barren; increase the penalty from the Gauntlet by one. In addition, the Gauntlet "sticks" to Spirits in the area - Spirits have to contend with the Gauntlet to activate any of their Numina or Influences, as well as to feed on either side of the Gauntlet. Werewolves and other partially-spirit beings find their Gifts and similar innate powers impeded in the same way; the spirit world is dead here, and it shows.
    Causing the Tilt: The passage of a vastly powerful Spirit can cause this Tilt, as can a few rare Rites.
    Removing this Tilt: Barrens only fade after years of concerted effort; in general, they require tending and a resupply of essence.

    Glade [Environmental Tilt]
    It's... nice here. After the riot and chaos of the Shadow, it's nice to be somewhere peaceful.
    You gain a +2 bonus to Breaking Points within a Glade; in addition, you only need three Successes to achieve an Exceptional Success on such Breaking Points. Resorting to violence within a Glade costs one Willpower; similarly, coming to a peaceful resolution nets everyone involved one Willpower and is equivalent to fulfilling each character's Vice.
    Causing this Tilt: Glades form naturally within the Shadow - no one is entirely sure what causes them.
    Removing this Tilt: Introducing Resonances related to violence to an area containing a Glade will eventually erode it away completely.

    Shoal [Environmental Tilt]
    It's strange. It feels so... hollow here. Why can't I leave?
    While within a Shoal, you may only spend Willpower once per scene, rather than once per turn. In addition, the draining essence of a Shoal causes you to lose one Willpower at the end of any Scene where you do anything more strenuous than just sitting around. Finally, working up the effort to leave a Shoal costs one Willpower.
    Causing this Tilt: Shoals naturally form after upheavals in the Shadow that damage the connection between the Material and the Shadow; they are a consequence of damaged Essence flows.
    Removing this Tilt: Shoals will eventually fade on their own.

    Wound [Environmental Tilt]
    This area stinks with Resonance related to atrocity. This is not a healthy place. This is not a safe place.
    While in a Wound, you may only recover Willpower through your Vice if you know that satisfying your Vice hurt someone. Similarly, you can only recover Willpower through rest if you have recently knowingly hurt someone else. If a fight starts within a Wound, those involved must immediately spend one Willpower to avoid Going for Blood. Finally, any Breaking Points you suffer within the Wound take a -2 penalty, and any Failure on a Breaking Point is automatically a Dramatic Failure.
    Causing this Tilt: Wounds naturally form in areas where terrible atrocities have been committed.
    Removing this Tilt: Clean the area of the Resonance.

    Tinted Spirit [Numina]
    This Numina is unique to Spirits and other residents of the Shadow. Ephemeral Beings that possess this Numina are tied to a specific type of Tilt, such as Shoal or Wound. They are immune to the negative effects of the Tilt; in exchange, however, they suffer Essence Bleed when removed from an area with that Tilt, and involuntarily cause that Tilt whenever they create the Open or Resonant conditions. If the Tilt is created in this manner, it is automatically removed when the Resonance or Open conditions are removed.

    So Wound Spirits are just Spirits with the Tinted Spirit (Wound) Numina. It's not their fault that they need the sick taint of a Wound's rot to feed. It's not their fault that mortals exposed to a Wound are more likely to be violent assholes, making that the most available source of Essence. It's not their fault that they have a tendency to tear "foreign" Spirits to pieces - that's just self-defense, that is.

    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.

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    Family Property
    Yes, Beasts can take the above Tilts as Lair Traits. They can decide that their Lair is a place of violence, or a prison that slowly drains your will to live. Of course, including such a Chamber requires that you visit a spot in the Shadow that has these Tilts, which can result in conflict with the locals (and the questions from your cousins when they find out that you made a Wound into part of your soul. More or less.)

    Numinous Power
    We don't know yet, but maybe Mages can take the above for their Nimbus? In general, they are more likely to show up on a Banisher or a Scelesti than on a "healthy" Mage, but there are exceptions. Still, it's a smart idea not to get close to a Mage who creates violence whenever she goes anywhere. Sympathy bleed is a bitch.

    I have decided, after some thought, that I don't really feel happy on these forums. I might decide to come back to post. Who knows - but right now, I'm gone.

    So good bye, good luck, and have a nice day.


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      Okay, this is definitely being saved for future reference. Still not sure yet how the mechanics for Beasts and the Mage Nimbus works, but I can probably wrangle that in for my stuff when I'm more or less familiar with them. Well done on the Tilts :3

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