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[CofD corebook] How to run Building Equipemnt? Crafting Rules examples in CofD

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    And said Yantra would be worth like, +1, tops IIRC.


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      The pattern seems to be easily attainable +1, +2 requiring a sacrifice of a limited resource, and +3 being attainable by investment in special merits or unique places. So I guess that "plane-long" yantra would be +1, while a +2 plan yantra would basically be one shot thing that "ends" the benefits of the plan.
      In fact, looking at Legacies, Legacies give you ways to prepare a +2 yantra using a Skill Check (11th Question can grab one by doing a Investigation Roll, if i recall correctly, thought that might be a +1 yantra!); maybe you can cook up something similar to do a "tactical yantra". From all available skills, honestly, I would suggest Academics (Military Theory), Streetwise (Gang Warfare), or Survival (Guerilla combat).


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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        Most of the plan was "so I cast spell A on here, spell B on here, and you cast spell C on here"...
        This plan is for the defense of a building? No offense to your players, but that's a terrible plan.

        If you're going to defend a building, build a plan that involves actually defending the building. Determine where the high-risk vulnerabilities are. Determine how you can funnel intruders into kill boxes. Determine how to safely fall back to rendezvous points. Then you can apply the plan to perception checks at the vulnerabilities, or subterfuge checks for leading the attackers around, or athletics checks when running down a hallway. The plan might include traps or establish reactions to specific actions. You can then apply the plan equipment bonus as a penalty to the attackers' attempts to avoid or detect that intent. For instance, you might mess with Space to subtly pull most of the sympathy into a single room, and then you'd roll, I dunno, Manipulation + Space + Plan - Composure to decide whether or not the attackers actually decide to Portal into the trap. The plan would involve studying the layout of the building, likely including actually walking around and checking where everything is and what's in various rooms, so you can apply the bonus to things like, "Oh no, I need a fire extinguisher. (roll) But I happen to know there's one literally around the next corner."

        Walking around casting spells is fine if you're doing some interior decoration or trying to create a temporary Safe Place, but it's not a plan for an actual defense. The wording in the rules is "orchestrating a complex encounter". That's really not what your players did.
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          Talked about Plan usage with mine players - when I pointed that most elaborate plan can make you use different Skills and pools, they pointed that maybe Plan bonus goes to just role. So when Plan say "you guard the door", you get bonus to Firearms and Perception rolls. If Plan say "you impersonate senator", you get bonus to Persuasion and Subterfuge. This kind of thing, they say.

          I all the time think of Plan bonus making as heist movie sequence - one character is doing this, other is doing that, third is to take this.

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            A plan is equipment. It grants bonus dice to relevant rolls just like any other equipment. The same way a Smartphone adds its equipment bonus to any rolls where having a smartphone would be helpful, a plan adds its equipment bonus to any rolls where having a plan would be helpful. The only difference is, a plan stops existing once it stops being relevant.

            So your players come up with a plan, like "Sean will distract the guard, then Dave and Samantha will sneak into the office. Dave, you try to hack into the computer to get the secret plans, while Samantha keeps watch. Samantha, if anyone interrupts you two, take them down as quickly and quietly as you can but try not to kill anyone. I'll be waiting at the base, monitoring the security cameras and keep in contact with all of you through our headsets. As soon as you've got the plans, give me the signal and I'll blow the c4 charges" (or whatever). Then any rolls the PCs make that would benefit from them having that plan gain the plan's equipment bonus as extra dice. For example, Dave might benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing Samantha has his back, so he can just focus on his job, making hacking easier. But knowing what everyone else is doing doesn't really make it any easier for Sean to distract the guard.

            Once they complete the plan, or things go so awry that the plan isn't of any use anymore, the plan stops existing and therefore can't grant an equipment bonus to any future rolls.
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