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    Lady of the River

    Purpose: To maintain the Paganism alive, to bring the justice of Faerie (and Karma) upon others, and to restore the connection between people and Spirits.

    Relic: The Statue of the Goddess - Holy sculpture that grant wishes to the faithful.

    Doctrine: She is a kind Spirit, or maybe a Fairy, her glory days are long gone, but some people still remember the stories. Stories about wishes being granted. Her followers whisper fairy tales about the kind goddess that grant good fortune to the ones that treat the river well and terrible misfortunes to the ones that polute and destroy her. The river cannot be located by technology, but once upon a time, when the stars are right and someone really need to find it, while you wander through the woods, you will find a river with a little statue on top of a rock, it is said to be the representation of the goddess and you need to be careful with your words, cause they'll become true really soon.

    Cultists: Farmers, country villagers, shamams, druids.

    Initiation Benefits
    - Gain the Tales specialty for Occult. The Goddess appear on a incredible amount of stories and tales.
    •• - Gain Holistic Awareness Merit. Many stories teach the followers on how to treat others using what nature has to offer.
    ••• - Gain Fixer (••) Merit, ignoring it's requisites. A serie of good fortunes make things easier to obtain.
    •••• - Gain Allies (Community) (•••) Merit. The Goddess guide her followers, making them feel close and helpful towards each other.
    ••••• - Wishes come true: Ability to make a direct wish to the Goddess. The wish can grant a 3-point merit or another benefit that last for a year and a day. Only one wish can be made per year.

    PS: I'm looking for some tips. What do you guys think about this cult?
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      That'd be pretty fun to place in the Bristol setting in Forsaken 2e.


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        Mystery Cult Initiation (Slender Man Cult)
        What is truth?
        Originally posted by Jamie Seidel, News Corp Australia Network
        A brutal stabbing attack by pre-teens obsessed with the Slenderman puts spotlight back on the popular culture of horror stories. HE is the abnormally tall figure who stalks children and inspired two girls to stab a classmate. What is the real story behind Slenderman? IT'S an internet horror-cult that almost caused a killing. Now the hosts of the “Slenderman” myth believed behind a brutal pre-teen attack have defended their art.
        Website, which presents itself as a Wikipedia-style collection of paranormal and horror ‘microfiction’, has posted a long defence of the story it hosts that has became an internet meme — and the trigger for the vicious weekend attack.
        Two Milwaukee girls told investigators they plotted for months to kill their friend because a character called Slenderman required them to kill someone before they could become his "proxy". Both 12-year-olds have been charged as adults for first-degree attempted homicide.
        This once obscure internet subculture of creepy fiction has hit mainstream news. For those that don't delve into that subculture and investigate the urban legend as if it were real, that's as far as the story goes, a tragic story of mentally unwell little girls doing something awful. Dig deeper and things can get much, much worse. Slenderman is real, and he can invade your life and turn the rest of it into a horror story. There are many members of this cult that began as people making metafiction or creating a hoax to find out they've became active participants within a horror story.

        Relics: Recordings with Slenderman in them.

        Doctorine: The "doctrine" of this cult is cobbled together from paranoid delusions, insomnia hallucination, wild speculation, and internet rumor. It takes many forms from adherent to adherent, but boils down to various attempts to appease Slenderman as if he were some type of ancient evil god of old. What appeasement means varies in interpretation ranging from murder and blood ritual to spreading of the Slender Sickness. The latter is far closer to the truth than the former, but there is no way for those with the Slender Sickness to know that until they reach the deepest portion of the mystery cult.

        Cultists: Youtubers, Creepypasta Writers, Internet Addicts, Roleplayers using Slenderman in their games

        Initiation Benefits
        All initiates learn to how to dig into urban legends in their pursuit of Slenderman. They gain a Investigation Specialty in Urban Legends.
        •• Full members hone their skills at uncovering hidden truths. They gain the Investigative Prodigy 1 Merit free of charge.
        ••• As a cultist delves into the mysteries of Slenderman, she gains insight into the doom such research represents, whether that is madness, a guesome death, or actually being taken by Slenderman. She gains the Cursed 2 Merit, and it is at this point they gain the Slender Sickness Condition (Slenderman doesn't have this Condition, obviously).
        •••• The fervor of those that know this much is contagious. They gain a variant of Inspiring 3 Merit that instead gives Obsession (Slenderman) Condition instead.
        ••••• Those that know the ultimate secret of Slenderman can fabricate Clues (CofD pg 80) to the Slenderman mystery which act as the contagion for Slender Sickness. Slenderman himself has this ability but can only use it by mystically and retroactively inserting real Clues into staged hoax footage. For those with Slender Sickness the creation of Clues is a way to placate Slenderman.

        Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3
        Physical Attributes: Strength 6, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5
        Social Attributes: Presence 4, Manipulation 1, Composure 10
        Mental Skills: Investigation 5 (Trailing), Medicine 3 (Removing Organs)
        Physical Skills: Athletics 5 (Chasing others), Brawl 3 (Breaking limbs), Stealth 5 (Blending in the background)
        Social Skills: Intimidation 5 (Lurking dread), Empathy 3 (Comforting children)
        Merits: Fame 3, Mystery Cult Initiation 5 (Slender Man Cult), Trained Observer 3, Relentless 1, Greyhound 1
        Potency: 6
        Willpower: 13
        Virtue: Patient
        Vice: Fitful
        Aspirations: Watching cult members, Abducting innocents, Entering Scenes of those with Slender Sickness
        Initiative: 13
        Defense: 8 (10 When Reality Stutter)
        Size: 7
        Speed: 19 (Species Factor 10)
        Health: 12
        Type Damage Range Dice Pool

        Featureless white hands +0B Melee 10
        Evicerating Shadow Tendrils +1L Melee 10
        Bans: Never injure a child
        Banes: Have no one know about it
        Dread Powers:

        The creature’s presence sets reality stuttering and convulsing, allowing it to flicker from place to place. By reflexively spending 1 Willpower when it moves, the creature can translocate itself to any location it can see up to its Speed in meters away, seeming to observers to just spasm in and out of reality as it goes. Doing so adds +2 to its Defense for the turn.
        No matter how secure its victims think they are, by spending 1 Willpower the creature may suddenly appear in the scene. It can manifest out of sight (either of a being or device) in any scene where someone has the Slender Sickness Condition, and then REALITY STUTTER past any barrier. Any character witnessing this entrance must succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll or gain the Shaken Condition.
        If the characters have actively taken appropriate measures to keep the Horror out (barring and locking the door, running recording equipment, etc.) it will take the creature one full turn to break through, giving the characters time to react. If not, it’s just there as a reflexive action and can take one more action before anyone can react.
        JUMP SCARE
        The creature appears suddenly or lurches into abrupt action just when you thought it was down for the count. By spending 1 Willpower, the creature may resolve the Shaken condition on another character, choosing which action will automatically fail. The character still earns a Beat as normal. Alternately, the creature may spend 1 Willpower to turn the automatic failure caused by a character resolving the Shaken Condition into a dramatic failure. In this case, the character earns two Beats (one for resolving the Condition, one for the dramatic failure).
        The creature isn’t bound by mortal laws of life and death. It’s not indestructible, per se, but if it’s killed or incapacitated by anything other than its Bane, it just comes back in a later scene like nothing happened. Even if it’s destroyed with its Bane, in this case eradicating all knowledge of it, it’s never really gone — all it takes is someone learning of its existence to bring the creature back for a sequel story.

        Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
        ---Side Bar---
        Where's the Telepathic Powers?
        Slenderman is known for his powerful telepathic mind control. People blame Slenderman for possessing them, for mind controlling them, for forcing them to do the awful things they do in his name. The tragic truth is he has no such power other than his frightening presence and he never even makes requests. His presence is supernaturally terrifying, and having Slender Sickness disrupts normal thinking but does not rob its victims of agency. The horrible things Slenderman followers do they decide for themselves. He stalks, he lurks, he harries and terrifies but ultimately his victims do the most monstrous things all on their own.

        Those with this Condition are valid targets of Slenderman's SURPRISE ENTRANCE Dread Power. Also at the beginning of each session the player of the character chooses one of the follow conditions to apply at some point during that session: Frightened, Lost, Shaken, or Spooked. The Storyteller chooses when that happens in the story with a fleeting glimpse of Slenderman. If the character doesn't have a player associated with it mechanically (meaning she isn't a PC, nor does she represent a Merit, Touchstone or similar mechanic), the Storyteller chooses the Condition.
        Cause: Those that actively investigate the truth that Slenderman exists and believe it gain this condition. It is not enough to be told, the person with this condition has researched and earnestly sought out proof of the rumors and urban legends and found it. Mechanically this can be handled with the Clue system in CodD page 81, requiring 3 Clues (or for Mages the use of Focused Mage Sight with a Mystery Opacity of 1).
        Resolution: Gain the Amnesia Condition concerning everything they know about Slenderman (if they lose that Condition they regain this one)
        Beat: Have Slenderman use SURPRISE ENTRANCE Dread Power to enter a Scene with the character. (The other Conditions gained by this Condition grant Beats normally).
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          Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post


          The Guild

          The Core of the Mystery: The Guild is an Experiment to Create Truth (A Hallow).

          Relic: The MMORPG the Guild plays

          Doctrine: Who is to say what is real? Playing a video game with fellow gamer's avatars causes the same release of hormones in the brain as having fun with friends in the physical world, in the same quantities. The revolution is taking place through technology right now, people are already beginning to escape this world of Lies to worlds of our own creation. The virtual revolution will only become more powerful with greater technology, until it takes over the whole world. What could be more real than that, and who are you to tell me what is real?

          Cultists: Basement-dwelling Video-gaming Troglodytes, Game Developers, High-functioning Game-addicts

          Appearance: Only some of the Guild members are the oft-maligned, basement video-gaming troglodytes. Many of them are high-functioning members of the tech or creative industries, with well-placed positions in competitive businesses (which may be what gives them the force of will and skill set to excel in a competitive game). It also gives them a certain edge in being a part of the Libertines’ grand scheme.

          Pre-requisites: Computer 2, Non-awakened can only go to the 3rd point max.
          You're on the position "Tryouts" for a spot in The Guild. You are being trained on multiple aspects of games and coordination. Gains the MMORPG Specialty on Computers.
          •• You need to have a efficient schedule to organize the things of your life, inside and outside the game, so you can grind and stay competitive. Gains the Good Time Management Merit.
          ••• For your determination, you probably has been promoted to a member of the Core Raid or PvP team. You're accepted by the community as one of the elite. Gains the Hobbyist Clique (Computers) Merit at 2-dot rating.
          •••• You're one of the officials of The Guild, all the effort that the people put into the game generate a monstruous amount of energy, that you have access. Gain 3 Points of Hallow Merit which requires you to log in and have your avatar at the Guild's headquarters in the game to access it.
          ••••• You're one of the Leaders of The Guild and you are the heart and soul of organization. You treat all members of the Guild Mystery Cult (Mage, mortal, and even other supernatural creatures) as if they were members of of the same Legacy as you for the purpose of sympathetic connection and they are likewise connected back to those with this level of standing within the Guild. Also you can use their Avatars as a Representational Yantra.


          Now that's creating Truth.
          The above is how I would do that...

          Originally posted by Horodrigo View Post
          Raiding is like a Religion, or at least is that how the Guild sees it.

          The concept is soo much awesome that I wanted to create the advantages for it.
          It is on the Appendix One (page 300).


          Any ideas?

          “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
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            Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
            Mystery Cult
            Ideal Incorporated Corporate Culture
            Relic: The Original Company Charter

            Purpose: Get as many Ideal Mates ™ in positions of influence as possible

            Doctrine: “To empower the very best people with the knowledge and inspiration needed to grow and strengthen their most important relationships for a lifetime of happiness” is the company's mission statement, but behind this opaque bit of marketing lies a fanatical drive to manufacture "love" as a high end product to the influential, wealthy, and powerful and reap the benefits of that business.

            Cultists: Not everyone employed by Ideal Inc. is initiated into this Mystery Cult, but by the time you reach management you start to see more of the companies true purpose.

            Appearance: Dressed in western corporate business casual, from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds and evenly divided between both sexes, with professional hygiene and manners speaking american English in a non-regional accent. Not weird at all one on one, but increasingly creepy in larger and larger groups, like a commercial of ideal corporate culture come to life...

            - Those that attain management status within the company gain this level of initiation within a few months or are fired. Gains the Goodtime Management Merit.
            •• - Those pushing their way up this corporate ladder have learned how to make adversity in their favor. Gains the Table Turner Merit.
            ••• - Reach the top levels of executives requires bending people to your will and understanding hearts. Gains 2 dots in the the Fast Talking Merit.
            •••• - Beyond understanding human nature those initiated to this level are the right hands of the Board of Directors and CEO and can see into people's hearts. They also can hear the thoughts of the Ideal Inc. Headquarters itself. Gains the 3 dot version of the Telepathy Merit.
            ••••• - Reserved exclusively for the Board of Directors, the CEO and the Ideal Inc. Headquarters itself. May spend a Willpower to treat any Ideal Mate™ they can communicate with as their own personal Retainer covered by the True Friend Merit for the rest of a scene, which causes the Ideal Mate™ to gain the "Idyllic Backlash" Condition afterwards.

            New Condition
            Idyllic Backlash
            Being a "perfect" artificial being created for the satisfaction of another person and subject to the capacious whims of your creators is an impossible position. Being pushed to this level of obedience is like pulling an pendulum to one side, it's going to swing to the other as soon as the pressure is released.
            Effect: The character records all Breaking Points that happen during this Condition, but does not suffer them immediately. All the character's Aspirations become a dramatic opposite or perversion of what they are normally. The character's Vice changes to Horrific, they may only regain willpower through their Vice, and fulfilling the Vice in a way which is a Breaking Point refills all lost Willpower as if it were a Virtue.
            Causes: Be an Ideal Mate™ that was just controlled via the 5 dot ability of the Mystery Cult Initiation (Ideal Incorporated Corporate Culture), recovering from being possessed by certain beings pushing you towards being "perfect".
            Resolution: Perform a Horrific act which would be Breaking Points for the character and is the dramatic opposite or perversion of one of their normal Aspiration. Upon resolving this Condition the person gains the Amnesia Condition concerning what they did as a Retainer to a person with the 5 dot ability of the Mystery Cult Initiation (Ideal Incorporated Corporate Culture) and what they did during the Idyllic Backlash. When confronted with evidence of committing things which would be Breaking Points they did during the Idyllic Backlash they suffer the Breaking Point at that time. The character also gains the Embarrassing Secret or Notorious Conditions depending on how public their indiscretions were.
            Beats: Being confronted by authority figures trying to stop you from expressing your inverted Aspirations or current Vice.[/LIST]
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            “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
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              Burlesque Grotesque
              VtR 2ed Page 68

              There is a description but I wrote them up as a secret society.

              Prerequisite: Dex 3, Expression 4, Athletics 2, May not have Atrocious or Cutthroat Merits, Must be a Vampire
              Purpose: Danse Macabre, indeed. The Beast can be beautiful, graceful, and is more flexible than most Kindred give it credit for. The transformation of something ugly into something awe-inspiring lovely, and the change from melancholy to joy are types of alchemy, and the goals of those that join the Burlesque Grotesque. Along the way of honing their craft to change expressions of sorrow to be a source joy, they learn things that make their Beast and bodies into enviable agents of espionage and dangerous dancers in physical intrigue.
              Relic: A wax Phonograph cylinder of Danse Macabre recorded 1878 Paris, where they say it captured the souls of the entire orchestra leaving them all talentless, penniless and ultimately damned as every ounce of potential they could ever hope to have was drained into one preternatural recording of sublime magnificence. To be more than a lay member of the Burlesque Grotesque you must have heard it, which always causes Kindred to feel a pleasure beyond imagining, weeping blood tears of joy; should a living being hear it in its entirety, they would have died from the ecstasy.
              Doctrine: Practice until the the skin rubs off to show the muscle underneath, until the tendons snap, until the bones break, until the mind comes undone, and the soul is set free. Again, again, again until it is beyond perfect. Perfection is a pale imitation of what can be done through honing the craft. Through the craft the Requiem is given meaning, pain made a piece of art. Don't let other keep you from your art and sharing it with Kindred of discerning taste. There isn't a purpose greater than the perfecting of the art but that doesn't mean that purpose isn't worth seducing or killing for. Indeed nothing else has value above the moments of divine transmutation of the self and troupe through the show, and the show MUST go on. Every troupe must have at least one star who has reached the master level of this Mystery Cult, and if it has more than three such members, the troupe should split dividing its members among those that go and stay so that more cities can host a Burlesque Grotesque troupe. Through this process one day, the Burlesque Grotesque may become a full fledged art based covenant. Their high standards of membership has helped delay this process but unless stopped it may be inevitable.

              Specialty Expression-Hypnotic Dance
              One-dot Merit Enticing
              Two-dot Merit Double Jointed
              Three-dot Merit Parkour
              Three-dot Merit Song in Your Heart (WtF P.107) - Applies to Hypnotic Dancing done during shows, or unspoken intimate contact.
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              “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but stupid lasts forever.” ~ Aristophanes
              "Virescit Vulnere Virtus" ~ Stewart Clan Motto


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                Hunter Conspiracies and Compacts as Mystery cults, exposing greater esoteric secrets and access to profound truths as one progresses into the organization. Please be mindful of Sanctity of Merits, so if a character already has a merit granted by the Mystery Cult Initiation they should choose another merit which is appropriate to the themes of the Mystery Cult and the depth of initiation when gaining that level. Also consider these as the conceptual tree off of which to hang the justification of other Merits, especially those that could represent endowments that would have belonged to the Conspiracy or Compact of 1st Edition Hunter the Vigil. A major advantage of approaching Hunters in this fashion is the Mystery Cult Initiation offers a cost benefit of the core merits appropriate to the Hunters while allow interesting interactions like multi-conspiracy membership and even supernatural beings being able to join in "Cancer Cells" without a major unbalancing upset in the rules (And crafty Mages can even have Mystery Cult Influence over Hunter organization).

                Cheiron Group
                Purpose: Exploit medical properties of parts extracted from supernatural creatures for profit and power.
                Relic: Ancient arrow heads coated with an extremely toxic substance.
                Originally posted by
                The Cheiron Group is a conspiracy of hunters that exist as a company dedicated to capturing and experimenting on dark monsters to benefit their own technology and investments.
                Cheiron has its origins in a small pharmaceutical company founded in Europe in 1904. Its founder, Edward Barrett, taking the name from the legendary centaur who gave man medicine. As the years wore on, the Cheiron Group expanded its horizons by buying up a number of smaller companies to form a multinational conglomerate, until it today has its hand in everything from aspirin to soft drinks.
                Most famously, Cheiron was involved in a lawsuit in 1999 from a number of religious organizations, particularly Christian ones, charging that the company was involved with Satanic practices. The rumor was believed to come from the company's logo which it had had since its founding: a horned and bearded man wearing a laurel wreath placed over a caduceus. The lawsuits all failed, and Cheiron made a mint from the publicity.
                To the public, Cherion is merely another multinational, albeit one that offers affordable medical supplies and pharmaceutical products, even after the lawsuit.
                Inside the company, there is a different story. Cherion's purpose is to gather and study as many supernatural creatures as they can, often with the same cold, uncaring manner as when they swallow up a smaller company into their conglomerate, but there is something more that even some of the highest members of the conspiracy don't know. It concerns their board of directors, and a single word translated from corporate babble: "Colonization."
                The good news is that once someone gets a job in the Field Projects Division, they have it for life. The bad news is if they want to leave, they can't...not even as a corpse. To ensure employee loyalty, all members of the division will have an implant Cheiron has developed placed in them, effectively making them company property and subjecting them to all of the clauses within; their own bodies can even be claimed by Cheiron for dissection or rendering to gain further data on the devices they had within them.
                The benefit of being a Cheiron hunter is the company offers a lot of support without offering much in the way of questions or hindrance; so long as a hunter does not drag the Cheiron Group's name through the mud, they are free to operate as they see fit. Bringing in new or rare things are guaranteed to net any employee a nice bonus.
                There are three main Sub-Divisions within the Field Projects Division, each one with a primary specialty within the FPD.
                Retrieval are the most numerous agents in the FPD. It is their job to find and capture the monsters.
                Recruitment agents are always looking out for other hunters to bring into the company, for no other reason than the fact that Field Projects can go through its agents quickly.
                Field Research are little more than observers, monitoring other hunters, often to scavenge from the dust and rubble for the company before disappearing.
                • Specialty - Medicine (Supernatural Implants)
                •• Tolerance for Biology •
                ••• Unseen Sense •• Pick a Corporeal Supernatural Creature as the Type, done by injecting nerves of a being that detect the creature type into the spinal cord)
                •••• Aura Reading •••(Special eye surgery/treatments/injections)
                ••••• Thaumaturgical Enhancement (Use the mechanics of a Imbued Item •••,with Paradox representing unintended side-effects, the item is usually part of the subject)

                Task Force: VALKERIE
                Purpose: Exterminate supernatural threats to global status quo and U.S. national security.
                Relic: Old Glory Flag
                Originally posted by
                Task Force: VALKYRIE is a conspiracy of hunters that exists as a top secret United States government agency dedicated to hunting down and removing all traces of the unexplainable.
                Unlike some other American hunter organizations who claim to have ties in America's past, Valkyrie can actually trace its lineage back through American history, to the end of the Civil War. After an organized team of Federal troops failed to rescue Abraham Lincoln, the team leader, Gordon West, decided that for the good of the recently reunified nation, decided to stage the assassination of the now-dead president, using a look-alike and hiring known secessionist John Wilkes Booth to do the deed. Since then, West's group worked outside the government to oppose the supernatural as best they could.
                It was during World War II that the organization was reformed under the Joint Chiefs of Staff, without the knowledge of Pres. Roosevelt. With intelligence that the Nazis were using supernatural allies to aid their efforts, the Joint Chiefs decided to use their own hunters against the enemy in 1944. Setting out against all manner of bizarre and deadly Nazi sympathizers with nothing more than their wits and weapons, the fledgling task force succeeded where others had failed. After the successful cover-up of the famed Roswell Incident in 1947, VALKYRIE disappeared into the shadows, and only a select few know of their existence. Even the president is not privy to their existence.
                The purpose of VALKYRIE is quite simple: for any report of supernatural activity that threatens U.S. security, agents are sent to assess, report, and neutralize the threat. While there are proper procedures, the best VALKYRIE agents have learned that to survive, sometimes one must break through the red tape.
                The members and use of VALKYRIE are among the most secret of secret organizations, though they are often recruited from relatively inauspicious postings. New agents are implanted with a special chip that allows them to operate the specialized arsenal created just for the Task Force. An agent who fails to live up to expectations or grossly violate operating code have their memories erased and are placed in offshore prison facilities for the rest of their life.
                Due to its structure basically being that of a government agency, Valkyrie agents are organized into multiple Departments, with three specializing in field and wetwork.
                Project TWILIGHT is the answer to Extra Normal Entities that can pass and socialize in a manner similar to humans, or even are human. Despite this, they specialize in surveillance, often infiltrating underground groups to destroy them from within.
                Project FORT has its interests in not only aliens, but demons, fairies, and other Fortean creatures. Though relying more on legend than hard science, the agents of FORT are often unruly.
                Operation ADAMSKI works with information. Specifically, disinformation. By spreading around obviously bogus photos and stories through the many madmen on the internet and in the world, ADAMSKI disorients the obvious truth seekers trying to break through the deception.
                • Status (Black Ops) •
                •• Untouchable •
                ••• Esoteric Armory ••
                •••• An additional Esoteric Armory •••
                ••••• Can assign the Hunted Condition to any Supernatural Creature with Fame 1 or less he can identify with a phone call (10-15 member Task Force: VALKERIE Extermination Team) once per chapter

                Vanguard Serial Crime Unit

                Purpose: To bring justice to both human and supernatural predators that prey on humanity
                Relic: FBI Database
                Originally posted by
                The Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit, commonly abbreviated to VASCU, is a conspiracy of hunters who actively work within the FBI. They have jurisdiction over all crimes that involve serial and mass killings, and also boast an advantage other branches of the bureau do not have: all of their agents are naturally gifted psychics...
                VASCU can trace it's origins to the British Society of the Twelve Keys, formed in 1890 by Whitechapel's Criminal Investigation Division, Scotland Yard, and the City of London Police to catch the infamous Jack the Ripper. Though never succeeding in catching the killer, they prevented more murders from occurring, saving countless lives. By the Second World War, the Society had gathered almost three hundred members in England, including a separate group in the US. In 1949, the FBI called on the American Twelve Keys to assist in the restructuring of the FBI after the war, J. Edgar Hoover realizing that certain killers were making their mark across state lines, requiring Federal intervention. This was the creation of the Repeat Crimes Unit.
                The RCU was a moderate success until a notable incident caused a massive shakeup in the Bureau. When a brother of an RCU agent went missing alongside five others during an excursion out on the Cahulawassee River in Georgia, RCU agents became involved when it was found that similar incidents had been occurring both in Georgia and Alabama. When the investigative team moved in on the family believed responsible for the actions, the agents were engaged in a brutal shootout, killing all but two of the agents involved. When the bodies of the family showed significant evidence that they had been killing and devouring humans for decades, Hoover was forced to restructure again in the face of overwhelming criticism.
                The formation of the Serious Crimes Unit in 1953 meant that the agents within could automatically assume control over any crimes involving more than three deaths, rather than wait for police requests for assistance. Borrowing profilers from the former Office of Strategic Services, the SCIU gained valuable insight on the actions and motivations of various killers, and started to successfully incarcerate various serial killers and slashers. With their new emphasis on psychology, the SCIU turned to ex-MK-ULTRA researcher, Dr. Barbara Wintergreen, to aid them. Wintergreen, fresh from the now defunct MK-ULTRA program, had developed a chemical compound that was hypothetically able to unleash a person's psychic potential. Realizing the tool they now had, FBI higher ups started to recklessly use their newly minted psychics without heeding Dr. Wintergreen's advice. Dr. Wintergreen soon vanished, along with her research notes from working with the SCIU.
                By the late 1970s, the SCIU had a mixed reputation among law enforcement, both as experienced slasher hunters and a dumping ground for less than ideal agents. Thanks to those agents who underwent the Wintergreen process, the SCIU captured three slashers in 1979, though one burst into flame when he contacted sunlight. When the other two received the death sentence, the SCIU gave the option of undergoing the Wintergreen process to all agents with latent abilities. After a particularly famed success in the town of Haddonfield, the FBI once again restructured, creating what is now the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit.
                Highly secretive in its operations, even from other branches and departments of the FBI, VASCU has become one of the world's foremost authorities on motives, tracking, and capturing almost any type of serial killer imaginable, including those who have become supernaturally gifted.
                As a tiny percentage of the human population has any sort of psychic sensitivity, VASCU lays claim to all possible FBI recruits with any hint of psychic talent; often this talent is the only way these agents have any sort of qualification to join the Bureau, as they probably do not even meet the other strict requirements to be an agent. In addition, similar tests are run clandestinely during veteran agents yearly physicals; agents who unknowingly develop their sixth senses will be quickly transferred to VASCU whether they want to or not. These agents supervise the other recruits and help keep the limited skills of the more underqualified agents from screwing with investigations and interrogations. In both cases, the real reason for their selection or transfer will rarely be discussed until they are members of the unit.
                As a branch of the FBI, agents must answer to the agency and to American law, meaning normal serial killers are to be brought in alive, if possible, and given a fair trail. There are a few exceptions, usually with serial killers who have acquired dark, inhuman powers that make them next-to-impossible to watch in a normal prison environment, or with flat out supernatural creatures. A special facility exists in secret in Lansing, Michigan to hold those killers with superhuman abilities, and is the only one in the United States billed as an "ultramax" level prison.
                Although it is a very small operation, VASCU does contain three departments. The Field Liaison Department helps handle agents working with local hunters, usually undercover as a member of the cell or compact. The Operations Department is the largest and most active of the three, doing much of the research, investigation, and capturing of target suspects. Finally, the Special Project Department handles extremely unusual or dangerous cases, particularly those involving killers of unusual supernatural strength or cunning.
                • Specialty - Empathy (Killer Profiling)
                •• Status (Law Enforcement) •
                ••• Mind of a Madman ••
                •••• Professional Training (Detective) •••
                ••••• Can assign the Survieled Condition to anyone he can identify with a phone call once per chapter

                Professional Training (Detective)
                Asset Skills: Investigation, Empathy Streetwise; Contact (Informants), Contact (Law Enforcement); Specialty - Investigation (Crime Scene), Specialty - Streetwise (Locating witnesses); 9-again on Asset Skills

                The Union
                Purpose: Protect their families, homes, and communities from the dark threats that more legitimate authorities don't handle.
                Relic: Union Forums
                Originally posted by
                The Union is a compact of hunters made up of average, everyday people who earn an honest living by day and hunt the paranormal by night to protect the families and homes they've worked for.
                From time to time, the labor movement has organized towards more than improving working conditions; they have also worked to protect what their members have worked for. From 19th century England, to Australia in the 1970s, people have risen up to protect their fellows. All of them were local or regional cells and usually sporadic, ending when the threat had been ended, or when the threat ended them. Then in 1999, the leader of one such organization, Holly Ramirez, realized her group was far from the only one when doing some internet research. Using that same resource, she began to bring together these cells, hoping that a larger organization could get more accomplished than several smaller units. The first boards met with issues, mostly in members being identified and eliminated, but the Union has since become more secure and invitation-only.
                The Union is probably the simplest of the compacts in terms of its goals; they don't seek to shake up the world or explain the supernatural. They don't care what the monster is. They simply want to protect their families, homes, and communities from the dark threats that more legitimate authorities won't or can't handle. That said, members of the Union don't limit themselves to the supernatural. Any company that shortchanges it's workers with staff in the Union will soon find themselves picketed or worse.
                Membership to the Union webpage is by invite-only; potentials are investigated by both nearby members and network administrators who carefully research their background. If the potential member proves worthy, they are invited to join the network, where they have access to forums, research, and funding for weaponry and medical treatment, and, if all goes wrong, funerals. They also offer support to family who had members in the Union, but lost the battle.
                The Union is still made up of loosely organized cells with little formal organization, but even then, Factions have started to appear within the controlled chaos of the Union.
                Home First takes the acronym NIMBY, Not In My Backyard, to heart. The second a monster of man starts to make trouble in an area controlled by a Home First cell, they are quickly set upon and ejected from the area.
                General Strike believers hold to the idea that they must be more proactive in their hunts. They prefer to go out into the area they frequent, finding the enemies that hunt them before the creatures can make it to their homes. Among the Union, it is known for having a high proportion of casualties.
                Politicals are the most vocal and active members of the Union, going so far as to partake in terrorist actions to prove their point about what they fight for. Their targets are not limited to monsters, either. Business magnates and company heads are more than perfect targets for the Politicals.
                • Specialty - Streetwise (Local Legends)
                •• Allies (The Union) •
                ••• Virtuous (Loyal) ••
                •••• Common Sense •••
                ••••• An additional Allies (The Union) •••

                Network Zero
                Purpose: Maintain a secret internet community that documents the supernatural world
                Relic: Network Zero, (A virtual set of servers that shift themselves around and set themselves up on various mainframes which are only accessible through secure portal logins)
                Originally posted by
                Network Zero is a compact of hunters made up of contacts through an Internet network who do their best to use the media to unveil the truth about the mysterious creatures of the night.
                On September 22, 1991, an amateur filmmaker named Jim Harrison broadcast three short films he had gotten anonymously showing footage of what appeared to be special effects impossible to make with the decade's current technology. A large feral dog running on two legs around Philadelphia; a man who was blurred, and then turned into mist; a creature of tentacles literally pulling itself out of the ground and into the sky. Trying to find how the films were made, Jim found no evidence of special effects. Putting the film on cable access in Dallas, Texas, he also put up contact information on where to send any strange or bizarre films his viewers had filmed or recorded.
                By the time Network Zero was officially created as a website in 1999, Harrison had gained a library of over 74 videos, all with bizarre subjects impossible to create with modern FX technology. The Secret Frequency had spread from cable access to the World Wide Web, with contacts from Alaska to New Delhi. Since the Net 2.0 revolution, easily portable cameras on phones, and MP3 players mean that members can upload any footage they get from nearly anywhere in the world.
                The members of Network Zero are dedicated to the truth; they want everyone to know about these horrific things they upload. Some do it out of concern, while others for personal glory. A few actively seek out these creatures to film and kill. Others have become good at recognizing how to identify certain types of creature on film and have come up with ways to prove if the footage is faked or real.
                Harrison still remains in charge, but from there, it's as organized as a website can get. Members gain a reputation from the videos they post or their ability to analyze the film in question. Thanks to their highly decentralized nature, Network Zero members can have a wide variety of options open to them, from supplying hunter cells with information to actively embedding themselves with other hunters to gather the best footage.
                Within the compact, there are three large sections of the group who have become the primary faces of the group, and often organize themselves in Crews.
                Record Keepers are like professional journalists, in that they do their best to simply report the evidence of what they record, without any modification.
                The Army of Truth goes beyond this, doing whatever it takes to release the true information on the Darkness to the world, even going so far as pirating data feeds and using viral memes to spread the truth, along with being the most heavily armed of the crews.
                Secret Keepers are a total opposite. Instead of hijacking the cable news and websites, the members of the Secret Keepers prefer to gather their information, waiting for the right time to release their information to the world.
                • Specialty - Computers (Internet Anonymity)
                •• Contacts (Network Zero) •
                ••• Investigation •
                •••• Shadow Name (Internet Handle) •••
                ••••• Can assign the Surveilled Condition to anyone he can identify with an email once per chapter.

                Ashwood Abbey
                Purpose: Ruthlessly and pitilessly exploit supernatural beings for hedonistic delights.
                Relic: The Original Charter
                Originally posted by
                Ashwood Abbey is a compact of hunters, originally founded as a hedonistic society in Scotland. They have since evolved into an influential formal hunting club, seeking to track down the creatures of darkness for sport.
                Founded in 1855 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Ashwood Abbey was one of several "Hellfire Clubs" in Britain, created to indulge in various sins and vices of the era. By modern standards, many of these clubs were rather tame. The Abbey was an exception. Led by the Reverend Doctor Marcus Ogilvy, the upper class members of the club partook of vices that even today would be considered wrong and immoral. During one such outdoor excursion, a group of revelers accidentally defiled a sacred Uratha artifact, causing a pack of werewolves to attack and devour a number of club members. Fortunately for the club, those killed had not let their families know where they were or what (or rather, who) they were doing. Returning to the site armed, the remaining club members found prodigious scat around the artifact, a warning to the club.
                Oglivy instead became fascinated by the prospect of a new variety of vice, and, accompanied by the heavily armed members of the club, he once more desecrated the stone and lay in wait. The moment the werewolves arrived, Oglivy fired the silver shot from his elephant gun and killed off the wolves that came to investigate. From then on until his death, Oglivy continued to lead the Abbey to pursue the world's most dangerous supernatural creatures for their own twisted ends.
                Unlike many hunter organizations which seek out creatures of darkness out of a deep fear or a desire for power, the Abbey's members are in it purely for what they perceive as fun. The ordinary offers no joy, and they seek out the extreme thrill that only torturing a vampire or tracking a werewolf can give. Many of the Abbey's members possess trophies from successful hunts, such as fangs, demonskin clothes, and so on. Many members also proudly sport scars and missing body parts as marks of their encounters.
                Ashwood Abbey has chapters around the world, particularly in Europe and America. Recruits are often groomed by seasoned members to join, and must always pass an initiation called "drawing the white ball" to become a full-fledged member. Quite simply, it forces a potential to lead a hunt; if the initiate survives, they are granted full rights and benefits befitting a club member.
                For all their enthusiasm, the Abbey does not go about their activities with much in the way of actual knowledge of what they hunt. There have been instances where entire an entire chapter has been obliterated thanks to leaping before looking. What Ashwood Abbey does have going for them is society; many members are wealthy, well-connected, or both, and can obtain almost anything a member might need to track down their prey.
                There are three primary Cliques in the Abbey, each with its own "philosophy" on the hunts and activities they partake in.
                Competitors treat the entire Abbey lifestyle as a giant game, endeavoring to be the first at everything, from taking the latest supernatural drug to having sex with the newest creature the Abbey has discovered.
                Members of the Pursuit take the Abbey's hunts and record them, often distributing the most fascinating parts of a hunt, or it's aftermath, to other Abbey members.
                Libertines are hedonists even to other Abbey members, willing to break every taboo on Earth, things that not even a madman would try to do, while often adopting a heroic position in their own minds as creators of new moral paradigms.
                • Specialty - Socialize (Hellfire Parties)
                •• Untouchable
                ••• Vice-Ridden (Hedonistic) ••
                •••• Pusher • and Barfly ••
                ••••• Inspiring

                Malleus Maleficarum
                Purpose: Destroy supernatural creatures and horrors that threaten faithful Christians.
                Relic: The manuscript for the Malleus Maleficarum, saided to be blessed to be the bane of every supernatural type of ill.
                Originally posted by
                Quite simply, the Malleus Maleficarum wants to put a stop to supernatural creatures and the horrors they inflict on their flocks. To that end, they call on the powers of God and the blessings of His saints to help them. They tend to target vampires and demons above other kinds of creatures, but if any malevolent monster threatens those in their care, they will come running.
                Officially, the Catholic Church is in charge of the branch. Unofficially, many within the order do not know that Baudolino is still alive, thanks to vampire blood, and continues to run the branch, even having occasional meetings with The Lucifuge, leader of the conspiracy that bears her name.
                There are three orders in the Malleus Maleficarum. The Order of St. Longinus are the dedicated vampire hunters of the group. The Order of St. Ambrose are the scholars and investigators, looking for information to assist the Malleus Maleficarum; they often cross paths with mages. The Brotherhood of St. Athanasius are less mental and more physical, preferring swift violence to careful investigation.
                • Specialty - Academics (Christian Rites)
                •• Status (Ecclesiastical) •
                ••• Unseen Sense (Choose One, is seen as a divine blessing) ••
                •••• Laying of Hands •••
                ••••• True Faith: By spending a Willpower, Holy Symbols, Vestments, Relics and Icons blessed and ceremonially consecrated against a type of supernatural being (Excluding Beings which have the That-which-must-not-be name Aspect and Unfallen Abrahamic Faith Angels) is resolved as an Abjuration attempt, so that the blessed items counts as the Bane against the creature type it was blessed against. This blessing lasts until someone desecrates the item, which always an Integrity (or Equivalent) Breaking Point.

                Null Mysteriis
                Purpose: Explain the existence and abilities of the monsters in the dark through science and logical reasoning.
                Relic: The global platinum metric standards, representing a measurable and understandable world.
                Originally posted by
                Null Mysteriis is a compact of hunters based on a loosely-organized group of scientists and professionals who use science and logic to determine the truth behind the creatures of darkness.
                Taking its name from the Latin phrase "Nullum Mysteriis Processit" ("Out of the unexplained comes nothing"), Null Mysteriis has its origins in work of Jean-Pierre Brattel, after he attended a Parisian Theosophist Society meeting in 1893. Disappointed that they were a religious movement rather than serious scientists, he left with new ideas. However, he also felt that scientists of the era would shrug off his theories as impossible in an age when many scientists felt they had unlocked the answers of creation. By the start of World War 1, the group had gained massive membership across Europe and America, before the two world wars decimated the group. Despite such setbacks, the group opened it's permanent headquarters in London in 1941, and in the 1970s went through a resurgence in membership that brought the group back to it's glory days of the early 20th century.
                Null Mysteriis seeks to explain the existence and abilities of the monsters in the dark purely through science and logical reasoning. While some deny the existence of any "magic" or "divine powers" most simply believe that the supernatural exists and can be understood with the scientific method.
                By day, members of Null Mysteriis are members of the scientific and medical communities; it is in their "free time" that they devote themselves to the hunt for the supernatural and the experimentation to explain what they find. A minimal administrative staff puts together formal membership packets and helps maintain the organization's meeting places. The elected head of the group is the General Secretary, currently astrophysicist Alexander Watt, as well as officers position such as treasurer, now headed by psychologist Vincent Fielding.
                Null Mysteriis is in a bit of internal crisis, however, as Watt and Fielding are battling against each other for the proper road the group should take, creating various competing Theories within the group.
                Rationalists feel that everything in their world can be explained with the scientific method, no matter how long it takes. The group, led by Watt, makes up the majority of the organization.
                Open Minds, under Fielding, have a more open approach, using methods that can be considered pseudoscience, or at times things that can be called "unscientific", to approach the truth. The group is rapidly growing in numbers under Fielding's leadership.
                Cataclysmicists hold a highly varied worldview from their peers in the group, that the scientific method is not enough, and that outright mysticism is the only way to unlock the secrets of their world, only with a much darker bent; they believe the world will end soon, no matter what anyone does.
                • Specialty - Science (Experimentation)
                •• Good Time Management
                ••• Additional Science •
                •••• Area of Expertise (Experimentation) •, Patient •, Investigative Aide (Science) •
                ••••• Trained Observer •••

                Aegis Kai Doru
                Purpose: Collect items of power and use them to defend humanity against supernatural beings.
                Relic: The Scroll of Records
                Originally posted by
                The members of Aegis Kai Doru claim to be antediluvian, existing before the famous Great Flood from many stories; they also claim they were, in ancient times, powerful warriors and magicians from an all-powerful kingdom, charged with guarding the greatest treasures in the world. At some point, the kingdom fell due to the powers of darkness and the Guardians lost their standing. Scavenging what they could from the ruins, the Aegis Kai Doru fled with a precious few relics, vowing revenge on the dark and the horror it brought.
                At some point, they reformed after the fall of Troy, where they picked up the name Aegis Kai Doru, Greek for "Shield and Spear". From that point on, they maintained their organization, collecting their precious relics and defending civilization with them. They continue to this day, with no change in purpose or determination.
                Aegis Kai Doru has one motivation: to collect the powerful relics of ages past, and use them against the supernatural, particularly the mages and the werewolves. While Aegis members are dedicated to their cause, they do not go into their missions blindly, realizing that sometimes keeping their foul targets alive can be just as effective and useful as striking them dead. A few Guardians even maintain contacts among some of the creatures, looking for information or a sturdy hand to aid them.
                Potential Guardians must undergo a trail called the First Initiation, where they are given hallucinogens and left, alone at sunset, in a vast labyrinth of some construct. In order to successfully complete the trial, they must find the exit before dawn; they may then take the Vow of the Sword, becoming a true member.
                On rare occasions, a member of renown and status may be offered an opportunity to undergo a Second Initiation; those who pass are allowed to know the organizations innermost secrets and have access to its greatest powers.
                The Aegis Kai Doru's main center of power rests in the Inner Circle, a council of nine elder members who reside and keep watch in Athens. The Inner Circle keeps records of the Aegis members, the supernatural creatures killed or captured, and the relics found or destroyed. In addition, the Aegis has at least three divisions within it. The Sword is the most populous of the three and has the simplest purpose: eradicate as many of the creatures of the dark as possible. The Temple guards and maintains the relics in the Aegis' control, as well as going out to find lost ones. The Scroll keeps records of the relics, enemies, history, and any other matters of import to the conspiracy; they also field test any new relics uncovered by the Temple.
                • Specialty - Occult (Magical Objects)
                •• Professional Training (Occultist) •
                ••• Fixer ••
                •••• Unseen Sense (Supernatural Objects) •• and Taste •
                ••••• Clairvoyance (Always via a magical item) •••

                Professional Training (Occultist) Asset Skills: Investigation, Occult; Contact (Archeologists), Contact (Customs Agents)

                Purpose: To use demonic powers against the forces of darkness and Hell
                Relic: The seven sealed physical gate to Hell that the Lucifuge keeps hidden.
                Originally posted by
                The Lucifuge is a conspiracy of hunters that are composed of humans descended from demons who, for one reason or another, have vowed to use their demonic powers to fight the monsters in the dark.
                Although the children of the devil have been around for centuries, the first to track down their heritage and record the bloodlines was a noblewoman from medieval Milan, known only as The Lucifuge. She sought those families who, every seventh generation, produced a child that was touched with Lucifer's power. When one presented themselves as demon-touched, she sent her messengers to them with a choice; renounce Satan or be destroyed. Those who chose the former became the origins of the Lucifuge. So they have continued since then, eventually becoming completely made of children of hell who have chosen to follow a path of righteousness over one of evil.
                The Lucifuge uses their "gifts" (or curses, depending on which one you ask) to rid the world of the creatures of darkness, which they believe to have all come from Lucifer's legions. These creatures are carefully tracked and studied before the children of the Seventh Generation reveal themselves to destroy them. They are particularly effective at tracking down demons and other demon-born, and also have a surprising amount of information on angels, including such unusual phenomenon as the qashmallim.
                Members can be born into the Lucifuge as children of demon-blood. If their blood is known, but their families do not follow the ways of the Lucifuge, potentials will be approached by members when their powers manifest. At any point, the Lucifuge has exactly 666 members; if one dies, another always seems ready to step up and take their place.
                The lady of Milan who now calls herself the Lucifuge remains in charge of the group, still in Milan and still as beautiful as the day she started the conspiracy. She both issues commands to her agents of good and will personally talk with each and every new member to help them see their destiny, good or bad.
                Most agents will have one of three philosophies towards their work. The Denial ones are the most common and the simplest in beliefs: the devil is evil, and they must do away with that evil to redeem themselves. Reconciliation members are a bit more complex; they believe they are not redeeming themselves, but rather their ancestor Lucifer so that he can rejoin God and put an end to the existence of hell. Finally, the Truth types are the rarest; they are the skeptics, curious as to the motives of the Lucifuge (both the person and the organization) and their role in the whole affair.
                • Specialty - Occult (Demonology)
                •• Mentor (A Personal Demon* Skills: Occult, Politics, Choose the third upon gaining the Mentor) •
                ••• Cursed ••
                •••• Telepathy (The Drawback tends to draw in the thoughts of people's sins) •••
                ••••• Thief of Fate •••

                *When choosing the alias the Demon gives you, and how you envision them, also select the vice that demon represents, this should be tied in to the third aspect of the Mentor, like Brawling for Wrath, or Resource of Greed or Pride, ect... Exactly how the Demon accomplishes the Mentor tasks other than answering questions is always indirect and frequently frightening/creepy.

                Talbot Group
                Purpose: To help those struggling against supernatural urges, those in the thralls of transformation, and those affected by the former two.
                Relic: The newspaper clippings from the tragedies that acted as the catalyst to form
                Originally posted by
                Along with working with emotionally troubled youths, they also seek to track down and perform therapies and treatments on family members who have become supernatural creatures.
                In the early 1980s a group of eight Seattle-area teenagers underwent psychotic rages, killing forty-eight people over three days. Becoming known as the Harvest Moon Massacres, the teens disappeared without a trace. One of them was Andrew Talbot, son of two prominent doctors, Paul and Isabelle Talbot. Believing his son's breakdown could have been prevented, the two of them relentlessly campaigned for improved screening and counseling services in schools. In addition, Isabelle knew her son was still alive, and began tracking sightings of him, hoping for a reunion and explanation.
                In 1989, she apparently succeeded; a sighting lead her to Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, when Paul failed to hear from her and she did not return, he notified the police, who found her severely injured in a hotel room and her two informants torn to pieces. Isabelle claimed her attacker was both Andrew, and a horrific monster. From there, she and her husband took different paths to deal with their issues. While Paul continued to work with modern psychology to find cures for similarly violent individuals, she turned to Native American spiritualism and shamanism, looking for spiritual influences on their behavior. She also investigated cases similar to Andrew's, and gathered enough evidence to convince Paul of the truth.
                Paul had founded the Talbot Group in 1992 with the assistance of another psychologist, Dr. Robert Courtland. Convinced that his wife was not mad with grief, he agreed to incorporate her ideas and theories into therapies for the Group's patients. Since then, the Talbots and their associates have become specialists at caring for teenage "wolf-people" and at eliminating spiritual pressures that might cause more.
                The Talbots hope to help others avoid what they went through with their own son; to that end, they work to understand what makes wolf-people come into being, and try to figure out ways to help them contain their rage and urges. Other members track down spiritual "hot-spots" that seem to trigger these issues and eliminate them to keep the population at large safe.
                The Talbots and Dr. Courtland remain in charge of the organization, hiring other hunters who may be able to help them. Hunters under their employ are strictly limited in the resources they are allowed to access to, mostly to make sure that they are there when they are truly needed. The group also maintains a level of security and secrecy, especially regarding the wolf-children, so that misguided kin will not be tempted to "rescue" them from the Talbots' influence. There are several branches of the Talbot Group throughout the West Coast of the United States. Most of them only deal with normal mentally disturbed children, but a few have managed to find the wolf-touched among their numbers.
                The Talbot Group members work under three different philosophies of treatment: the Exorcists treat the wolf-people as if they were inflicted with some terrible disease that must be cured, the Redactors believe that the proper treatment is to keep spirits from attaching themselves to the patients, and the Conciliators wish to harness the power of the spirits and those they influence to fight a much larger darkness that covers the world.
                • Specialty - Empathy (Behavioral Therapy)
                •• Status (Mental Health Professional) •
                ••• Eye for the Strange ••
                •••• Inspiring •••
                ••••• Table Turner •, and Meditative Mind ••

                Les Mystères
                Purpose: To use allies from the spirit world to fight back the forces of darkness.
                Relic: The crossroads pictogram
                Originally posted by
                They are a confederation of cells that willingly learn how to talk to spirits, either for their own benefit or for a community.
                Of all the conspiracies, none is so loosely organized, nor as widespread as Les Mystères. The earliest recorded accounts of spirit talkers come from far back in ancient history, and it is to those that many members trace their own personal origins. What little exists of Les Mystères as an organization finds the original gatherings taking place among the Yoruba people of West Africa, who shared their knowledge and techniques with other tribes, allowing it to spread through Africa. The slave trade brought many of them to the Americas, particularly Haiti, and later Louisiana. This, however, allowed them to come into contact with Caucasian spirit talkers, and helped Les Mystères move into Europe. At the same time, Native Americans and certain Asian groups had similar practices, and as the world grew more connected, they joined the ranks of the group.
                In the Western world, Les Mystères have become most associated with voodoo, which is why their mark strongly resembles a veve.
                Les Mystères is based in two simple ideas: talk to spirits, and use them and their talents to put a stop to creatures of darkness who would harm others. Such a simple idea has become quite complicated, given the enormous variety of methods, motives, and means that members use to maintain their contact with the spirit realms.
                The main target of most Mystères are the werewolves, as they interact more with the spirit world than any other creature type, making them the biggest sources of disruptions and troubles for a Mystère's spiritual allies. Vampires and witches also cause occasional problems, and a few limited cells reserve their focus exclusively for these types of beasts.
                More than any other group, Les Mystères groups are easily mistaken for cells by those who do not know better. Because of the diversity of the members, a cell in New Orleans will have vastly different beliefs and goals than a cell in Paris, Saigon, or Capetown. However, cells do maintain a loose connection with other cells, both nearby and far away. It is these connections that allow Les Mystères to act as the conspiracy it truly is. Occasionally, cells will become so eclectic or unfocused that they lose their connections, isolating them from other members; it is extremely rare for a loner cell to remain so, as they will either break up to rejoin the conspiracy's connections, or will perish from lack of support.
                The Crossroads are the four major philosophies of spirit talking the cells divide themselves among. Members may remain on one path their entire life, or attempt to travel all four. The current paths of the Crossroads are Fellowship, Spirit, Beasts, and Soul.
                • Specialty - Occult (Spirits)
                •• Mentor (Spirit which acts as your Guide, choose skills to reflect the spirits nature and Influence) •
                ••• Familiar (Rank 1 Spirit, active ally in the Material and Spirit World) ••
                •••• True Friend (Familiar) •••
                ••••• True Friend (Spirit Guide) •••

                Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                Surveilled (Persistent)
                You're under active surveillance by those that study or hunt the supernatural, possibly from another supernatural faction or perhaps mere mortals initiated into some of the secrets of the World of Darkness. At the beginning of each chapter, the Storyteller rolls a dice pool equal to (Your character's Permanent Atrocity + Temporary Atrocity). Successes accumulate over the course of the story. Once the Storyteller has accrued a number of successes equal to your Stability Advantage + Anonymity Merit, resolve the Condition (with a Story Beat) and gain the Hunted Condition instead. If you have this Condition also take Embarrassing Secret for interacting with other supernatural creatures.

                Resolution: Let the Storyteller accrue successes as described above, or find and nullify the enemy's means of surveillance. This Condition does not resolve at the end of a story, but the successes accumulated do reset to zero.

                Hunted (Persistent)
                Your actions have alerted the some type of NPC Monster Hunter to your presence and it has been decided that you pose a threat and you must be removed from the world. The Storyteller chooses an appropriate a being or group of beings hunting you, with such a Huntsmen if you're a changeling, or major and minor templates with Experiences enough to make them an urban legend, 3-5 minor template humans belonging to a Mystery Cult dedicated to stopping threats like you, or 10-15 non-template Mystery cultists dedicated to stopping threats like you. These antagonists know where you were when you gained this Condition and have a general description of your identity. Their sole motivation is to hunt you down by any means necessary and remove you from the world. If you have this Condition also take Notorious for interacting with other supernatural creatures.

                Beat: The pursuers find and attack you.

                Resolution: Kill your pursuers or permanently lose them. Permanently losing them is probably an extended and contested action, but the particulars will depend on the context of the story.

                For Hunters whom become completely devoted to the Vigil I have made this Minor Template, which the majority of those within a Compact or Conspiracy wouldn't have. The type of hunter represented by this template here would well suit Hunter: The Reckoning. The existence of the following type of Hunter makes the Hunted and Surveilled Conditions extremely dangerous even without the use of Atrocity Rules from Danse Macabre which have been translated and made universally applicable to supernatural beings for 2nd Edition in my Frailty Chronicle.

                Monsters roam the night, and that simple fact produces individuals that would stand against them. Being a monster is more than being a supernatural being, being a monster is carrying the weight of atrocity after atrocity until they irrevocably stain its very nature. It seems the cosmos hates monsters and Hunters can be considered their antibodies.
                Becoming a Hunter:
                A Hunter as defined by this Minor Template is to have a preternatural dedication for hunting atrocity commiting monsters. It requires tracking down a supernatural monster who has Permanent Atrocity and confronting it in a way that removes its ability to perform more atrocities (which uses the equipment building rules page CoD 100, Resolve + Investigation if the crafting is done under pressure and during down time) and then the Hunter-to-be must swear an oath on their very soul to continue to do so. Upon completing the oath the Hunter-to-be spends a Willpower Dot and immediately loses a Dot of their Stability Advantage.
                The mechanical prerequisites to become a Hunter vary in the following ways
                If the person is a non-template they require Investigation 1 and a Skill Specialization Crime Scenes. This is because becoming a Hunter is more innately intuitive for those most likely to victims of supernatural power, and the little remaining is the mastery represent in that skill and specialty. If the person already has a Major Template, they require a Social Merit representing the relationship to the person who is already a Hunter which is instructing the character in how to become a Hunter (even if the Hunter is another Player Character or Support, though this is often done as a Mentor relationship, there is flexibility in which social merit is most appropriate, in particular Hunters tend to belong to Mystery Cult Intiations called Conspiracies), Investigation 2 and a Skill Specialization Crime Scenes. Someone who already has a Major Template and has no relationship to guide them may still stumble across the methods of becoming a Hunter but require Investigation 4 and a Skill Specialization Crime Scenes.
                Tags Gained: Faithful
                Potency: The character gains one dot of Potency as if he were a Horror, this affect Willpower Capacity, and Supernatural Tolerance. For those with a Major Template the Supernatural Tolerance does stack with that granted by the Major Template’s Power Stat.
                Can't lay down the Vigil: Every month a Hunter goes without fulfilling their Appetite they lose access to a Willpower Dot, but upon fulfillng the Hunter’s Appetite he regains access to all the Willpower Dots they lost access to, in the state they were lost in (filled with Willpower Points or empty). Hunters also gain Willpower points by fulfilling their Appetite. Unlike Aspirations, Appetite does not grant Beats.
                Appetite: Kill or Capture/Enslave a being with the Hunted Condition
                Dread Powers:
                Can't Hide from the Vigil: No matter how secure those with the Hunted Conditions think they are, by spending 1 Willpower the Hunter may suddenly appear in the scene in the same are they could use their Surveillance Drea Power on. This manifests in-game as unncanny planning, lucky preparation, clever investigation and possible pre-placement just outside what is visible in the scene with proper equipment to enter. Any character witnessing this entrance must succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll or gain the Shaken Condition.
                If the characters have actively taken appropriate measures to keep the Hunter out (barring and locking the door, posting NPC guards, etc.) it will take the Hunter one full turn to break through, giving the characters time to react. If not, it’s just there as a reflexive action and can take one more action before anyone can react.
                Surveillance: The Hunter has a specific form of remote viewing he can practice on any being in the same city or general rural area that has the Surveilled Condition. The specifics varies by Hunter and might be able to see through any surveillance camera attached to a network he is accessing, or view from the eyes of a raven that he has put an implant in; perhaps he hears the whispers of Demons telling him what they observe from the Pit. This ability is always flavored by any Hunter Conspiracy the Hunter belongs to. Using this ability requires the expenditure of 1 Willpower per hour. The creature remains aware of its surroundings while surveilling.
                Know the Hunted: The Hunter can sense the presence of the Hunted Condition from a distance. The base range is two miles per Rank; Hunters may spend an Willpower to multiply this by 10. If successful on a Wits roll, the Hunter becomes aware of the direction and distance to the nearest being with the Hunted Condition in range.

                If being with a Minor Template doesn't fulfill their Appetite each Month, then they cumulatively lose access to a Willpower Dot for each month they abstain and gain the Deprived Condition. If deprived being with Minor Template fulfills their Appetite then they immediately regain access to the Willpower Dots they've been denied access due to abstaining from their Appetite and resolve the Deprived Condition. Fulfilling Appetites replenish Willpower points spent instead of providing beats, exactly as Feeding Aspirations do with Horrors. Appetites count as Aspirations for purposes of Social Maneuvering and anything else an Aspiration would, except for grant Beats or Experience.
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                  Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                  Minimalist Hunter - I love it.

                  Could you format the Mystery Cult benefits a bit? Such as:

                  Talbot Group
                  •: Specialty - Empathy (Behavioral Therapy)
                  ••: Status • (Mental Health Professional)
                  •••: Eye for the Strange ••
                  ••••: Inspiring •••
                  •••••: Table Turner •, Meditative Mind ••

                  What about listing alternative options? I could see a number of fitting Supernatural Merits (or Retainer for their Demon) for the Lucifuge, Relic Attuned for Aegis Kai Doru, Medium for Les Mysteres, etc.

                  If one wanted to include Hurt Locker material (which would partially defeat the benefit of this being almost entirely Core-only), I could also see TF:V getting the Protocol (Lost Boys).

                  For Network Zero's ••••, what about Anonymity, or Alternate Identity (to prevent having to reference Mage for a merit that does practically nothing for them)?

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                    Cainite Heresy
                    Prerequisite: Status (Lancea et Sanctum) •
                    Those that follow this belief believe they are afflicted by a curse specifically handed down from the Abrahamic God, and that the account of Creation in the Hebrew Torah are literal, and that the entire Torah is divinely inspired and completely true. They view the general condition of being a blood thirsty undead corpse as a condition that originated with God's curse upon Cain, the murderer of Abel. While there are lesser gods, they are forbidden to give them any reverence and indeed take their role agent divine wrath towards those whom God is against. Cainites find themselves to be secular or pagan 'witch' and small god (what some would call Ephemeral Entities) hunters in particular. They believe mundane human life is sacred to God and are violently opposed to those whom lack the control to avoid snuffing out the divine sparks within normal people, and other murderous or unclean supernatural predators as well. Given this some vampiric cancer cells within the Malleus Maleficarum Conspiracy often have their vampire member belong to this Mystery Cult Initiation, with a genuine zeal for smiting monsters whom kill humans.
                    Cultists: Revenants created via Cain's Sickle, Vampires from a Jewish upbringing, Some fundamentalist Lancea et Sanctum whom hold God's Law and Word in highest esteem
                    Relic: Cain's Sickle

                    Initiation Benefits

                    • All lay members study the applicable literature of all Abrahamic faiths to fulfill their later duties. They gain a Academics Specialty in Torah/Old Testament.
                    •• Full members must learn to speak, read, and write in Hebrew. They gain the Language Merit (Hebrew) free of charge.
                    ••• A Priest of the Cainite Heresy also always becomes appoint a Clergy within Lancea et Sanctum in general, gaining Anointed (••) Merit from of charge.
                    •••• The Bishops are invested with the cults collect tools to deal with supernatural enemies of God's decrees, and thus gains Esoteric Armory (•••) Merit (CofD pg 139)
                    ••••• The members of the great council of Cardinals gain the ability to apply the Hunted Condition to any Supernatural being which has killed a human in the last year once per chapter.

                    Hunted Condition
                    No matter how secure you think you are, by each creature whom was coordinated by the being which gave you this condition may suddenly appear in the scene to attack you. This is always done as an uncannily prepared and informed ambush or raid, which can even include the capacity of smashing through walls using thematically appropriate methods at the discretion of the storyteller upon resolution of this Condition. Any character not coming in the scene via this process whom witnesses this entrance must succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure roll or gain the Shaken Condition.
                    If you have actively taken appropriate measures to prevent being raiding or ambushed, it will take the creature one full turn to break through, giving the characters time to react. If not, it’s just there as a reflexive action and can take one more action before anyone can react. Any ability to force a any Condition to be Resolve can also force this Condition to be Resolved.
                    Resolution: Have the above effect take place

                    Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                    Cult of the Yonder
                    Beyond all reality is the Abyss, a nonexistence that contains everything possible and impossible all constantly contradicting itself in a roiling chaos of stagnant abeyance. Members of the Cult of the Yonder universally have been in the Abyss either mentally or with their whole being. If the cult member is fortunate the way they entered the Abyss will be an event that transforms them into a creature which is no longer human in mindset(such as a being without Wisdom nor Integrity), so they don't suffer the negative affects of the Been Yonder [Persistent] Condition. This leads the Cult of the Yonder to be filled with the shaken, spooked, guilty, broken, mad, and those with alien minds. Frequently those that belong to this cult feel a strong need to make sense of their experience and this leads them look deeper into Abyss for answers, which in turn leads to more trauma that increases the desire to understand the source of their pain in a spiral going ever inward and downward.
                    Cultists: Worms that Walk, Successful Scelesti, The extremely unfortunate
                    Initiation Benefits

                    All initiates learn many unspeakable secrets of the Abyss. They gain a Occult Specialty inAbyssal Blasphemies.
                    •• Full members have their unconscious mind linked to horrific astral realms that reflect abyssal concepts within the Temenos which causes them to always have nightmares instead of dreams, but those nightmares become a source of terrible revelations. They gain a dot of the Dream Merit free of charge.
                    ••• As a cultist delves into the mysteries that their sleeping mind wrestles with night after night, they become metaphysically tethered to a Rank 1 Acamoth of their own Virtue in a relationship which grants them the Familiar (••) Merit free of charge.
                    •••• The crazed insane priests of the Yonder gain the Astral Adept (•••) Merit. The ceremony they must perform is to sleep unmedicated in a dark room with no one else present, and in relative silence. This will cause a horrendous night terror which will shape itself into a journey beyond their own soul in order to escape.
                    ••••• Those of the Yonder Cult which have traveled the deepest pits of raving Abyssal madness within the Astral find they able to give fellow Astral Travelers they meet in their Astral Journeys the Been Yonder [Persistent] Condition if they ask to have revelations of the Abyss revealed to them.

                    Been Yonder [Persistent Condition]
                    You've been in the Abyss either mentally or with your whole being, experiencing in each moment as countless eternal epochs of cosmic apostatizing exposure to things minds were not mean to know. Suffer a Breaking Points simply by thinking about your experience within the Abyss, remembering it, or being reminded of it as long as you have either Wisdom or Integrity to lose. You also qualify to join the Mystery Cult of the Yonder if you explore your subconscious connection to it.
                    Causes: Experience being within formless timeless portions of the Abyss, Having Amnesia of that experience removed, Have the mental totality of that experience artificial transplanted within your mind (Which require Mind 5, or an apporpriate Influence 4 by an Acamoth to Create an exact copy of an existing experience, mere modification of things that can be mundanely known does not suffice)
                    Resolution: Gain the Amnesia Condition concerning time in the Abyss
                    Originally posted by Pale_Crusader View Post
                    Mystery Cult Initiation (Clallam County Gem & Mineral Society)
                    Purpose: To study supernatural geological features on the Olympic Peninsula and collect relic minerals and fossils
                    Relic: Rebuke of the Storm King, the mythical boulder thrown down by the Storm King Mountain that cleaved Sutherland Lake from Crescent Lake and kill warriors battling at his feet, eight thousand years ago.
                    Nicknames: Rockhounds
                    Doctrine: The natural physical world is literally a magical place, channeling natural and supernatural governed by both physical and metaphysical laws, just as mountains shape the wind and rain patterns of the area so too does the landscape shape forces not recognized by reputable scientific circles. The Olympic Peninsula is an area rich in mystical sites forged by nature in prehistory and relics in the form of minerals and fossils.

                    • 'Initiates' gain a Specialty in Science (Geology)
                    •• 'Members' gain Area of Expertise - Science (Geology) • Merit
                    ••• 'Guides' gain Science • Skill though diligent study
                    •••• 'True Seekers' gain Artifact (Seeker's Compass)••• Merit through finding during a journey of self discovery solo camping trip in the Olympic Mountains
                    ••••• 'Blessed by the Mountains' gain the Retainer (Fossil Ammonite Horror-See below) ••• Merit

                    Seeker's Compass (Artifact •••)
                    This antique-looking brass compass has three independently swiveling needles, each drawn to a different phenomenon. The Silver needle is drawn to Essence flows and Loci. The Onyx needle is drawn to Avernian Gates. The Opal needle is drawn to leylines, and nodes. Looking through the small crystal azimuth viewer shows leylines and nodes a crackling fields of neon blue energy. It hums to the tough when activated and within a Hallow. When not actively functioning the needles slowly spin instead of point a direction. The brass is engraved in High Speech Runes stating roughly "The wise will find what they are meant to find and the foolish will also find what they meant to find" around the side and High Speech Runes for "Seeker's Compass" on the top. The artifact is activated when the compass is held properly for shooting an azimuth and the holder speaks the phrase's translation in their native language.
                    Mana Pool: 6
                    Gnosis: 2
                    Arcanum: Prime 3 (for extra Reach and Casting Pool)
                    Free Reach: Instant Casting, Advanced Duration, The mage’s perceptions expand to tell her when a node sits atop a Hallow.
                    Path And Yantra Bonus: Obrimos, +1

                    Sacred Geometry (Prime • + Death • + Spirit •)
                    Practice: Unveiling
                    Primary Factor: Duration
                    Suggested Rote Skills: Academics, Occult, Survival
                    While her senses are open to this spell, the subject can clearly perceive ley lines and nodes. Depending on the caster’s Path and Nimbus, she might see them as beams of golden light meeting at shining Platonic solids, electric-blue rivers pooling into lakes, or strains of music building into a mighty symphony. If there are no ley lines or nodes within sensory range, the subject feels a tugging sensation toward the nearest ley or node. Add Death • and Spirit •: The mage’s senses are also attuned to the presence of Avernian Gates or Loci, respectively.

                    Storm King's Rebuke (Relic •••••)
                    This massive hundreds of ton boulder of limestone that eight thousand years ago was hurled down by the Spirit of the Storm King Mountain to kill the waring tirbes at its feet has been moved from its original resting spot by the great magical labors by a cabal of Guardians of the Veil in 1954 in their efforts to find a benign enough relic to base their Clallam County Gem & Mineral Society Mystery Cult Initiation around, and as a side benefit they found that the supernal has blessed the creation of the organization by making those that become 'True Seekers' find an artifact that comes to the Fallen World during their camping trip which they are destined to find. Needless to say the Cabal and its successors are greatly pleased with the organization's success and more than a few members of the Cabal are in earnest members of that Mystery Cult too.
                    Stone Servant of Peace: The Storm King's desire for peace has suffused the boulder and all the lives it took on that cataclysmic day has given it the power to bring stone that was one alive which comes from the Storm King Mountain (Which is made of ancient Sea Floor) with the desire to serve and bring peace. Any Clallam County Gem & Mineral Society member who has come be be Blessed by the Mountain can ceremonially ask the boulder to animate a Fossil Ammonite as a stone Horror who functions as a 3 dot retainer, having the owner who is present during the ceremony either pay the experience representing the effort in offering, or gain it as part the initiation to become a Blessed by the Mountain. The Blessed of the Mountain are unable to do this ceremony for themselves.

                    Fossilized Ammonite (Horror Minion)
                    This is an enchanted fossilized Ammonite about the size of a housecat which has been carved free from the embedded in limestone found on the Storm King Mountain. It has been brought to life by the power of the Storm King's Rebuke in order to act as adviser and servant of its owner. It's voice can be heard as a whisper with your ear to its shell opening. While using Telekinesis it extends ectoplasmic tendrils making clear the source of physical manipulation of the objects moved by Telekinesis. Being returned to the sea eats away at the animating e

                    Best At: 3 Dice (Finding supernatural rocks, Giving sound prophetic advice to its owner, Sorting objects with Telekinesis)
                    Worst At: Chance Die (Performing a physical tasks without Telekinesis such as rolling or tipping over, Acting at all while observed by anyone other than owner)
                    Other Tasks: 1 Die
                    Aspiration: Loyally Serve Its Owner, Prevent Strife and Fighting
                    Willpower/Scene: 2
                    Initiative: 10
                    Durability: 5
                    Size: 2
                    Structure: 7
                    Bane: Sea Water
                    Speed:] 0 (base Strength Granted by Telekinesis)
                    Dread Powers: Numen-Telekinesis, Seek-Supernatural Rocks (Rank=1), Numen- Omen Trance

                    Storm King
                    Rank: 5
                    Attributes: Power 15, Finesse 10, Resistance 15
                    Willpower: 10
                    Essence: 50
                    Initiative: 25
                    Defense: 15
                    Speed: 25
                    Size: 120
                    Corpus: 135
                    Influences: Stone 5,
                    Manifestations: Fetter, Gauntlet Breach, Reaching, Shadow Gateway, Twilight Form, Unfetter
                    Numina: Awe, Blast (Stone), Implant Mission, Innocuous, Omen Trance, Pathfinder, Seek, Sign, Stalwart
                    Ban: Unable to leave the Storm King Mountain
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                      The Hazelwood Academy
                      The Hazelwood Academy was established in 1880 as a prestigious private high school located in New England.
                      Provided with an exemplary education in art, history, language, literature, mathematics, and science, most of the alumni have gone on to wealth, success and fame. But there are darker forces behind that prosperity.
                      The Hazelwood Academy was established by members of the 7th Generation, with the goal of raising those with the blood of hell with education and influence befitting their station. In addition to more mundane subjects, those who have attended the Academy are well read in all manner of occult lore, and can count on the power and backing of the faculty, students, and alumni of the organization.

                      Purpose: To promote the success and well being of those with gifted with the blood of hell.
                      Relic: The Ritual Alter; a black marble alter, carved with symbols and dedicated to Seven Demon Lords.
                      Doctrine: Speaking of the organizations true motives and rituals with outsiders is forbidden upon pain of death. Members are expected to work with each others to the benefit of themselves and the Hazelwood Academy. The children of alumni (if they show potential) are preferred students, and some families have attended the school for generations.

                      Initiation Benefits
                      ● - Students begin their education in the ways of the inferno, gaining an Occult specialty in Demonology
                      ●● - Upperclassmen receive expansive education in one of their areas of interest, and receive the Area of Expertise Merit for an existing Academics, Politics or Occult specialty.
                      ●●● - Graduates benefit from the privileges earned by their education and connections. Spend two dots between Contacts, Allies, Resources, or Staff reflecting this relationship.
                      ●●●● - Alumni participate in rites bind their fates and their souls to Hell. The gain the Cursed Merit and an additional dot in Allies, Contacts, Resources or Staff.
                      ●●●●● - Patrons of the Academy unleash previously untapped power, and gain one of the following Dread Powers; Hypnotic Gaze. Influence (Fire or Cold), Madness and Terror, or Regenerate. They also gain a Bane, and are harmed by objects made of silver.
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                      Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
                      The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
                      Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
                      Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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                        I originally conceived of this Group as a Hunter Organization that was the love child of TF:V and Ashwood Abbey, but wanted to run them as a Mystery Cult to first to help polish the concept.

                        Sunset Operations
                        Sunset Operations was formed in 1984, by Spencer Coleman and Reginald Clay. Both were US Army Special Forces soldiers who had served together during the Vietnam Conflict, and were known for both their exceptional skill, close friendship, and the zeal they exhibited in combat. After the war, both men found adjusting to civilian life difficult, and craved the danger and excitement of warfare, and started working as mercenaries in 1978. By 1982, the two men had assembled a small company of like-minded soldiers of fortune and began using the money and influence they had gathered to form a Private Security Company what would eventual become Sunset Operations. For the most part, S.O performs private and organizational security services, as well as undertaking (heavily classified) mercenary work. It was during one of these operations that the organization became aware of the supernatural forces existing in the world. Since that incident, S.O has specialized in dealing with supernatural elements, and offer services (at a premium) specifically for dealing with such forces. Sunset Operations cultivates a culture that values camaraderie, skill, and a devil may care fatalism that comes from living such a dangerous lifestyle. Operatives are as known for their brutally efficient tactics as they are for their hedonistic excesses.

                        Purpose: To provide an outlet for those that crave danger and excitement, and to make a profit while doing so.
                        Relic: The Sunset Operations Manual; a 150 page manual outlining the core beliefs and expected protocols of Sunset Operations soldiers and officers.
                        Doctrine: Sunset Operations enforcers an army style chain of command during security details or off-the-record mercenary work. They pay their operatives well, and encourage them to live life to the fullest.

                        Initiation Benefits
                        ● - Newly hired Operatives are typically combat veterans who have experienced combat and carry a degree of lasting trauma. They gain the Scarred Merit (Hurt Locker, pg. 43)
                        ●● - Seasoned Sergeants have started to see the rewards of working for Sunset Operations. They gain a dot of the Resources Merit.
                        ●●● - Operatives than have reached the rank of Captain have largely accepted that they are going to die in the field, and are at peace with that fate. They gain the Cursed Merit.
                        ●●●● - Operatives that have reached the rank of Major have nerves of steel. They gain either the Indomitable or Iron Will Merit. They are also well connected and well funded, and may gain a dot in Allies, Contacts, or Resources.
                        ●●●●● - Operatives that have survived long enough to reach the rank of Commander can neutralize even powerful enemies with superior tactics; they gain the Small Unit Tactics Merit. They are also adept at leveraging their influence, and gain an additional dot in Allies, Contacts, or Resources.

                        I also have been working on a possible Endowment using the proposed 2nd edition system

                        Endowment: Experimental Pharmaceuticals

                        Endowment Concept: Prescription and Dosage
                        Over the years, Sunset Operations have made deals with numerous pharmaceuticals companies, giving their operatives access to a variety of drugs and chemical agents to enhance their performance – providing an edge in conflicts that can mean the difference between life or death. Each Drug has a Prescription with a limited number of Doses, once exhausted a new prescription must be filled. In addition, taking more doses of any combination of Experimental Pharmaceuticals than the user has dots of Stamina within a chapter is treated as a Toxicity [Doses] Poison or inflicts the Poison (Moderate) tilt. This is in addition to any other side effects.

                        Balrog (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Beta Adrinocine (also known as “Balrog”) is a combination of steroids, amphetamines and painkillers. The compound stimulates adrenaline production, increases the metabolic rate and floods the body with a cocktail of performance enhancing hormones. The drug is a red fluid that looks remarkable similar to blood and is administered via injection or inhaler.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status ••• Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 1 dose; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Administer the drug via injection to gain the effect of Balrog until the end of the Scene.
                        • The user gains a +2 bonus to Strength and a +1 bonus to Stamina rolls.
                        • The user negates two points of negative modifier when resisting the effects of fatigue or injury.
                        • The user gains 1 point of Armor against bashing damage.
                        • Once the effect has worn off, the user suffers 1 point of Lethal damage and gains the Sick (moderate) tilt for 24 hours due to muscle strain, heart palpitations and headaches.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Camazotz (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Camazotz (also known as Nyctonol) is a drug that increases the user’s senses, most notably their vision in low light conditions. The drug is a clear fluid with a violet tint that is administered via injection or inhaler.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status • Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 2 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Administer the drug via injection to gain the effect of Camazotz until the end of the Scene.
                        • When taken, Camazotz sharpens the user’s senses, granting them a +2 bonus to Perception rolls. In addition, users do not suffer penalties for acting blind.
                        • The user becomes extremely photosensitive, and gains the Sick (moderate) tilt when exposed to sunlight or intense artificial light.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Clarity (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Nootrypnol (also known as “Clarity”) is a medication designed for treating several psychiatric conditions, including PTSD and Schizophrenia. A dose of the drug comes in the form of 2 blue and white capsules taken orally.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status •• Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 3 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Orally ingest the tablets to gain the effect of Clarity until the end of the Scene.
                        • When taken, Nootrypnol allows to user to spend one point of Willpower to suppress the effect of a mental-based condition (such as Fugue or Madness). When used against a mental Condition inflicted by a supernatural source, the user is allowed a Clash of Wills using their Composure to suppress the Condition.
                        • Clarity is addictive and the user gains the Deprived condition if they go longer than 24 hours without a dose.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Defiance (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Victrasone (also known as “Defiance”) is an experimental drug that was created to aid captured soldiers in resisting interrogation and was developed by a privately owned pharmaceuticals company. A dose of the drug comes in the form of 2 innocuous white tablets taken orally.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status • Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 2 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Orally ingest the tablets to gain the effect of Defiance until the end of the Scene.
                        • When taken, Defiance grants its user a +1 bonus to resist Social Maneuvering used against them. This bonus is increased to +1 if the user is suffering from an Overdose of Defiance.
                        • The user gains one additional Door against Social Maneuvering.
                        • Using Defiance causes severe headaches; once the effect has worn off the user to gains the Sick (Moderate) tilt for 24 hours. Additional doses relieve this penalty, but increase the risk of overdose.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Hydra (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        The compound known as Hydraxaline Omega (or Hydra) is a chemical agent that radically boosts a user’s cellular regeneration, allow them to recover from injury in miraculously short periods of time. The drug is a milky white fluid that is administered via injection.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status ••• Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 1 dose; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Administer the drug via injection to gain the effect of Hydra Serum.
                        • When taken, Hydra immediately heals 2 points of bashing damage and 1 point of lethal damage (if any).
                        • Over the course of the next 24 hours, the user halves all healing times.
                        • The user may end the effect of Hydra to immediately heal an additional 2 points or bashing or 1 point of lethal damage.
                        • The user’s metabolism skyrockets after using the drug, making them ravenously hungry and thirsty. The user gains the Deprived Condition until they can sate their appetite. Consuming a large meal (approximately 2000 calories per dot of the user’s stamina) resolves the condition.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Psych (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Psioxanine 6 (also known as “Psych”) is a cutting edge nootropic drug that increases cognitive function across the board for brief periods of time. A dose of the drug comes in the form of 2 green capsules taken orally.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status ••• Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 2 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Orally ingest the tablets to gain the effect of Psych until the end of the Scene.
                        • The user gains a +1 bonus to Intelligence and Wits rolls.
                        • The user uses the higher of their Intelligence or Wits (instead of Dexterity) when calculating their Initiative.
                        • The user suffers an increasing degree of mental instability, suffering a -1 penalty to breaking point rolls while under the influence of Psych.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Red Rush (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Ampheterex (also known as Red Rush) is an amphetamine compound that affects the user’s neurochemistry, triggering a boost in the user’s energy level and reflexes. This drug was developed as a dietary supplement, but has since been marketed for its performance enhancing capabilities. A dose of the drug comes in the form of 2 red capsules taken orally or by inhaler.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status •• Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 2 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Orally ingest the tablets to gain the effect of Red Rush until the end of the Scene.
                        • When taken, Red Rush augments the user’s reaction time, granting them a +3 bonus to Initiative.
                        • 1 Willpower: While under the influence of Red Rush, the user may preempt another character’s action in combat. This takes the place of a normal action. If other characters are capable of preempting actions, it becomes a Clash of Wills using the users Composure.
                        • Red Rush suppresses any Tilts or Conditions related to fatigue or exhaustion.
                        • Red Rush is addictive and the user gains the Deprived condition if they go longer than 24 hours without a dose.
                        • Red Rush is an appetite suppressant. For 8 hours after each dose, the user gains the Sick (Moderate) Tilt they attempt to ingest any type of solid food.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.

                        Salt (Keyword; Indefinite)
                        Alkasaline 6 (also known as “Salt”) is a drug developed as a mild painkiller, but had the unusual side effect of making its users body fluids take on a strong, unpleasantly bitter taste. It has since become useful as an insect repellent and by those who risk being bitten by animals in their line of work. A dose of the drug is single white pill with an acridly bitter taste.
                        Prerequisite: Sunset Operations Status • Source: Prescription from an S.O staff pharmacist.
                        Prescription: 2 doses; The Endowment cannot be used when Prescription is 0 and must be refilled.
                        Action: 1 Dose; Orally ingest the tablets to gain the effect of Salt until the end of the Scene.
                        • When taken, Salt alters the users body chemistry, making their body fluids and tissue take on a nauseatingly bitter flavor. Anything that tastes the users must make a successful Composure roll or suffer the Sick (Moderate) Tilt until the end of the scene.
                        • The user reduces any penalties caused by pain by 1.
                        • Using Salt does not cause an overdose, no matter how much is taken. Excess amounts are excreted harmlessly from the body
                        • Salt causes the user to sweat excessively and produce a strangely chemical body odor. Anything attempting to detect or track the user by scent gains a +1 bonus.
                        Refresh: A new prescription can be filled once every 24 hours.
                        Resolution: Request a different Experimental Pharmaceutical from Sunset Operations.
                        Beat: If a significant complication or set back is caused by Backlash or Overdose.
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                          Re: Sunset Operations
                          I love their mercenary feel, and the drugs-based Endowment. Gives a very modern Witcher vibe to them, what with the mercenary monster-hunting backed by chemical enhancers.

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                            The Company
                            The Company is an organization that officially does not exist except in the paranoid ramblings of conspiracy theorists. Urban Legends speak of people who know too much vanishing without a trace, they speak of silent helicopters, and of people dressed in crisp, black suits. They are secretive, and elusive, even for those that somehow manage to get on the inside. While the scope of The Company is not as large as some would think, they still remain a powerful organization. Began in the 1950’s as a government agency to monitor for potential extra-terrestrial threats (as well as seditious communists), the agency as a whole discovered the supernatural forces of the world, and endeavored to keep much of that information suppressed – the world is better off with certain mysteries unsolved. The agency vanished from government records in the 1970’s, but still operates in the shadows, helping cover up supernatural incidents large enough or insidious enough to jeopardize the status quo.

                            Purpose: To obfuscate, hide, or eliminate para-natural or supernatural incidents that could disrupt society in fundamental ways.
                            Relic: The Incident – a collection of files, recording, and footage of an otherworldly being attempting to enter this world in 1964. The creature destroyed an entire town and left dozens of individuals mentally traumatized. It was also one of the most successful cover-ups in the Company’s history.
                            Doctrine: Leave No Evidence or Witnesses. Cultivate Mythology so Truth is never suspected. Protect the Status Quo.

                            Initiation Benefits
                            ● - The Company obfuscates the identity of its Agents. New Agents gain a dot of the Anonymity Merit.
                            ●● - Agents are encouraged to sever ties with their former life. Agents gain an additional dot of the Anonymity Merit.
                            ●●● - Agents are hard to read or hard to influence gaining either the Iron Will Merit, or two dots of the Closed Book Merit.
                            ●●●● - Experienced Agents move through the world like phantoms. Agents may divide three dots of Merits between Anonymity, Eye for the Strange, Resources or Untouchable
                            ●●●●● - Top Tier Agents are as adept in uncovering secrets are they are in burying them. Agents gain three dots of the Investigative Prodigy Merit
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                            The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
                            Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
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                              Hmm. How would one set up the Person of Interest group as a Mystery Cult? Relic being the source of the numbers, and the different levels of "initiation" reflecting just how much of the picture the different characters know?

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                                The Resurrection Club
                                Started in the mid-ninties, the so-called “Resurrection Club” is a group of medical students and residents fascinated by the boundary between life and death. Spurred on by soviet era research into cryogenics (how they obtained this information is still unknown).they students began performing experiments in lowering body temperature until the subjects bodily functions have ceased, then reviving them. Those subjected to the process report out of body experiences, and even after being revived experience hallucinations that they are being harried by the spirits of the dead. After the death of one of the founders of the club during a particularly daring experiment, the Resurrection Club was disbanded, but was reformed by another of the founding members after losing his medical license for malpractice. The current version of the club prefers the a medical approach and the veneer of scientific curiosity, but has attracted parapsychologists, transhumanists, and other radical thinkers to the organization.

                                Purpose: To discover what lies beyond death, and find a way back.
                                Relic: Project Cold Water; A dense file written in russian about a soviet cryogenics project that produced strange and uncanny results. The file has had certain key elements redacted, but is otherwise 90% complete.
                                Doctrine: Must be willing to set aside fear of the unknown and your own mortality to answer questions that have lingered since the dawn of mankind.

                                Initiation Benefits
                                ● - New Members must be well trained in resuscitation techniques, and gain a Medicine Specialty in Resuscitation.
                                ●● - The Resurrection Club has considerable educational resources concerning medical practice. Members gains one dot of the Library Merit for Medicine.
                                ●●● - Experienced Members have survived grueling tests of endurance and at least one near death experience. Members gain two dots of the Hardy Merit.
                                ●●●● - Experienced Members have survived multiple near death experiences, and have begun to show side effects. Members gain the Medium Merit, but makes a Stamina+Medicine or Survival roll while exposed to a Level 2 Extreme Environment (Cold) to prepare.
                                ●●●●● - Elite Members have been to the other side and have returned to tell the tale. Whenever the Resurrection Club Member’s health boxes are filled with lethal damage, they gain the Projection Condition.

                                Projection [Condition]

                                The character is having an out of body experience, and finds themselves pulled towards the realms of the dead. While the Projection Condition is active, The character leaves their physical body behind, manifesting in Twilight Form nearby. While in Twilight Form, the character has the following traits:
                                • The character uses simplified traits;
                                • Power is Equal to Intelligence. Used for Intelligence, Strength, and Presence tasks.
                                • Finesse: Equal to Wits. Used for Wits, Dexterity, and Manipulation tasks.
                                • Resistance: Equal to Resolve. Used for Resolve, Stamina, and Composure tasks.
                                • Health is equal to 5+Resistance.
                                • If the character takes enough lethal damage to fill the Health boxes of their Twilight Form, the Projection Condition resolves and the character suffers the Soul Shocked Condition.
                                • The character can see, hear and otherwise interact with Ghosts and similar entities
                                • The character applies the Anchor condition to their physical body.
                                • The character gains access to a single Numina selected from the following; Awe, Drain, Left-Handed Spanner, Telekinesis. The character spends willpower to activate Numina.
                                Resolution: Heal or downgrade a point of lethal damage in the rightmost health box or be otherwise revived.
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                                The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
                                Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
                                Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities