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  • Please take a look at the below items and then read this spoiler last.
    I've been building an artificial intelligence to produce Chronicles of Darkness content by training a model to use the corebook contents + user input to intelligently interface with the OpenAI GPT-3 language AI. Every word below was generated 100% by an AI using the items in this thread as input examples. Sorry if this isn't the place for it, but it seemed like a good 'test' to see if I'm going in the right direction!

    The Bloodstone of Amun-Ra ●●●
    This bloodstone is set in the hilt of a sword and is engraved with the name of the Egyptian God Amun-Ra, Lord of Darkness, Fire, and Crafts.
    The Bloodstone of Amun-Ra grants its equipment bonus to investigation or research rolls involving the Occult and Egyptian Mythology.
    Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 1(3) Availability: 3
    Thin the Veil: By spending a point of Willpower, the wielder can increase the Gauntlet by 1 for (Wits + Resolve) miles in all directions. This effect lasts for (Wits) hours.
    Warding: By spending a point of Willpower, the wielder can increase the Gauntlet by 1 for (Wits + Resolve) miles in all directions. This effect lasts for (Wits) hours.
    Demonic Influence: The Bloodstone of Amun-Ra has a malevolent personality and will attempt to dominate its wielder, imposing a -2 equipment penalty to all rolls by the wielder.

    The Blue Stone of Nuit ●●
    This blue stone is roughly the size and shape of an almond. It is made of a material unknown to modern science, inlaid with gold and set with three diamonds. It was found in a tomb near Luxor by Sir Henry Morton Stanley on his second expedition to Africa in 1887. The tomb belonged to one Ahtaf-Ra, a priestess of the god Nuit during the time of Ramses II.
    The Blue Stone grants its equipment bonus to investigation or research rolls involving Supernatural lore or tracking down information concerning Supernatural activity.
    Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 2(4) Availability: 4
    Sparkling Insight: The possessor gains the use of the Scholar Merit at no cost, though only for research relating to arcane lore (i.e., not research into technology or other fields). This benefit lasts indefinitely so long as the stone remains in possession.
    Obsession: Any detector used against this item gains a +1 equipment bonus when searching for it, as well as any supernatural effect used against it gains a +1 equipment bonus when attempting to detect it (whether actively using powers or passively using them like Enhanced Senses). Additionally, anyone that comes within 10 yards of this item must make an extended Resolve + Composure roll every minute (rolled secretly) or become overwhelmed with feelings of unease and paranoia; gaining the Spooked Condition for each failure until they leave range (Wits + Resolve). This power can be resisted through Willpower expenditure (at a rate equal to the number successes rolled per turn).

    The Black Cat ●●
    This is a black cat with a white heart-shaped spot on its chest. The cat was originally owned by the wife of an abusive man. One day, while her husband was away at work, she prepared a spell for his demise and then placed the spell inside the cat. That night, her husband came home to find his wife dead, hanging from a noose in their bedroom.
    The next morning he awoke to discover that not only had his wife died but also all of their cats were missing—all except for one; The Black Cat. It followed him around wherever he went until eventually it drove him insane and he killed himself. Ever since then the cat has been left alone as it seems to be content to just wander about town.
    Size: 1 Durability: 0(3) Availability: 4 Powers All-Night Landing Pad: Anyone who spends a night with the cat gains (Resolve + Composure) points of Defense against supernatural harm so long as they are within (Wits + Self-Control) yards of the animal.
    Bewitched: Only humans can be targeted by this equipment bonus; Supernaturals cannot take advantage of it's powers unless they spend 2 additional Willpower points and make an extended Resolve + Composure roll equal to the item's Equipment Bonus; failure means that there is no effect but success grants them Defense against any supernatural harm for 12 hours..

    Burnt Radio ●●
    This is a scorched and blackened transistor radio. It was found in the wreckage of a house fire that killed the original owner. The Burnt Radio grants its equipment bonus to investigation or research rolls involving Fire, Smoke and Ash.
    Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 0(2) Availability: 2
    Resonate with the Dead : A ghost can attune itself to the Burned Radio by spending 1 point of Willpower and making an extended Wits + Occult roll (difficulty 8). This requires 10 minutes of concentration. While so attuned, the ghost becomes visible to normal humans as well as those capable of seeing ghosts; it gains a -3 penalty to Stealth rolls while so attuned. Ghosts are capable of hearing transmissions through the radio even if they cannot directly attune themselves to it.
    Spooky: The Burned Radio is creepy as hell, gaining the Spooked Condition whenever used or carried around. Anyone who spends more than 5 minutes near it gains the Spooked Condition as well.

    Sadist's Hairbrush ●●
    This is a typical hairbrush, made of wood and wire bristles. There are a number of small, bloody scratches on the handle. It was recovered from the scene of an unsolved murder in 1987. The Sadist’s Hairbrush grants its equipment bonus to investigation or research rolls involving Victims and Violence.
    Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 0(1) Availability: 2
    Violence Detection: By spending 2 points of Willpower, the wielder can sense if anyone in their immediate vicinity has been involved in any violent act (murder, war, torture), no matter how long ago it happened. The wielder gains a +2 equipment bonus to Wits + Investigation rolls when investigating violent crimes. This power lasts for one scene but may be used multiple times during that period with cumulative bonuses. Drawback Obsession : The user becomes obsessed with finding out every violent act that has ever occurred within (Wits + Resolve) miles; gaining the Obsession (Violence) Condition .

    Sforzando Candle ●●
    The Sforzando Candle is a symbol of faith and devotion. It burns brightly, with its flame never dying out. Some say the flames are fueled by the prayers of the faithful, while others claim that it consumes only wax and tallow. Its exact history lost to time.
    The candle grants its equipment bonus to investigation or research rolls involving Relics and Superstitions.
    Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 0(3) Availability: 4
    Flame of Faith: The Candle can be lit for one hour with no fuel or wick; during this time it will burn harmlessly but none-the-less brightly in a dark room (or at night). In addition, whenever the candle is lit a spirit may choose to manifest nearby – within (Manipulation + Occult) yards of the burning candle. If no spirit manifests after 10 minutes, the lights go out and do not reignite until dawn at which point they reappear at their previous level of brightness.
    Obsession: Anyone in possession of the Sforzando Candle becomes obsessed with relighting it’s eternal flame. This obsession causes them to spend more time than usual studying old texts and historical records in search of information about similar relics or symbols; gaining the Obsession (Historical Research) Condition.
    If used as an improvised weapon against supernatural creatures, the Sforzando Candle inflicts aggravated damage equal to half its Durability rating per use (after which it becomes normal). Doing so causes certain religious icons connected to it’s long history to become corrupted; adding a -1 penalty to all Resolve checks made by characters who bear these icons on their person (such as crucifixes or saint medallions). These penalties last for 24 hours.

    Artificial Leaf ●●
    This leaf is a perfect replica of an oak leaf. It is slightly less green, and its veins are somewhat paler. However, it has all the properties of normal plant matter in terms of its appearance and feel. The Artificial Leaf is constructed from synthetic materials, but looks entirely natural.
    In addition to its mundane uses, the leaf can also be used as a focus for summoning purposes. The leaf takes 1 week to grow and is constructed from plant matter gathered at the time of casting.
    Size: 0 Durability: 2(4) Availability: 3
    Summoning: By performing a ritual that takes 8 hours of uninterrupted work, the caster may summon an Ally with a total Size no greater than their Occult rating. Each additional point of Willpower spent during this ritual will raise this limit by one point (up to a maximum of 5). This Ally lasts for the duration of the scene or until it is either dismissed or destroyed. In order to dismiss it early, the caster must spend another 8 hours in ritualistic preparation and concentration. After which they must make an extended Intelligence + Occult roll against a difficulty equal to 10 + Size (in number of pawns) remaining in your service. Failure results in all remaining Allies being driven away, while success drives them off permanently and restores your Willpower pool by one dot per remaining Ally.
    Boosted Stamina: The artificial leaf provides nourishment for its owner while traveling through wilderness areas or when otherwise not carrying adequate provisions. It can sustain its owner for 1 day before withering away into nothingness; after which another Artificial Leaf must be acquired if long-term travel is desired without stopping at settlements or cities along the way. An Artificial Leaf is consumed whenever its owner consumes food or drink from natural sources (such as sourcing water from a spring), but does not confer any special bonus to Survival rolls.
    Obsession: The possessor develops an unhealthy craving towards nature and fresh plants; gaining the Obsession (Nature) Condition without trying to deny it (-1 die penalty).

    Robert Langer's Last Whiskey ●●●●●
    This whiskey was bottled back in the 1890’s by Cincinnati distiller Robert Langer. Urban legends implicate Robert Langer in a number of high-stakes hijinks involving werewolves, vampires, and all sorts of unusual monsters. This whiskey is reputed to have been imbibed by Robert Langer himself in exchange for his secrets.
    Equipment Bonus: +3 Size: 2 Durability: 3(4) Availability: 4
    Langer’s Luck: When the character drinks a shot of Robert Langer’s Last Whiskey, he gains a +2 equipment bonus to all dice rolls made until the end of the scene. The character also becomes completely immune to Fear for the duration. This effect lasts for one day per point of Integrity. Anyone attempting intimidation against the character while under this power’s effects takes a -1 penalty on their roll for every point of missing Willpower due to failed Integrity tests.
    There’s only enough whiskey left for six shots.

    My ideas are bad and I should feel bad.


    • Very cool relics! Especially considering they were
      AI generated

      Good to see this thread still generating interest.

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