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    What do you do when a Relic would be worth more than 5 dots, even after taking drawbacks into account? What is the upper limit for what Relics can do, in your opinion?

    Also, can you turn SCP-914 or something like it into a Relic?

    "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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      RE: Relics at 6+

      If the cost of the Relic strays into the 6+ dot range, I pull back on capabilities until it fits.While I would be loathe to introduce a 6+ Rank Relic, I would not rule out the existence of such a thing. Anything that would come in at 6+ dots would be need narratively important enough to build an entire chronicle around (and being narratively important I think is more valuable than just adding more points and more powers to the thing).In most cases I wouldn't even bother assigning it dots, at that point balance is no longer really a concern and you just fill in the blanks on what you want the thing to do.

      RE: SCP 914

      The items on SCP (and 914 is a good example) are pretty hard to fit into a game mechanic. Anything where the effect of the Relic is highly variable and largely unknown don't really work well with the CofD mechanics , acting closer to a Deck of Many Things you might see in D&D. As it stands, you have a device with three settings, each setting produces a different effect that changes radially each time a different type of item is introduced. Even in the original write up, a person doesn't exactly know what is going to happen when they use the device. This is great if you are going for creepy-pasta weirdness, but its hell to try to model it in game mechanics - the ST essentially has to make up what happens each time the player feeds some random thing into the device. Any mechanic you come up with will be inadequate for expressing the devices power, and it would be more efficient (and less frustrating) to introduce the Relic as pure plot device and make up what happens as you go along.

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        I rewrote Loki's Mask as a Relic, using your write up of the Terror Mask as a base. It is the comic book version. What do you think?

        The Trickster Mask ●●●●●

        The Trickster Mask is made of jade and has an expression of mischievous delight. It is African in origin, but of unknown age. It is said by certain researches of the occult to have been used in certain festivities to purge impure desires of the people who wore it and fool hostile spirits. It arrived on American land when a seemingly benign diplomat wore the Mask despite the warnings, and became obsessed with the power that the Relic gave him. He was killed after being persuaded into taking off the Mask and letting his guard down, but he had already taken his revenge on everyone he thought had wronged him. Since then, the Mask has been locked away repeatedly by many people, but it always finds its way into the hands of a new owner.

        Size: 2 Durability: 1(6) Availability: 4


        Indestructible: The Trickster Mask is resistant to damage and, regenerates a point of Structure every night even if it's been destroyed previously. If the Spirit of the Trickster Mask is removed through exorcism or other means then the Relic is destroyed automatically. To use the following abilities, the possessor must purchase the Bonded Relic Merit.

        Monstrous Transformation: When the mask is worn, the Spirit Of The Trickster Mask applies the Claimed Condition to the wearer immediately. The wearer gains the following Dread Powers: Fabricate (Cartoonish Props And Weapons), Influence (Mischief 5), Monstrous Resilience, Numen (Aggressive Meme, Drain, Hallucination, Occult Sight, Perfect Lie, Speed, Weather Control [Heavy Winds]), Reality Stutter, Regenerate 4, Shifting, Surprise Entrance, Swift and Unbreakable. Besides having the Spirit Of The Trickster Mask’s Power, Finesse and Resistance distributed among their Attributes, the wearer also gains the entity’s Rank x 4 in Skill dots and Rank x 5 in Merit dots. The Merits may be Supernatural (and activated with Essence), Advanced and Epic. Unlike most Claimed, the wearer retains their own personality and goals, but gains a Persistent Urged Condition as the Spirit Of The Trickster Mask offers suggestions and advice directly into the wearers mind. This Urged condition persists as long as the Relic is Bonded, even when the Trickster Mask is not being worn.


        Irremovable: Once the wearer dons the Trickster Mask, it cannot be easily removed. It cannot be removed by any outside force, but the wearer may spend a point of Willpower and make a Resolve + Composure roll with a penalty equal to [10-Integrity]; Success allows the Trickster Mask to be removed.

        Possessed: The Trickster Mask is inhabited by a potent, mischievous Spirit. This spirit has its own agenda, and will direct the wearer to cause mischief and live out their deepest desires, regardless of the consequences.

        The Spirit Of The Trickster Mask

        Known among spirits as Green Storm Of A Thousand Surprises, this godlike entity used to infiltrate both mortal and spirit society to spread discord and mischief before being bound to a Relic. Now it seeks to cause as much trouble as possible in hopes that someone will try to free it from its prison in an attempt to destroy it. It appears as a green-skinned and slender humanoid with kaleidoscopic eyes and shark-like smile that take up most of its face. Its long horns grow sideways and several comical trinkets dangle from them. It is dressed in colorful, mismatched clothes and it is followed by a miniature tornado.

        Rank: 5
        Attributes: Power 13, Finesse 15, Resistance 13
        Willpower: 10
        Maximum Essence/Per Turn: 50/15
        Initiative: 14
        Defense: 10
        Speed: 48
        Size: 5
        Corpus: 18
        Influences: Mischief 5
        Ban 1: Cannot pass up an opportunity to cause mischief
        Ban 2: Cannot use Numina or Influences on anyone who has not made a Subterfuge roll in over one moon (28 days).
        Bane 1: An item used in a challenge of wits in which it was outsmarted.
        Bane 2: A document filled with the willingly given confessions of all the lies of a famous trickster (e.g. a con artist, hacker, politician, spy, salesman or lawyer).
        Manifestations: Twilight Form, Possess, Fetter, Unfetter, Claim, Shadow Gateway
        Numina: Aggressive Meme, Animal Mask, Blast, Far Sight, Hallucination, Host Jump, Mortal Mask, Occult Sight, Perfect Lie, Phantom Arsenal, Regenerate, Seek, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Weather Control (Heavy Winds), Price Of Power x 2
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        "Fate is a cruel jester with a finely developed sense of irony." - Sir Night as portrayed by Leliel, The Horror Recognition Guide


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          What exactly do you imagine Influence (Mischief) being able to do?

          A god is just a monster you kneel to. - ArcaneArts, Quoting "Fall of Gods"


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            RE: The Tricksters Mask

            I like this. This is the sort of high end threat that could easily be used in a Werewolf Campaign.

            Re: Influence Mischief

            I would interpret this as a ability to introduce effects that are disruptive or comedic into orderly situations (like a supernaturally fueled prank). An Influence 1effect might tie together shoelaces or loosen the caps of salt shakers, While Influence 5 effect might trigger mishaps across a wide area. This is also a good place to note that when you choose a Influence, to have a strong idea of what that Influence can actually do - it will save time and effort when the entity is used in game.

            Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
            The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
            Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
            Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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              Been doing some writing today and came up with a few new relics!

              The Burnished Codex●●
              The Burnished Codex is a text handwritten on coarse paper and bound with leather cords and sturdy brass plates. Written in 1922 by known occultist and former Jesuit priest A.A Davis, the text contains detailed information concerning angelic entities. The text postulates that there are many different choirs of angels, all serving different manifestations of the divine. While written mostly in English, large portions of the text are in Greek, Latin, Aramaic, and a convoluted cipher devised by the original author. The Burnished Codex grants its equipment bonus to Academics or Occult rolls involving Angels, Qashmallim or similar entities.
              Equipment Bonus: +2 Size: 1 Durability: 1(3) Availability: 4

              The Burnished Codex contains the following ritual, which can be performed by anyone with at least 3 dots of Occult.
              Call the Servant: This ritual can compel the presence of one of three specific angels. The ritual is expensive, requiring an Availability 3 amount of gold, silver and other precious minerals. The summoner spends 1 point of Willpower and makes an extended Presence + Occult roll with a penalty equal to the targeted spirits rank. Each roll requires 30 minutes of meditation and precise recitation of verse; the number of successes required is the entities rank x 5. If successful, the desired entity will manifest before the summoner. Performing this ritual is a Breaking Point with a -1 penalty. On an exceptional success, the summoned entity will grant the summoner one request that is within the entities capabilities.
              The entities the book can call forth are listed below;
              Lantern Herald: Rank 1; Influence (Light); Numina: Awe, Firestarter, Speed
              Engineer of Destinies: Rank 2; Influence (Fate); Numina: Awe, Fate Sense, Omen Trance, Sign
              Servant of Vengeance: Rank 3; Influence (Retribution); Numina: Awe, Blast, Regenerate, Speed, Stalwart, Telekinesis

              Unguarded: Once summoned, the ritualist cannot compel the entity to do anything other than attend his presence; the spirit must be convinced or forced to do the ritualists bidding through other means.

              The Spiral Key ●●
              This old-fashioned brass key has spiral-patterned motif on its fob. Its origin unknown but its creation can be traced as far back as 1776. The was discovered beneath the floorboards of a colonial manor house in New England on a key ring with several other keys.
              Size: 0 Durability: 3(5) Availability: 2

              Doorway: The Spiral Key allows its user to travel from one doorway to another. The user spends two points of Willpower and makes a Wits + Larceny or Streetwise roll. If successful, they may walk through a doorway and walk out of a different doorway. This can be any doorway within 5 miles that the user has stepped through at least once before. On an exceptional success, activating the Spiral Key only costs one point of Willpower. On a dramatic Failure, the user suffers 3 points of Bashing damage and becomes lost for 1 hour before being ejected from their point of origin.

              Coveted: The Spiral Key has the Coveted Condition.

              Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
              The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
              Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
              Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities