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    Hello everyone, I'm opening this thread because it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the stuff I wrote or plan to write, especially since I tend to to post with a frequency that can be described, under very kind terms, as "erratic". So, this is simply the hub thread for all my homebrew stuff.

    Here you can find things I created in the past with a direct link to the relative topic and also a list of the things I'm planning to write. Most of the old stuff is written with the First Edition Rules, obviously, but I do consider to go back to it and add at least a patch or two to make them more accessible, when it does not mean rewriting too much.

    Chronicles of Darkness
    - [Ephemeral Beings] Djinn, Offspring of Smokeless Fire (both 1st and 2nd Edition)
    - Cinder's Interface, fiction about all the gamelines followed by some bonus material
    - Aliens and UFO sightings in the WoD. Blue book style, very mortal-focused.

    Werewolf: The Forsaken
    - Suthilu, the Bat Host
    - Bharsalu, the Bee Host (1st Edition)
    - Razilu, the Snake Host, expansion of the ones found in Predators (1st Edition)
    - Srizaku, the Locust Host, expansion of the ones found in Predators(1st Editon)
    - [Idigam] Itzumazah, the Obsidian Butterfly (both 1st and 2nd Edition)

    Mage: The Awakening
    - The Black Sun, a powerful cosmic Abyssal entity which has been trying to replace our Sun since the beginning of its non-existence. The results would not be nice, obviously.

    Promethean: The Created
    - A Pinocchio Lineage
    - A "Reanimator" Lineage. More Lovecraft than Stuart Gordon.

    Hunter: The Vigil
    - [Conspiracy Idigam Cult] The Brotherhood of the Locust, related to the Locust Host above and the Idigam Mussughana, found in Night Horrors: Wolfsbane (1st Edition)
    - A Compact of esoteric architects that dates back to the Dark Ages (and possibly more) and hunts angels and demons with the idea that the secrets they hold can be used in their buildings and unlock the secrets of the universe
    - A Conspiracy (tentative names Wings of Icharus or Icharites) that hunts those who sin of hubris and try to defy the natural orders with their willpower and the excesses of science. Mostly a Promethean and Mage hunting group, I have absolutely no idea what their Endowment could be. Perhaps stolen advanced technology: highly hypocrital, but fits well with Hunter's greyness and a bit of "fight fire with fire, even if it's wrong". I don't know much of Genius, but I suppose they would work well with it.
    - A Conspiracy of (self-proclaimed?) heirs of King Solomon who bounds demons and spirits and uses their power to gather knowledge and follow God's will. Only a concept, but I have this idea to use artifacts with an imprisoned demon as an Endowment, which grant a passive bonus as long as the Hunter carries around them or, once per story or session, can be unleashed to produce powerful but dangerous effects.
    - Strange idea for a SAS: four slashers, each one associated with one classical element have unknowingly become the pawns of a bet between elemental spirits. Each spirit has his champion and whoever gets more victims wins. The hunters finds themselves in the middle. There's a heavy tone of late 80's slasher movies in this. A bit campy.

    Geist: The Sin-Eaters
    - Flight 108, a squad of spectral aircraft bombers. No one knows from where it comes from, since it's composed by aircrafts from different times and places, but pilots and sailors have been terrorized by it since WWII.

    Beast: The Primordial
    - Nightmares & Dreamscapes: Incursions from the Primordial Dream, open thread about all sorts of oddities born out the Primordial Dream. The plan is to post plenty of stuff in there.
    - Dark Era: The Forest that Weeps. Beast and Geist in the Congo Free State

    - [Fan-Made Pantheon] The Great Old Ones (Cthulhu Mythos)
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    Looking forward to seeing the Suthilu write-up. I've been trying to find it for some time.

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