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  • An Ensemble Cast - Characters from Earth 2018

    So, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to set up this thread for posting whatever write-ups I put together on my characters in Earth 2018, a CofD universe of my own creation that is still more or less a collection of written and computerized notes, though I have been doing a casual, rules free RP with a friend or two to help further expand the world, It essentially uses CofD/NWoD material, but also takes inspiration from and references elements of the Classical World of Darkness, as well as various books, games, movies, and TV series which cover a very exhaustive list (one I may perhaps put together, another time).

    I also take some ideas from a lot of homebrewed material found here and in other sites. Again, I will try to reference them all, but it's a lot. So if you feel that I may have overlooked you for credit, feel free to ping me so I can correct that. Thank you. And I hope this thread gets some good critique.

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    Age of Azar
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    Inspired by Cinder's write-up on the Djinn, as well as the Ascending Ones chapter in the Hunter supplement, Compacts and Conspiracies, I present to you Yagmur, a Marid of considerable power who nonetheless empathizes strongly with Humanity.

    I should let everyone know, in advance, that I used a system derived from Arcanist's and GottaGoFeast's House Rules for working out his stats. I'll probably put together a Google Doc that covers all the changes they thought up for their respective mechanics for easy perusal.

    Yagmur, Pasha of Storms
    Type: Djinn (Marid)
    Virtue: Generous
    Vice: Reclusive
    Rank: 5
    Attributes: Power 13, Finesse 15, Resistance 14
    Willpower: 10
    Essence: 50
    Initiative: 17
    Defense: 18
    Speed: 26
    Size: 6
    Corpus: 20
    Influences: Weather 3, Water 2, Wind 2
    Numina: Animal Shape", Arsenal, Blast, Chariot of Fire, Elemental Immunity (Water)", Elemental Shape (Mist)", Emotional Aura, Flight", Hallucination, Heal, Implant Delusion, Legion*, Mirage*, Mortal Mask, Oasis, Regenerate, Pray for Rain, Price of Power (4)**, Seek, Storm, Whispers, two Numina slots exchanged for Influence
    Manifestations: Twilight Form, Discorporate, Image, Materialize
    Rukh Catalyst: Rain
    - Yagmur cannot use his Numina against anyone under his hospitality unprovoked.
    - Yagmur has no Defense while the sky is not in sight
    - Yagmur cannot use Numina or Influences if he was not exposed to any sort of rain or strong winds in the last seven days
    - If offered a meal and a place to spend the night, Yagmur cannot refuse, lest he lose access to all Numina and Influences until dawn.
    - Yagmur is compelled to grant one favor within his power to whoever rescues him from certain destruction.
    Bane: The skull of a man intentionally left to die of thirst in the desert
    Sanctuary: A bustling town built around a large oasis, surrounded on all sides by tracts of desert. Rainfall is common here, acting as an indicator of the Marid’s emotions based on its intensity.

    Appearance: In his true form, Yagmur is an imposing giant with ivory skin and lambent gray eyes. His head is shaved, with the exception of a long braid of cerulean hair that flows down his back. The Marid also tends to favour traditional Arabic or Turkish clothing whenever he manifests. When he chooses to materialize among mortals, though, Yagmur’s preferred guises are that of a peregrine falcon, or a middle-aged man of Arabic or Turkish ethnicity. In both forms, he retains his gray eyes.

    Background: With a gentle nature that belies his true strength, Yagmur stands apart from most other Marid. He does not hold himself above mortals, but instead sees himself as their guide and protector. He has walked among them throughout the ages, subtly aiding them with his powers under different guises. It is this role he has taken up on Mankind’s behalf that keeps him involved in their affairs to this day... behind the scenes, of course.

    Storytelling Hints: Yagmur is a Djinn of considerable power, and the role he carries out in the greater World of Darkness has seen him cross paths with many of its other denizens over the years. Interestingly, though, it is with the hunters known as the Ascending Ones whom he has the closest association with. The Marid is periodically contacted and sought out by the conspiracy’s leaders for his counsel, and he has even sheltered its members in his Sanctuary a few times. These stem from an old agreement between Yagmur and the ancient Cult of the Phoenix, forged in response to the aid he lent to them when they were being purged by the Witch King, Akhenaten. And it is an arrangement that has been dutifully upheld for thousands of years.

    * - The Numen is one of GottaGoFeast's homebrewed Numina
    ** - Yagmur possesses additional Bans in exchange for more Numina. See here for more information.
    " - Does not count to the maximum number of Numina, as written by Cinder.
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    "My Homebrew Hub"
    Age of Azar
    The Kingdom of Yamatai