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    The issues with using Disciplines in the bedroom (and no, not of the BDSM kind):
    - Animalism carries the risk of getting animals involved, which is the kind of fetish you talk about BEFORE getting naked.
    - Auspex might seem useful for detecting someone's fetishes, but you'll just end up creeping them out and ruining the mood for knowing them a bit too well.
    - Celerity requires both partners to shave before scissoring because you'd never hear the end of it if you're on the giving or receiving end of burning pubes.
    - Dominate might seem interesting, but the receiving party will not remember anything of it and won't be very enticing in the same way a non-Dominated person is.
    - Majesty might sound like fun at first, but getting someone to accidentally jizz in their pants just from your force of personality kinda ruins the mood.
    - Nightmare lets you experience that the condition of being terrified but also turned on is a lot more difficult than you'd think.
    - Obfuscate is for getting it on in public without getting spotted, but your partner might end up forgetting that you were having sex and leaves.
    - Protean takes pet play to a whole new level.
    - Resilience makes you last all night long... and a bit longer, so that's a problem when the sun comes up.
    - Vigor lets your partner go off with one thrust... that is, go off with enough force to go through a wall.
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      Why does no one really like Promthean clowns?

      Their sense of Humour is all out of whack.

      Malkydel: "And the Machine dictated; let there be adequate illumination."
      Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


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        Why was the Changeling told to shut up?

        He kept swearing all the time.

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