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100 scurvy seafarin' salt-soaked hooks

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  • 100 scurvy seafarin' salt-soaked hooks

    The plot kind, not the kind ye wear when Davy Jones takes yer hand, landlubber!

    1) Cargo is going missing from ships in nearby harbors- initially, the theory is that gangs are ransacking the ships while they're docked (despite the area's low levels of criminal activity), but later reports confirm that cargo is vanishing while the ships are at sea. You've even got a salty old sailor who swears he saw people rise out of the water and climb aboard the ships.

    2) The classic- a sea monster has been sighted. The possibilities are almost infinite.

    3) Or maybe it's not a mysterious sea creature, but a ship- a ghost ship, a ragged old galleon sighted sailing off the coast, even though the sails are in tatters and there's no crew in site. Perhaps a sea monster turns out to be a mystery ship- that "kraken" is really a wondrous clockwork submarine with brass tentacles.

    4) Shark attacks suddenly skyrocket on the beaches near your town, and a full on mass panic is nigh. Shark hunts are starting despite conservationist warnings, and it looks like one the nasty reputation of nature's most unfairly maligned animals might not be so unwarranted...except, there's no evidence that sharks are actually causing it. People are showing up dead or wounded with big bites taken out of them, but the bite patterns are too haphazard and irregular to match any known species. There haven't even been any shark sightings near the beach. And when the survivors are interviewed, once they press past the panic, they admit they never really saw what bit them.

    5) You work for an institute of oceanographic studies, or some other scientific organization that studies the sea. As much as you love your work, the money's drying up even as the seas need an advocate more than ever. And then you realize, hey, you've got a small fleet of vehicles, you regularly transport large loads of cargo, you know how to sail and you know all the routes...and you know there are some people who would pay a lot to move something from point a to point b without customs knowing about it (it's Breaking Bad but ON A BOAT).

    6) One of your town's most beloved local legends concerns a hook-handed ghost pirate. So when corpses start showing up, and terrified survivors claim that a "hook-handed man" attacked them, he's the first suspect, even though no one has ever reported being attacked by "Cap'n Joe" before. Has something pushed the old specter over the edge, or is there another hook-handed horror in town? And if the captain is real, does he want to clear his name?

    7) A few years back, you heard one of those feel-good pieces about some genius startup nerd who was going to change the world. This one built some revolutionary new diving suit in her garbage, or something. It all blew over, of course. No one saw much of her afterwards, either. But then a sailor claims that after being thrown overboard during a storm he was rescued by a "fishman" wearing "strange armor". But the issue of this seafaring vigilante becomes a bit more complicated when a boat full of would-be poachers is found, its occupants all left for dead with harpoons through their chests.

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    8) Strange undentifiable Creatures, are the only Thing , that the Fischerman of a small remote coastal Town are catching in their Nets. Out of desperation the People start to eat those creatures and they acually taste pretty good , so good that it soon turns into a local delicacy . However those who eat to much of them , are starting to act weird after a while .


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      Awesome Ideas. It'll be good for a Siren game i'm working on.

      ​9) The party awakes, alone, at a cruising ship that seems to be wandering the Ocean. They them start to find the bodies of the crew... with Shark bites all over it.


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        An algal bloom blooms in the local coastal waters. It is sudden and unexpected. What's worse: it's a red tide, full of toxic dinoflagellates and pseudo-nitzschia that are not only hogging all the oxygen in the water, but poisoning the sealife (and landlife that gets into the water) too. Everyone's concerned, but experts say it should clear up in a few days. These things never last.

        One week has past, and the water is just as red as ever. The bloom is seriously wrecking the local tourism and fishing industries, not to mention the irreparable harm done to the marine ecology. There's murmurs the EPA is going to get involved soon. Looking out over a constant sea of red is starting to have psychological effects on people too. Water shouldn't be that color. Rumors are starting to spread: Small boats have been going out into the harbor as a group at night, human body parts have been washing up on shore, the water is actually full of blood.

        What's going on?


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          11) There's something strange about the fish being hauled in in the remote fishing town. All of them have something metal inside them, in places where they shouldn't be. Cogs in the hearts, LEDs for eyes and almost-invisible copper wiring trailing from the fins. The fishermen pull them in, day after day, and everyone behaves as though the fish are perfectly normal. They sell the fish on without a care in the world. What's going on and why does no-one else seem to realise?


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            12) A local family upped roots a few years back and took off to circumnavigate the world. They got back a month ago. There's something off about the youngest child though, there's this faint sheen on her skin and standing next to her is like being downwind of a fish market. And besides, didn't they only have two children when they left?

            13) The object that washed ashore at the last high tide has yet to be identified by the museum. It would appear to be man-made, it certainly isn't natural, but the craftsmanship and style doesn't match any known cultures in the region and it's at least two hundred years old. Those who hold it to their ear swear they can hear singing. That night, the man who discovered it walks into the waves and disappears. It isn't long before those who come into contact with the strange artefact do the same.

            14) A new species of coral has been discovered on the reef. It's growing at a tremendous rate. One snorkelling enthusiast broke off a piece and brought it home, never could explain why. They dropped it in their pool and, somehow, it's thriving there too. It's already at the point where it's beginning to protrude above the pool's surface, long limbs of the stuff arching out like tree branches. Anyone walking around the yard could easily cut themselves, and who knows what might happen from there?

            15) There's a small tropical island in the Pacific that's pretty popular among the sailing community. It has a nice sheltered bay, a beautiful beach, reefs for snorkelling and fish in abundance. Three families have been anchored there for the last two weeks, trapped by a fierce storm and strange tides that show no signs of abating. Supplies might begin to become an issue soon if it doesn't let up. And that's when the lights appear, circling beneath the yachts.

            16) The trawler was beached in a fit of pique by a fisherman rendered bankrupt by a bad fishing season. It's been sitting on the shore, just slowly falling apart over the last twenty years. Everyone agrees that it's haunted, which is odd since even the stories make no mention of anyone dying there. No one human, at least. Just what did the old fisherman catch on that last desperate trip? Why does he stay in town, when the sea so clearly frightens him?


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              17) An expedition set off recently, to map a previously unknown part of the seafloor. It was expected that the results would be very interesting as an unmanned submarine a few years go spotted what they think was a black smoker before it had to come back to the surface. The expedition ship returned, but the only person on board was a hand who had tied himself to the wheel. He was comatose when the ship came into port and the ship beached on the shore.When they got him off, he wouldn't stop muttering about 'Wheels and eyes and wings. So any wheels, so many eyes, eyes in the water...' over and over again. He went quiet by the time they got him to hospital. Then, by the next day, he had disappeared. On the wall in his hospital room is a crudely scratched picture, like a gearwheel surrounded by wings and with a great eye like that of an octopus in the centre.


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                18) Good old human greed can be as bad as any monster in the World of Darkness. Oil was discovered on the outskirts of an underwater city, and a deal was struck between oilman and merman. Last night a pair of salty old fisherman got a little too close to the oil platform and saw merfolk coming to collect their payment in young women. While trying to drink themselves into forgetting they let the secret slip to you.

                19) A Leviathan has been following your cruise ship ever since you've left port. Already most of the passengers have become Cultists. How will you escape from the middle of the Ocean with your life and sanity intact? (Note - an Oceanead will probably work best for the superficial normalcy of their cults)

                20) When the Cheiron Group started experimenting on a captured fishman, they didn't realise their subject had friends. All over the world merchant shipping is being attacked and people abducted. There's seemingly no pattern to it, because who would suspect the targets were chosen because they descended from emloyees of the defunct Archeron Trading Company?

                21) First world navies have mostly cleaned up piracy in Somalia but one ship still evades capture. The crew are Changelings who make constant use Talecrafting to swashbuckle their way past marines and into cargoholds. VALKARIE has decided they must subvert the story with pirates of their own, but there's no swashbucklers on VALKARIE's payroll. The closest they have are war criminals, sadists, and the other scum of the military industrial complex drafted for use as cannon fodder.

                22) Thousands of refugees from a humanitarian disaster have accepted asylum in an underwater city. Are the merfolk altristic or have they got a sinister motive? To make matters worse at least one government backed Hunter Conspiracy is there to make sure the deal goes through no matter the cost, because if the refugees decide to try for Europe it would cause bad press during election year.
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                  23) A new seafood restaurant has opened on main street. They claim their food is fresh from the ocean to the table, but the ocean is hundreds of miles away. The fish they serve doesn't have the taste or texture of any fish I've ever seen, and a lot of those who eat it are experiencing odd bouts of amnesia.

                  24) You've started avoiding the sunset, staying below decks where you can't see it. Every evening for the last two weeks, you've chanced to look west just in time to see the sun sink beneath the horizon. And every evening you see the green flash. The light brings with it visions of the end of the world and a great drowning. Nonsense of course, but the hallucinations bother you. Just not as much as hearing on the radio about the sudden rise in tides worldwide.

                  25) The coast guard found what was left of their patrol boat. It looked like it had been adrift for years, but it only went missing last week. The crew were all inside, their bodies mummified and dried out, with no sign of what killed them. At least, not until it was discovered that their stomachs were full of salt water.

                  26) There's a bull seal asserting its dominance over the local colony. It's massive and extraordinarily aggressive, claiming far more females for itself than it should be able to manage. Researchers have watched it disappear into a sea cave every night, and the sounds that come out beggar belief. When they investigated during the day, they found the bones of other seals scattered around the floor. That had nothing, however, on the neatly ordered row of human skulls lined up along a natural rock shelf at the back of the cavern.

                  27) Being anchored at an atoll can be a disconcerting experience. No land in sight, the ship stationary, and a shallow ocean bed just beneath your feet. Snorkelling on the edge of the boundary reef can be even worse, when you gaze over the drop off and see the deep blue beyond, or lift your head and experience that momentary panic of being lost at sea, far from land.

                  Nothing supernatural. Snorkelling on an atoll has always just creeped me out.


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                    @Azahul: Now what if an eye the size of your boat opens on the atoll?

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                      Well, it would always feel like vindication for a lifetime of paranoia


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                        28) The hip new trend for divers is to strap on Go Pros to record expeditions. The hip new subtrend, naturally, is for internet communities to collect and circulate Go Pro footage of SCUBA deaths: divers trapping themselves in caves, getting mauled by leopard seals, going too deep and succumbing to oxygen toxicity. That sort of thing. Some forums mention rumors of a secret, password-protected cache of really gruesome diving videos. Well, gruesome or weird. No one knows, no one's seen them. They say that if you download one, government spooks will show up at your door making all kinds of threats.


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                          A cargo ship pulled up into dock on a foggy night (something that has the harbor master royally pissed, safety people!) so no one was really able to see it clearly. Everything went normally but when the angry harbor master stormed upon its deck he found no sign of the crew, personal effects sure but no people. The really confusing thing though is that this ship was declared lost at sea in a storm nearly three decades ago, without a single sighting since until today. Also confusing is that a now major tech company that was only a start up then had cargo on that ship and even though it must be hopelessly out dated now they still want. Given how much effort they are putting into claiming it, they must want it real bad.


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                            30) Something unpleasant has taken over an oceanic oil rig, but has so far flown under the radar; what it is depends on your game, but the distance from shore is a universal concern. The classic player answer - just blow the damn thing up - would cause a massive ecological disaster and attract tons of attention, forcing them to try and find a less overt fix.

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                              31) A small derelict freighter is spotted, potentially about to drift into more populated or more heavily trafficked areas, and the PCs are the ones to respond. The ship is entirely deserted, and all its unusually many anchors have been deployed, and somehow fixed to the ocean floor. Evidence suggests the crew departed swiftly, and the ship has continued to drift randomly since then. Any evidence of foul play is circumstantial, and largely eroded by time and the elements.

                              Big Questions: What happened to the crew, how is the ship anchored in place and who did it, considering it's only just been sighted despite apparently having been abandoned for months?

                              Bigger Questions: Why are there several pickled body parts in jars and a garbled autopsy snippet of what appear to be a degraded, rotten body full of brine and goddamn sea snakes in the infirmary??