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  • The Promised [simple template]

    (based around that project)

    Life is not fair.

    Dreams are shattered, hopes are lost. You could do everything right in your life- and still, somehow, things mess up. People have their dream job, their soul mate, their ideal house- but when fantasies clash with real life, you need to make compromises. You lower your expectations, you leave your dreams behind, trying to adapt to the harsh reality. Those are the life, this is how things happen- at least, that is what you tell yourself. However, one day everything changes- you stumble upon someone you know, or hear a story about a random guy you once met and were sure nothing good would come out of him. You are surprise to hear that it is not the case- they are successful, and worse, they are more successful than you. And not only that, they have gained all of their dreams- or actually, your dreams. Everything you hopped for is theirs, all of your wishes have been granted to them. They may even tell you you have inspired them, thinking it would make you feel better. It doesn't- but you smile, hiding the anger and darkness and filth that hid inside of you. Than, the moment passed, they walk away- and you are left alone with all of the shit inside your soul.

    Some get over this. Some don't.

    Some cling to that inner darkness and despair. They don't blame themselves for not chasing their dreams, neither they hunt after the person who stole what was rightfully theirs- instead, they turn against the world, cursing the very existence which gave birth to their suffering. They turn against fate, against life, against everything they once held holy.Their darkness spills out- and the void creeps in. Usually, nothing happens- they curses goes unheard and they have to go on their daily life.

    But sometimes, something does listen to those curses.

    Times seems to stop. The silence is filled with whispers. They offer you a pact- they'll grant your wishes, another chance in your life to make them worth and fulfill your dreams. In exchange, all you have to do is give them that thing you don't really need- your soul, but only after you'll die. God knows that souls don't worth that much now days, and the future is so far away. Don't think about it as a payment as much as an investment- you give your soul to the Host, and in exchange you'll get power, fame, money, influence. You'll be loved- adored!- by everyone. You won't need to envy anyone- they'll envy you. All you have to do is say "yes".

    And you agree, and from that moment you understand you were Promised to Hell.

    And you have no one to blame but yourself.


    Taint (0-00000)

    Once a person Promised is soul to the Host, she gains one dot in that trait for free. Taint is used to measure the Promised's raw power, allowing her to use it as a Supernatural Resistance trait, and adding to to rolls involving use of her Dread Powers and other traits bought through Gifts of the Host. There are, however, side effects- for every dot in the merit, the character suffer one Ban, as her demonic nature starts to manifest. The ST may allow Glitches instead, yet they'll take a more theological tone and aesthetics (smell of brimstone, leaving ash everywhere she touch, etc). In addition, for every odd number of dots in the trait, her Torment Addiction rises (see bellow). She may also treat her dots in Taint as Rank when dealing with Infernal Demons, and may not be a subject for spiritual possessions or supernatural Pacts which include her life or soul or suffer from the Soul Loss Condition (the Host is a jealous demon, after all), and may also cross to Inferno using Gates of Hell of Maleus Loci. By ST's decision, the character may rise her dots in Taint above 5. Finally, after her death the Promised would not leave ghost behind, even if bound by supernatural means- their soul belongs to the Host, all of it.

    Unseen Senses (Heaven and Hell)

    once the character gains the Promised template, she gains that merit for free. That actually functions as two separate merits- Hell sense allows the character to "feel" demonic presence, which usually means anything touched by Inferno and/or the Lower Depths, although the ST is the finale authority to decide what demonic entity is considered as part of that trait. That sense is triggered as both kinship and competition- the character feels her blood rushes and the adrenaline in her muscles. She is meant to seek after more demons, both to work with and against them for her own gain.

    Heaven Sense is an whole other story. Any Empyrean being (things like qashmalim and angels, for example) trigger inborn fear in the hearts of the Promised, and for good reason- many of those creatures seem to hunt down after demons of different kinds, and many Promised have been judges under Heaven's swords and found guilty.

    Torment Addiction

    The Promised have a shard of Hell in their soul, and it wish to advance its agenda- and so, it grants pleasure to those who serve it, like how the usual person trains a dog. One gaining the template, choose a single Torment- that is, a certain act which works against your Virtue. Each time the character fulfill her Vice in a way that overlap with her Torment, she gain full Willpower as if she fulfilled her Virtue (something quite rewarding, considering the lesser amount of Willpower gained from Virtue she may suffer). Torments always involve defiling herself somewhere, either physically, mentally or spiritually, as represented by going against her higher nature. She may only indulge her Torment once per Chapter, in addition for her Virtue and Vice, although she may buy more Torments as 1 dot merit, and she may indulge in more than one Torment per Chapter. The character may also self inflict herself one level of Lethal Damage in order to gain a single Willpower point. While it may sound good, there is only one problem- Torment is addicting, as the Hosts starts whispering in your mind for more.

    for every odd number of dots in Taint (1, 3 and 5), the character must fulfill her Torment once per week, three days and day (accordingly). Worse, if she gets to the time limit without managing to fulfill all of her Torments in the same time limit, she Host may choose a single act per un-indulged Torment she has to preform. Refusing the act would lose one Willpower point per hour, and when it comes to below half of her rating the Host would take control and force the act. Self inflicting damage would postpone the time limit by one cycle.

    Gifts of Hell

    The Host has promised and it will grant your wishes- or else the pact would be null and void. The character may buy any Skill, Attribute, Merit or Dread Power in half the price normally required to do so, tagging it as a Gift of Hell. When using those Gifts, the character may add her dots in Taint to any roll involving their use, enhancing her abilities beyond human capability. Using the Gifts of Hell does not considered to be a Breaking Point. There is, however, a catch- for every Gift of Hell she use in a Chapter, the maximal amount of Willpower she may gain from fulfilling her Virtue next time is reduced by 1. Also, using a Gift would cost at least 1 Willpower point, making her more vulnerable for Torment Addiction and may require her to have more Torments available. Hell does not gives Gifts for free, after all- it just want you to think so.

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