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    (based around Monte Cook's demons)

    Our world is not the only one.

    There many worlds out there- structures like a tree, or an onion, or wheel. No one is sure- many cosmologies were created through the years, each is made from few truths, many misinterpretations and some blatant lies. Yet, all in all, it doesn't matter how much a certain cosmology is accurate or flawed- such knowledge may make feel better at night, when you think you understand at least how some parts of the world works, that you know a bit more about what is around you than the average person.

    Knowledge doesn't protect from those who come form the Outside.

    Usually, the boundary between worlds in strong- while there are cracks and gates between the different realms, there are also many guardians who maintain those boundaries. That is especially true for the more distant realms- for it take much longer for those beings to cross the great void between planes, moving from one realm to another until they, finally, reach for the mortal world. However, rare does not mean impossible- and from time to time, a truly terrible being manage to bypass all defenses, escaping its own dimension which most people could only describe as "hell" and reach to what can be describe in their eyes as "heaven".

    Yet, such Intruders has few problems when adapting to our world- they come from a place which could not be comprehended by the denizens of the Inside, ruled by great, Unbidden horrors which seem to send their tentacles toward our universe and feed upon it. Those who escape that mad world find that while ours feel like paradise, they are not translated well to their new existence- their spirit are bound by inanimate materials- wood, metals, plastic, glass and anything other which may just sit around when they first manifest- and transforms into an horrifying form, something which, as anyone who would see it could tell you, should not exist.

    Thankfully, thanks to their fluid nature, those beings are able to change their form, allowing them to better walk unseen among mankind. Still, they have to learn how to understand the people around them if they wish to prolong their stay in that heavenly world, and has to devour the very fabric of life and the souls of mankind in order to survive their new heaven. One wrong step, pushing yourself a bit too far- and it is checkmate. The game just ended, and you go back to Hell.

    Do you have what it takes to avoid that fate?


    Horror Form- for some reason, intruders are translated in our reality into terrible bodies, existing in a twisted state. While those forms are horrible to look at, they are tougher than the usual mortal body and are quit fluid, allowing the intruder to adapt to many different situations. While in their Horror Form, the intruder gets 4 more Attribute dots to spread, which must be assigned at midnight. In an addition, anyone who looks upon them in that state (or can see through the effects of their Shapeshifting ability) must roll for Willpower against the intruder's permanent Anima, or be forced to flee. He does not, however, forget the sight.

    Shapeshifting- any intruder is able to change from his Horror Form into a more human look. The intruder is able to choose the look, gender, and even cloths of his new form- although such cloths would actually be part of the form's body. The intruder may try to transform into a specific person, but doing so would require expanding a point of Anima and touching the person in the last 24 hours. While the intruder can shapeshift freely and isn't bound to a certain form (although he may have a preferred identity, represented by an Alternative Identity merit), once per hour he must spend at least 10 minutes in his Horror Form, or expand one Anima to extend his fake facade.

    Animated Body- the bodies intruders wear may look alive, but they are still no more than whatever the spirit found around when invading the new universe. Intruders do not have blood, don't require breath or food and may not be targeted by poison, drug or plague. They lack any "necessary organs", making it so a hit in the head is no different than the leg, the arm or the heart. They can not be Beaten Down, Drugged, Poisoned, Sick or Stunned. They also never fall asleep and can't turn unconscious.

    Anima- while the alien spirit of the intruder gives life to the animated body, it requires energy in order to keep it going and move it around. Anima is similar to Willpower, by the fact it is a differentiated trait with two values- permanent (represented by Anima dots) and temporary (represented by Anima points). An intruder may use Anima in order to activate Cants, prolong their shpeshifting duration, heal wounds (1 Anima point for Lethal damage) and ignore its Carvings or Ban. He can regain Anima by indulging its Craving once per day, making pacts with mortals or feeding on the souls of the dying or the dead. In order to feed upon a dead person, the target must not be dead for more than 10 minutes in which the intruder must maintain a physical contact with the corpse. For the later, the killing must be done in Horror Form, without the use of weaponry (natural weapons are fine) and it recharge all of the Anima pool. The intruder's permanent Anima is equal to Manipulation + Intelligence.

    Thrall making- one of the quick ways for an Intruder to recharge Anima is by committing services for mortals (or any being with "mortal soul"). The mortal and the intruder must make a certain agreement, in which the mortal gives up a part of his soul (represented by a Willpower point) and the demon promise to preform the service in question. Once the service is committed, the intruder would gain a single Anima point. On the other hand, the intruder may give a prolong benefit to the mortal, which would require her to spend one Willpower per day (and give one Anima per day for the intruder for each such Thrall). In case the target can't spend Willpower, she would suffer one level of Bashing damage to feed to intruder. Benefits given that way are +2 for Attribute, +2 for a Skill, +4 more Health levels, suspending a Personal Tilt or a Persistent Condition or granting one of the intruder's Cants. The Intruder may end such pact at any given time. There are, of course, other benefits for the intruder- in exchange for 1 Anima, it may see, hear and sense through the Thrall, although it may not act. At expanding 2 Anima and w Willpower point you may possess the Thrall, allowing you to use her body freely, although you retain your Mental and Social Attributes and may not activate Cants or other demonic abilities. You are also not effected by Carvings or Banes.

    Carvings, Banes and Reconstructions- intruders are very hard to kill, requiring either tremendous amounts of damage while draining the Intruder from life or exploiting one of its weaknesses. Once the body of the intruder is destroyed, it may spend a single Anima in order to rebuild itself in the course of 3 hours from nearby materials. More than that, in that state it may convert Willpower into Anima in order to allow such resurrection. Doing so would bring the intruder back to life ate 1/4 of its original health. Spending two Anima would bring it with half of its health. 3 Anima would bring it fully back. I may also spend additional Anima in order to quicken its reconstruction (at rate of 1 Anima per hour). However, a intruder is also a subject for supernatural compulsions- it suffer from [10-Humanity]/2 Carvings or Banes, when a Carving is a certain act that the intruder has to preform when it has opportunity to do so and Bane is a certain item which cause Aggravated damage when attacked by using it. When getting reconstructed, damage dealt by the Bane is not automatically healed and requires using other methods for using curing it.

    Cants- the intruders know the language of reality, using it to build themselves new bodies and feast upon souls. An intruder may buy Dread Powers, which require the intruder to actually pronounce the ancient words to activate those abilities. It may spend Anima in order to activate them instead of Willpower. The special trick is that each intruder choose a certain theme in which using Cants becomes easier, granting it +2 modifier to the rolls or effect of the power. For example, an intruder may decide that while being near water sources, at night or when hearing music, its abilities become more powerful, as such things are used by the intruder as part of how it define itself in our world. The intruder may have [permanent Anima]/2 (rounded up) such Themes.

    Humanity- instead of Integrity, intruders follow a Humanity, similarly to vampires. There are, however, a number of differences- replace Vitae for Anima, Disciplines for Cants, remove "staying in the sun" with "not being in thematic situation", ghoul for Thrall, remove Frenzy, human contact with not wearing a human form, Blood Potency for permanent Anima, remove death of family or joining a Covenant and other similar adjustments.

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    "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

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