Since I've been here for a while and homebrewing is one of my passions, I figured it was high time to be organised and compile everything as neatly as possible.

New Fansplats

Demon: The Release: A Storytelling game of dangerous freedom and tempting indulgence. Ongoing (Development Stage).

Paragon: The Fated: With RickmanUK, SaulottheGentle and others. A Storytelling game of unbreakable wills and inescapable omens. Ongoing (Planning Stage).

Changeling: The Lost

The Thornwall Freehold: Featuring the Tale of the Good Witch as the Bulwark, and the Shield, Alliance, Martyr and Veil Courts. Pending Contracts and Mantles.

Geist: The Sin-Eaters

Geist: The Defiance: A Storytelling game of wilful intervention and second chances. A complete overhaul of Geist's fluff, preserving most of the core mechanics. Finished for 1e, Pending 2e Conversion.

Mage: The Awakening

Homebrewed Watchtowers: Five new Paths, focused on different philosophies and arcana combinations. Can comfortably coexist with the core five Paths. Finished?

My Contributions

Motor City Breakdown: Arson and firefighting rules. Finished.

Actual Plays

The Coven of Scathach: Psychic Vampires, fluff-changed into Incubi and Succubi (oblique ties with Demon: The Release). Currently On Hiatus.