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  • Dragon Rekindled: The Orobori Chronicles (Embers Reboot)


    A reboot of the
    Dragon: The Embers Project

    Primary Development Thread

    Released Material
    Current Releases
    So far, we've only released an incomplete Transitional Ruleset, which is more suited to making changes to the old game. Please use the rules presented in the 2nd Edition of Dragon: The Embers as a baseline for everything here.
    • The Order of the Bloody Chalice - Detailed description of a versatile and dangerous group of antagonists who hunt supernatural creatures down for extended life and power, and have the Oroboroi at the top of the list.
    • Deep Ones (a quick writeup) - A brief overview of Deep Ones written on the forum as the basis for the upcoming writeup.

    Upcoming Releases
    We're constantly working to develop, write, and release new material for the world of the Oroboroi. These are the next planned releases...
    • Purviews and You - A writeup on the divine powers which the Oroboroi have access to.
    • Antagonist Writeups
      • The Deep Ones - Creatures from the depths of the Dreamtide, with powers that rival the Dragons.
      • Nightmares - A common Antagonist encountered in the shallows of the Dreamtide.
      • Philosophy of Void: The School of Nihilists - Antagonists from within the Oroboroi themselves.
    • Dragon Rekindled: Part 1 - Player's Guide early draft
      • Chapter 1: Fire of the Oroboroi - Basic lore and concepts
      • Chapter 2: The Rise to Power - Detailed explanation of Methods and Philosophies
      • Chapter 3: Anatomy of a Dragon - Detailed Character Creation instructions
      • Chapter 4: Playing an Oroboros - Special Rules and Systems
      • Chapter 5: Secrets of the Oroboroi - Detailed lore for fleshing out a character

    Old / Outdates Releases

    Thread Contents

    Dragon Rekindled: A Re-Introduction
    This is a tale which all Orobori know...

    It is a memory imbued upon each and every Heart, by that first Original Sin so many eons ago...

    A memory from time immemorable, from a time when the world was different... A time when mankind were little more than animals...

    Long ago, Man lived as wanderers, beasts among the wilds, hunting and gathering for food, running from predators for survival, taking shelter in trees and caves to sleep. And as man slept, he dreamed...

    He dreamed of great ambitions, monsters, creatures of perfection...

    And from those dreams, in the place where all things imagined eventually flow to, the strongest and boldest answered the call, crawling forth from the Dreamtide, taking their place as the First Gods of Man...

    That primitive man had many words for them...

    Only one is used to today.


    The Dragons were creatures of divine perfection: the height of man’s wildest imaginations. Some were great predators, who made the monsters of old tremble with their presence. Others were great tricksters, upon whom the oldest legends have been built. And some were great rulers, who pulled mankind out of his caves and built the first great civilizations. It is through the power of the Dragons that mankind began on the path that led him to what he is today...



    Just like the Dragons...

    But man was a fickle child...

    It was not long before man grew bored, imagining new gods to cast the Dragons aside for, rebelling against and toppling their once proud rulers as the world fell once again into chaos. It was in the great vaults of their Dragon leaders that the rampaging mankind found the most prized, sheltered possessions of the Dragons... Their very Hearts.

    Men were driven mad at the sight of the Hearts, the very essence of Godhood itself before them. Great battles were fought for the hearts, not only through Might, but through Skill, Knowledge, Cunning, and Honor, many died trying to possess the great organs. But, when the battle was over, that was when mankind committed his act of greatest hubris, that great Sin against their First Gods...

    For Mankind wished not only to slay his gods,

    but to become unto them himself.

    It was at that moment that mankind devoured the very Hearts of those who had ruled them benevolently, and it was in that Original Sin that he was cursed: as he had devoured the Heart of a Dragon, so would his heart be devoured one day, in an endless cycle. That was the curse laid upon him by the Dragons, as the last of them died...

    That is the Curse of the Orobori, usurpers doomed to be usurped in an endless cycle, as each generation devours the last.

    The legacy of the Dragons was stolen, Unjust!

    The power of the Orobori was taken, Undeserved!

    The power to rule over mankind immortal...
    ...comes with great weight of responsibility.
    What Makes You Worthy?

    Dragon Rekindled: The Orobori Chronicles
    This project is a revitalization of Dragon: The Embers, a Dark Pack game based around the idea of the Orobori, humans who acquire the divine power of Dragons through the consumption of their hearts. In it, we will explore the darker side of Dragon, while expanding and refining the rules and lore for the post-GMC era...

    Basic Lore
    The Dragons were creatures from the Dreamtide, a plane of pure imagination where the energy from man's hopes, dreams, and nightmares coalesces. The Dragons heard the dreams of mankind, and crawled out of the Dreamtide to eventually become their First Gods. They were responsible for the dawn of civilization, long before Atlantis. Man turned on them, however, and rose up and slew them, consuming their Hearts in what is known as the Original Sin of the Orobori. For their action, they are afflicted with the Curse of the Orobori, in which all Orobori are doomed to have their hearts devoured and be replaced, the cycle continuing for as long as the hearts exist...

    Basic Gameplay
    Orobori power runs on Breath, the raw stuff of potential energy stored and burnt within the Furnace of their Hearts. Breath is gained from consuming sources of Calories, including (but certainly not limited to) food, and can be used for a wide variety of abilities, including the reconstitution of the physical form.

    They have access to numerous draconic traits called Ablutions, which can be manifested and added to their forms nearly at will. Manifesting all Ablutions turns activates True Form, in which they take the full shape of a Dragon, giving them extensive new abilities.

    The most powerful powers the Orobori have Access to are Purviews, manifestations of "divine" power which allows them impose their will directly on reality. This, along with Dream Sorcery, are powers derived directly from the Dreamtide, and often have strict limitations or hefty costs associated with them.

    All Orobori suffer from the effects of Reimagining: an Orobori known to many will quickly find her form affected by the minds of the people who believe in her. This can result in changes to their powers, form, and even their personality. These changes can be for better or for worse, as it is just as easy for the Orobori to lose a useful trait as it is to gain one. Their susceptibility is dependent on their Hubris or Guilt, an integrity scale based on how they handle the powert usurped.

    The Orobori also have to rely on their small numbers to keep hidden, as their form of supernatural veiling is relatively weak: humans who see them in True Form see just that, and are not supernaturally terrified, and will likely be able to recall it later. They also show up clearly on camera. Their only defense is that humans who are completely unaware of the supernatural will begin to question whether it was real or imagined over time, and their surreal appearance makes the camera footage look fake. This is all weak against people who already believe that they could exist, and completely useless against the insane or people who are on drugs, who lack the internal inhibitions which tell them not to believe this.

    Otherwise, the Orobori are an extremely hearty set of creatures: immune to extreme heat and cold, able to walk through burning buildings unscathed, without any real “vital organs” for a would-be assassin... Their only real weaknesses are their Heart and their connection to it. If a Dragon’s heart is eaten or destroyed, they die in short order unless they find a new one.

    The Orobori are in a bit of an odd situation: unlike other supernatural creatures, they don't have a niche. They do have a strong connection to Dreams, making them effective against Nightmares, and are potentially very hardy in general. They also don't get along nicely with Beasts, Leviathans, or Angels. Anything can be quarry for the Oroboroi however, if they see it as a worthy use of their power, and anything which threatens what they hold dear is a threat worth fighting.

    Slayers, humans who hunt for hearts, can also be a problem for the Orobori, for obvious reasons: all Orobori know this from the fact that they were once Slayers themselves, and are cursed to the fate they brought upon another in an endless cycle.

    Perhaps more terrifying are Heart Eaters, Orobori who've become addicted to the consumption of other's hearts. Orobori who rise to this level of hubris run the risk of becoming out-of-control monsters. Creatures of lesser intellect than humans, who lack an idea of what a Dragon should be, who consume a heart often find themselves consumed by its powers, and are transformed into hideous monstrosities called Chimera. The worst among the Oroboroi, however, are the nihilistic Scholars of Void, who have found no constructive use for their power and so use it to destroy reality for spite and entertainment.

    Aside from that, the Oroboroi must also contend with horrible things left over from the time of the Dragons, such as the reality-bending Deep Ones, who can add concepts to their form at will, and the the Knights of the Bloody Chalice
    , who use dream sorcery to gain immortality through the blood of both humans and supernatural creatures, and find the Oroboroi particularly potent. The most terrifying of all the threats they face, however,are by far the Old Gods, mysterious beings from before the Dragons who sleep somewhere outside of the reality they know.

    An Orobori Chronicle can go in any direction really, from intrigue, to monster hunting, to delving into forgotten lore, but one theme is central: power. The Oroboroi are all about taking and using power for ends which they believe strongly in, and the things they end up undertaking are epic.

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    Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
    The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.

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    Changes from 2nd and 3rd edition
    • Focus and Theme
      • Leadership to Power - Oroboroi are no longer bound to the strict take on Leadership. Instead, Dragon focuses on the broader view of Power and what is done with it: it's a game about going mad with power. Responsibility, Worthiness, and the "Divine Mandate" take on a new tone and meaning here.
        • The Dominionists still use the old concept.
      • Darkness - Toning up the darker elements, specifically looking into overuse of power, threats to power, and the constant feeling of never having enough power. Also, the dark-fantasy elements are getting darker.
      • Corruption and Usurpation - The rise and fall from power is based on a spiral of corruption.
    • Backstory Elements
      • The Old Gods - The deal with the Old Gods is no longer part of the origin story: Dragons were always immortal, and the "Old Gods" are sleeping cosmic horrors.
      • Dragons and Deep Ones - Are fleshed out as ancient beings from the deep Dreamtide.
      • Divine Mandate - "Divine Mandate" was a concept which applied to the Dragons, and is no longer directly tied to Oroboroi behavior.
        • The Dominionists still use the old concept.
      • Dominion and Collapse are a bit more complex and take in more allusions to story of Eden in Genesis and Paradise Lost. Also Nietzsche.
      • The Reptilian Conspiracies - The Reptilian Conspiracies (name in question) which formed in the centuries after Collapse are a new addition which shed light to Oroboroi behaviors and beliefs over the decades, and how they interact on a global scale.
        • The Dominionists represent the old concepts of Divine Mandate and Kingship.
    • Terms and Definitions
      • Furnace to Heartstring - “Furnace” is now “Heartstring”, to signify that it is not a property of the Heart itself, but its connection to the Oroboros.
      • Integrity is Conviction - "Mandate" or "Ethics" is now "Conviction", to reflect the new focus on Worth rather than a specific view of leadership.
      • Edicts to Purviews - "Edicts" have been morphed into "Purviews", which are a manifestation of the Oroboros's highest ideal. Also, "Laws" are now "Impositions".
      • Maidens, Hoards, and Provinces - Now represent a different set of mechanics.
      • Miasma - Now refers to the mist of chaos which is in Pandemonium. The barrier between the Waking and Dreamtide is now called the "Ora".
    • World Elements
      • Dream Sorcery - Brings Dreamtide powers into the Waking.
      • The Dreamtide - Expanded concept. This has always been another view of the "Astral", "Dreaming", or "Primordial Dream", but now we have the Dragon / Dream Sorceror's perspective. The Dreamtide mimics an actual sea, and has "tides", "islands", and "currents".
        • The Ora - The barrier which creatures going by this logic must cross.
        • The Shoals - .
        • Islands - .
        • Pandemonium - The bottom of the Dreamtide where things to go die.
        • The Treasury - The "Treasury", which replaced the Dreamtide in the 3rd Edition, is now on the "far shore" of the Dreamtide, making exploiting it a higher-level affair.
      • Antagonists - The Knights of the Bloody Chalice, Deep Ones, Nightmares, and Usurpers are being much more thoroughly fleshed out: they will have their own sets of mechanics, character sheets, and advice to Storytellers.
    • Mechanics
      • Dreamtide Travel and Manipulation are now part of a merit called "Dream Sorcery", which can be gained by non-Oroboroi occultists, and require Blood, Breath, Willpower, or Jadeite.
      • Breath is gained by eating things, like in 2nd edition, but now basic nutritional requirements must also be filled.
      • The integrity stat is now a sideways system called "Conviction", and the extremes to fall into are Hubris (the hoarding, rampaging dragon) and Guilt (the human who is no longer worthy of their Heart).
      • Oroboroi start with 12 Ablutions: 3 from the Method, 3 from the Common, 3 from any Oroboros list, and 3 from the Storyteller's discretion.
      • Ablutions can now be gained and lost as a result of public opinion through a process called “The Reimagining”.
      • There is now an Ablution list with stuff that the Oroboroi only have access to through external means such as the Reimagining.
      • Oroboroi are now completely immune to fire, except in Human Guise, which is burned away to reveal the Dragon beneath.
      • Heart Creation - We're talking about this: it will be a fleshed out element in the new book.
    • Pending Changes
      • Slayers, Dragonborn, Pilot Lights, and Deep Ones will have their own sheets and rulesets.
      • There's gonna be WAY more stuff to pull with the mysterious and alien Deep Ones, whose connection to the Dragons will be revealed by the end of the book.

    Accepted Cannon
    The Dreamtide is basically a place that is created by man's thoughts, and can be crossed over to through dreams. It flows through many realms of imagination, but ends up in a place known as Pandemonium: this is where the Dragons were born from. The Dragons were formed from the dreams of man, came to life, and pulled themselves out of the Dreamtide. After doing that, they assumed various positions of legend and leadership and kick-started civilization as we know it. The Dragons were naturally immortal: as long as their heart remained, they could always reform. Humans eventually got tired of this and turned on them, killed them, and consumed their undying hearts. Doing so transformed them into human-dragon hybrids, and left them with a curse that they would be usurped in the same way. Thus, they are called the Orobori.

    All Orobori are made through this process, in what is known as the First Sin: the act of killing another for access to godlike powers. The Oroboroi become what they are through a process known as the Metamorposis, in which their body is remade in the form of a Dragon based on their ideals, and has access to their old human body, referred to as the Human Guise, which is mostly indistinguishable from the way it used to be. Other than the Human Guise, Dragons only have their unbelievable existence and small numbers to hide their existence from the general population.

    Oroboroi are rare, and seldom see each other, thus, it is hard for them to form cohesive social groups beyond the few others in an area. They do, however, know how to make deals with other supernatural entities, such as Vampires and Werewolves. This is good, because they have many antagonists, such as Nightmares, other Oroboroi, the mysterious Deep Ones, and the Slayers who seek to usurp them. They must also deal with the constant urges for greatness and hubris.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Nothing here yet.
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    Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
    The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.


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      Detailed list of things that need to be done in that general order
      1. Rebuild 2nd edition
        • Take 2nd edition cannon and 3rd edition GMC mechanics, and build a new, transitional book.
      2. Get sample characters of each archetype to see what people want to do.
        • Have people write out character concepts without knowing what the complete book has
      3. Start writing Orobori Chronicles
      4. Start playtesting
        • Plan and run straightforward campaign
          • Make characters based on methods, one of each
          • Start with intros
          • Run the characters meeting and forming a group
          • Do some fights
          • Mystery: there is a nightmare attacking people. It turns out to be working with a lucid dreamer/dreamwalker in the physical world, he's trying to pull an inception, it's trying to get out.
          • More action: bang them up against Werewolves, Vampires, and Changelings
        • Try out new concepts in the main campaign
      5. Finish writing Orobori Chronicles
      Current Workload
      Antagonist Releases - Several page writeups on Nightmares, Deep Ones, and Nihilists, written for Chapter 7.
      Purviews and You - Information on new Purview rules and a mostly-complete list of them.
      Chapter 2: The Rise to Power - A draft of the chapter which has the Methods and Philosophies listed
      Dragon Rekindled: Chapters 0 - 5 - A draft of the rest of the chapters of the book needed to create new player characters

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      Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
      The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.


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        Who's Involved, and how can you join them.
        We have a large, diverse group working on various parts of the project. We're currently holding at least one meeting a week, based on when the most people can be available, to discuss material being written and push progress. These generally start between 4:00 and 5:00 PM US-Eastern Time, and are non-mandatory. Other than that, we chatter over Skype regularly.

        Current Project Members
        Raccoon (RockstarRaccoon) - Project Lead

        Darinas - Writer
        Leleil - Writer
        Mr Feral - Writer / Editor

        Inactive Members

        CJC (CJC) - Original Artist - Creative Consultant, Art
        AJF115 - Lore Writer
        Saulot (SaulottheGentle) - Technical Writer

        Nova (NovaP) - Writer
        Shock - Original Project Head - Creative Consultant, Lore, Writer

        Needed Members
        Brainstorming members are always welcome, but we're also looking for the following official staff to help with things.

        Writers - We need strong writers, both Fantastical AND Technical, to help build the book.

        Artists - The book should have as much art as possible. If possible, we’d like to have art similar to the Werewolf The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition.

        Playtesters - We need strong forum roleplayers to write up character sheets and eventually go on the official testing campaign, as well as experienced GMs to run their own games and tell us what’s going on with them.

        Note that working on the book has some reading and training / exercise before hand: it may take a week before you end up editing release material.

        How to Join
        Reply to this thread (not in a PM) with the following format
        1. The bolded phrase “Team Application” at the top of the post, so I can see it.
        2. The specific position you’re applying for, so I know what I'm about to look at.
        3. A sample of your own work, so I know what I'm bringing in.
          • Artists: Draw and post a relevant Picture (does not to be colored or complete, jsut a sample of your style: a sketch is fine)
          • Writers: Write me something about the Orobori
          • Playtesters: A 1 paragraph character concept
        4. A list of qualifications
        5. Brief explanation of what you want to be involved in and why.
        These will not only be accepted on whether or not you do them, but also on whether or not you're a competent writer. I'm doing it this way because I need people who can 1) make themselves public, 2) follow instructions, and 3) show me that they're not going to write weird gibberish if I give them access to the docs. That being said, you don't HAVE to be good at anything creative to be eligible: we need people to draw the borders and symbols, and we need writers to work on basic mechanics.

        The standard for being accepted is low: simply being able to put forward something competent, even with guidance, is more important than being able to build a masterpiece.

        One last thing...
        Stop apologizing to me. Goddamn, you people. I have no idea why this is becoming a thing now. I mean, I know I can be blunt and sometimes sound abrasive, but I'm actually never mad or upset about anything. It's really unnecessary...
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        Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
        The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.


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          Suggested Reading for Understanding and Inspiration.
          For the enrichment of Team Members, prospective Storytellers, and general fans.
          The following media factors heavily into this game's concepts, and you should have an understanding of at least some of these things before you join the team. I don't care if you just read the Wikipedia articles, or the Cliff's Notes versions, but these are not only useful from the standpoint of Dragon Rekindled, but will make you a better storycrafter in general. Note that effectively tying some of the more serious ones into any otherwise-competent application is a good way to get it accepted.

          Philosophy / Metaphysics
          Philosophy has always played a major role in World of Darkness, and anything can apply, but these are the big ones here.
          • Socrates and Plato - Pretty much anything by these guys is great material for anything set in the World of Darkness. Stuff like Justice, The Cave, and Platonic Forms are prime examples of content which the whole setting is based on.
          • Confucius - Shock and CJC have mentioned that his writings factored heavily into 1st and 3rd edition.
          • Machiavelli's "The Prince" - In which a very intelligent man practically BEGS Lorenzo Di'Medici to violently conquer Italy for it's own good, laying out a cold pragmatism that reshaped politics. If the connection isn't obvious, you need to take a look at the earlier editions of Dragon, and perhaps anything else set in the World of Darkness.
          • Rene Descartes - Talks about perfection, existence of mind, and the nature of the Christian God's existence. Heavily referenced in the Secret Lore too.
          • Friedrich Nietzsche - The concepts of Self Actualization and Will to Power, the scathing rebukes of Nihilism, and the fact that the Oroboroi are basically Ubermensch, all factor in really well. Some of this stuff is even directly referenced in the current material.
          • Alister Crowley - I don't think it's possible to write World of Darkness and not know who this guy is. You don't have to stick a pyramid on your head or anything, just understand his mindset: he was a real-life Occultist, trying to give meaning to what he perceived as supernatural events around him. This mindset, that even the supernatural can be boiled down to the mundane, is essential for writing paranormal fiction and dark fantasy.
          • Ayn Rand - The concepts of the need for Self-Actualization to give life Worth are a large chunk of what the Hubris and Guilt are about. The Randian hero is the epitome of what a determination, a leg-up, and a bit of hubris can get a person. Obviously, Ayn Rand plowed head-on into Hubris, going so far as to condone genocide, so there's that too.
          • Anton LaVey - The inverse of Rand, who thought that the world was just, therefore man must be brutal, LaVey had the more sobering belief in a brutal and unfair universe. Also, he wrote a bit on Crowley, so there's that.
          • David Icke - An Occultist second, a Conspiracy theorist first. Best known for the idea that shapeshifting reptilians from another world control the governments through fake personas, gaining powers through magical means. He also talks about the power of the dream world and the idea that we only see a small part of reality. Sound familiar?
          Science and History
          A good World Builder can take their fantastical elements and boil them down into the mundane, and can build metaphors from reality. It's good to have a backing.
          • Richard Dawkin's writings on Evolution and Memes - I am not joking. A HUGE amount of the secret lore requires a basic understanding of these concepts. You will get lost if you do not know them. Make sure you understand how evolution actually works, and the awful realities which people like Dawkins are pointing out, because the process of evolution is a real-life-horror-story that makes Cthulhu seem passé. Memes are heavily important to the ideas of a society, and especially creatures based on imagination.
          • The Warring States Period - For 200 years, China was basically a place of constant warfare between the various warlords, who had to band together or be annihilated when outsiders like the Mongols attacked, until the Quin Dynasty conquered everyone. This is how Oroboroi society sometimes functions.
          • Psychology - Just... Anything. Including the disproven stuff and the Pseudoscience. This is a huge chunk of the Dreamtide.
          Mythology / Culture
          Legends are very important to a game about Living Legends.
          • A wide amount of material on Dragons - There's not much specific to be reccomended here, just the understanding that there are vastly different accounts of Dragons, from the Western monsters, to the Asian serpents, to the Coatls described in South American mythology. They're a pretty common concept.
          • Gilgamesh - The dude was an ass-kicking machine, a king to boot, and was full of Hubris. He was exactly what an Oroboroi can strive to be.
          • Heracles - The story of a man with godlike powers trying to simply be a good man in the face of strife. Also, Hera is the bitchiest bitch in the universe.
          • Beowulf - Also an ass-kicking machine, and a Slayer on top of that.
          • The Old Testament / The Torah - Specifically Genesis. The Bible is one of the most widely published but least read books, and it's a HUGE part of our culture. The themes discussed in Genesis were a heavy inspiration for the portrayal of the Dominion and Collapse stories.
          • St George - The most iconic Slayer in Western Folklore.
          Modern Fiction
          I'm sure we've all seen far too much of this, so I'll be specific.
          • Paradise Lost - The story of Genesis... From the perspective of Satan and the people around him. Once again, the story of Eden is a huge influence on how the Dominion and Collapse stuff is portrayed.
          • Fate Zero: The Meeting of Kings - I'm really not a fan of anime, but this scene blew me away: Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, and King Arthur all sit around a keg of ale and talk about what a King should be. This is Nasu at his best, and the relevance is obvious.
          • Gordon R Dickson's "Dragon Knight" Series - It's about a guy from the 1970s who becomes a Mage and gets the power to turn into a Dragon, and get this, he actually stops to give rational explainations for what would otherwise seem fantastical, to the point that the most insane things don't even touch your disbelief. It's an awesome series by a prolific Science-Fantasy author, and if you like the idea of humans becoming Dragons, you should read it.
          • David Icke's Reptilian Conspiracy Theory - Ok, so, technically more conspiracy theory than "fiction" per say, (and if you look at Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz, perhaps even believable), but seriously? The idea that there are lizard-people trying to run the government is dripping with Oroboroi potential.
          • Dragonheart - A movie about leadership, reponsibility, and dragons. This was mentioned in the Embers books, and it needs to be mentioned again here.
          • Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King - Based on a few Norse and German epics, this is the story of a man who kills a dragon, bathes in its blood to gain its powers, and is laid low by greed, treachery, and dark magic. It's exactly what the life-cycle of an Oroboros is about.
          Other White Wolf Books
          Obviously, the more the better, but these stand out the most...
          • Mage: The Awakening - This is probably the most important book to understand if you want to write things into the World of Darkness. The Mages have the most clear and verifiable understanding of what's actually going on, as well as the physics which REALLY govern what's going on. We're assuming the lore of Mage to be the closest to the reality of what's going on in the World of Darkness.
          • Vampire: Requiem and/or Masquerade - Tells the story of immortal beings who must eat to survive, and harbor a snarling beast within their chests. Sound familiar?
          • Werewolf: The Forsaken - They change into monsters. They have access to a realm of symbolism and power that mortals cannot fathom. Who does that sound like?
          • Changing Breeds - Always a good second-source on the idea of a shape-shifter.
          • Scion: Hero, Demigod, God, and everything else - The Scion trilogy is a beautifully crafted set of books, which we are going to take heavy inspiration from for our own formats. The concepts of demigods fighting secret battles among humans in order to prove their worth is perfect fodder for Dragon Rekindled.
          • Beast: The Primordial - Infamously, this has been heavily compared to Dragon, though it is an entirely different book. There are some similar underlying concepts, which are useful to know, and it's an interesting take on what one can do with Dream-based powers.
          • Werewolf: The Apocalypse, 20th Anniversary Edition - You don't have to read it, but just LOOK at this thing: this is what a good World of Darkness book SHOULD look like, and it's the standard we're aiming for.
          Notice: Referencing a certain, sub-par, heavily-overrated "roleplaying" "game" which purports to be about dragons living in dungeons is grounds for a kick in the face.
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          Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
          The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.


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            Um... Question: Are we keeping Edicts? Because I don't see any mention of them and I personally think that their fluff as the Oroboros calling down the power of the Dreamtide and making a small part of the world essentially a waking dream in which they are the dreamer is both interesting and fitting for the game.


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              Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
              Um... Question: Are we keeping Edicts? Because I don't see any mention of them and I personally think that their fluff as the Oroboros calling down the power of the Dreamtide and making a small part of the world essentially a waking dream in which they are the dreamer is both interesting and fitting for the game.

              I forgot to add it here. I'll do that...

              Edit: Done. Though I'm calling it Purviews for now, because I want to try out that term...
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              Dragon Rekindled: The Oroboroi Chronicles.
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                Another question: How are we going to be dealing with the interactions of the Astral Realms and the Dreamtide? Are they going to be just different names for the same thing? Are they completely independent planes? Is it only the Dreamtide that exists?

                And it has to be said, I preferred Edicts to Purviews. The word sounds more immediate and forceful. Also, a purview is 'the scope of the influence or concerns of something', as opposed to an Edict, which is 'an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority'. I just think that Edict fits better. You know what they say about fixing things that aren't broken.
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                  I find it almost funny how the Orobori, despite being possibly the closest Kin that Beasts have apart from other Beasts, have such a bad relationship with them. I can understand why, what with all the terrorising, but it still strikes me as kind of amusing. Although I could see a place for a Nemesis in a Oroboros' Province. Can you say 'chief enforcer'?


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                    If it helps for inspiration, the Princess the Hopeful Dreamlands are basically the same as the Mage's Astral Realms, just seen through a different lens. In this case, the lens is the Supernatural Template in use. The best article I can find on this is at the bottom of this wiki page. Maybe Dragon could do something similar to this?


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                      Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
                      I find it almost funny how the Orobori, despite being possibly the closest Kin that Beasts have apart from other Beasts, have such a bad relationship with them. I can understand why, what with all the terrorising, but it still strikes me as kind of amusing. Although I could see a place for a Nemesis in a Oroboros' Province. Can you say 'chief enforcer'?

                      Not that strange. They're similar because they're equal and opposites.

                      Beasts are creatures of the Primordial Dream of the id, dragons the Bright Dream of the superego. The two are just close enough to recognize what the other wants is the exact opposite of the world they thrive in.


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                        Yeah, Dragons, Beasts, and Deep Ones are all in the same sort of Clade of sentient Dreamtide creatures. Dragons and Beasts don't get along because Dragons and Nightmares don't get along and what is a Beast but a Nightmare in human form?

                        And Yes, the Dreamtide, Astral, Dreamlands, and Primordial Dream are all the same place through different perspectives.

                        If anyone wants to join the project, please say so, and I'll try to have a Skype meeting at some point this week...

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                          Originally posted by RockstarRaccoon View Post

                          If anyone wants to join the project, please say so, and I'll try to have a Skype meeting at some point this week...
                          Did you get the PM I sent you?


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                            uh, no. lol

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                            The official reboot of Dragon: The Embers.


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                              Originally posted by RockstarRaccoon View Post
                              Yeah, Dragons, Beasts, and Deep Ones are all in the same sort of Clade of sentient Dreamtide creatures. Dragons and Beasts don't get along because Dragons and Nightmares don't get along and what is a Beast but a Nightmare in human form?

                              And Yes, the Dreamtide, Astral, Dreamlands, and Primordial Dream are all the same place through different perspectives.

                              If anyone wants to join the project, please say so, and I'll try to have a Skype meeting at some point this week...
                              PM the time me and I'll see if I will able.