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Changeing sin and virtue

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  • Changeing sin and virtue

    Has anyone ever changed their characters vice and virtue through a campaign or in another campaign after their were done with and old one?

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    We're running this one scenario set in medieval times, in which my character really wanted to be a king for a very long time. His vice was Greed, which I'd explained as a kind of "Lust for Power" thing. However, at one point in the game, he actually met a king and got to see what that was like. Now, this kings city had (has) a lot of issues, and some of them used be that the city had been infiltrated by a few very powerful people belonging to a faction he is at war with. He knew full well that those people were there (somewhere. Its a large city) but he couldn't really do anything about it, due to the fact that it would expose his inability to keep the populace safe, and he would loose face to everyone, and possibly destabilize his kingdom.

    Now, my character is a really "No rules" kinda guy. Much of the reason he wanted to be a king in the first place, was because he felt that then, nobody could tell him what he could and could not do. Sort of the ultimate expression of freedom, if you will. When he saw how little freedom this king had, it basically shook his entire perception to its foundation, and as events progressed he abandoned his king fantasy altogether. As the story has progressed, he has actually gotten a people to lead and a fortress to house them in, but he refuses to be called "king" and will correct anyone who does.
    I talked with my storyteller about this, and decided that while he still wanted to accrue ever greater power, he could no longer get the same rush out of advancing that plan, due to his experiences with the king. We decided a Vice shift was in order. To tell you the truth, i am not entirely sure if i settled with Lust or Pride, but am pretty sure i went for one of those.

    In general, it shouldn't a light thing, and it should certainly influence the way you play the character. Some of the reason i was so happy about this change, was because i felt i had sufficiently explored the "Power hungry mage hell bend on becoming more powerful!" avenue, and wanted to explore new vistas. Its essentially something that basically redefines what makes your character re-energized. It should be a game changer when it happens.

    Cheers ~ Krobeles