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    Speed dating

    You say down in the chair, across the small table from the seated stranger, dreading another ninety seconds of awkward conversation or worse, awkward silence. You regret that Zach talked you into trying this. At least you've got your patter down.

    "Hi - we don't have lots of time, so let's start with the big stuff: I'm 33, unmarried and self-employed as an artist. I hate arguing about politics, but am pretty left-wing. I'm allergic to dogs, and probably small children. I love to cook and I'm a vegetarian."

    Your word torrent comes to an abrupt halt and you wait for some reaction - positive, negative...

    "I love to cook too." There was a long pause. "I'm a humanitarian".

    "Are you active in the community?"

    Again the pause.

    "Actually, that's why I'm here."

    "You're here for social work?"

    There was a longer pause. "No. I love to cook and I'm a humanitarian".

    Next: What was on the tape.