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Stranger Things = CofD: Innocents

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    I mean, you don't even really need any templates to make Eleven or any one else. Though obviously more way to do similar things is always good.

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      I agree with Wyrd, though I can easily see how to stretch it to be an Underworld or Changrling story. Either way, the Party is a cell of Innocent Hunters, helped out by a few adult hunters, and the deviant Eleven. You can SEE the breaking points happening XD. That Hunter ptsd is strong.

      I personally had the hardest time running the Shadow until season 1 came out, and season 2 reinforced the Upside Down as a twisted reflection of our world with a whole, brutal ecosystem.

      It really freaked the non-Uratha players when I described werewolves as half human, half demodog. But I hadn't even thought of the obvious Idigam trying to manifest. Yikes, this is why being Claimed is scary! Break those manifestation conditions quick! (Even if it triggers that pesky "torture" breaking point.
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        Originally posted by Gallus View Post
        I mean, you don't even really need any templates to make Eleven or any one else. Though obviously more way to do similar things is always good.
        Oh, certainly not. The whole thing could be easily reproduced with ordinary bluebook characters, maybe a couple of supernatural Merits, and some clever use of the Horrors system. I think, though, that the goal of comparing elements of the show to various gamelines is not so much to figure out the best way to emulate them using CofD rules, but rather to contextualize the show within a CofD framework, in much the same way that the kids contextualize their supernatural experiences within a D&D framework.

        The analogy the characters use to understand what they’re going through tells is a lot about how they view these things. To them, the Upside-Down is an evil reflection of our world, dominated by necrotic and shadow energy*. The monsters are Always Chaotic Evil demons and alien inhabitants of the Far Realm. Whereas, the fact that I frame it within the context of Changeling the Lost shows that I view the Upside-Down as a physical manifestation of the characters’ pain and trauma, and the monsters as semi-metatextual forces of narrative. I can assume from the fact that Wyrd compares it to the Hisil that to him the Upside-Down is a predatory alien ecosystem, and the monsters are a natural part of that ecosystem.

        *side note: this description of the “Veil of Shadows” seems almost identical to the Shadowfell, but that didn’t exist in D&D until 4th Edition. I would say it’s probably homebrew, except that their teacher recognized it by name and seemed to be familiar with it from his own experience with D&D. Just something I thought was a little odd.
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          STRANGER THINGS: A DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HISTORY CHECK. Speaking of D&D and the Shadowfell, the Vale of Shadows seems to be an in universe recon to D&D based on the Shadowfell.
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            At the end of season 2 we even have ANOTHER reason why Stranger Things is great Shadow Realm + Idigam story -

            We see a good honest Exorcisms to break Possession Condition, with using Coalesed Idigam's Bane!
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