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    So- I've just lost my job, so I have again a lot of free time to spend! :P
    Because I'm bored, I've decided to do something kinda stupid and meaningless in the meanwhile- and what is more stupid than trying to create a solid "metaplot" to WoD? I mean, as a setting which is built around the fact that there is no "truth", creating a solid one is kinda the most useless thing I could do- but like I'm said, I'm bored :P
    And if things aren't worse enough, guess which explanation I'm gonna give to that single truth? Angels. And not even the God Machine ones- no, that will be too in theme. Instead I'm talking about right out of the bible angels! Yep, God is real, and his angels are all behind that! Sounds silly? That's the point :P

    So, how does God responsible to everything that happened in WoD?

    1) First, vampires. Vampires may seem as simply different groups of undead which have bonded together because they were similar enough- but they are not! Actually, all vampires track their origin to the time of the Nephilim! Do you remember that God has limited the lifespan of humanity to 120 in order to prevent the creation of the Nephilim? than guess what happened to all of those poor souls which already lived beyond that lifespan? Yep, vampires. This is why the eldest vamps are named after Methuselah- he was one of them! (or may even still be). The strixs are what that happened to the angels which created the Nephilim (the grigori) as a punishment, and they got their owl like form after being adopted by Lilith. Theban Sorcery is used by manipulating the divine curse of God, while Curac is used because by the innate connection of all vampires to Lilith, for all souls which are unborn are in her care.

    2) So what happened to the Nephilim themselves, you ask? The answer- werewolves. Or, more exactly, all types of shifters. Then truth is that spirits are actually fallen angels by themselves- they are those Grigori which didn't gave themselves to Lilith and instead of vengeance they searched after a worship as gods. All of them are cursed by silver because God have cursed Luna (which was one of his highest angels) that all of her children will suffer from her touch. In an attempt to repent for her sins, Luna took all of the wickedest among the Grigori and trapped them on the moon- where they lost their form because of the lack of worship

    3) Who remember why Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden? Yep- because of the Tree of Knowledge! Since than, the power of the Tree is still found in the soul of every man, and one could potentially create the connection to the the mythical origin of all life- if they could pass the burning sword of God which guards that place- which is today called as the "Abyss". Once someone reestablish that connection, he becomes a mage! The Exrachs are actually the descendant of the Serpent, while the Oracles are those few people who regained access to Eden. The Annunaki are the Cherubim, which watch the Abyss for all eternity. All of the Supernal Realms are just places in Eden, while the creatures of the Supernal are the angels which are still loyal to God. Archmasters are humans which has been risen to angelic status

    4) Prometheans? Come on! It is almost too easy! However, there is a single twist. You see, Prometheans are not made from the Divine Fire of God- they are made from the power that God has left behind. God has left the world, you see, retreating to the Garden of Eden, and when he left he left behind the souls of thousands of unborn children- and those souls could be called down by the ones which are desperate enough and be bound to a dead body. Those souls have alchemic proprieties because it is actually a limitless potential. The Qashmalim are those angels which were left behind and weren't taken to Eden in order to maintain the world, and the Principle is actually the set of laws which was made by God and given to the angels before he left.

    5) The True Fae are those angels which rebelled during the begining of time, but were too good to Hell and too evil for Heaven. Becaouse of that, they are in a distance of one lie before falling to Hell- which means they must always tell the truth. Arcadia is made out of their fervent dreams in which they see themselves as gods, yet because they don't have a connection to God they lack the ability to create- which mean they must drain it from those who do have that ability (you see why listening to that Serpent wasn't a good idea?). The process makes the humans into more detached from God, which is presented by turning into more faelike. The Hedge is the dark mirror of the Garden of Eden as the Fae remember it, which is why it contains the sins of all humanity- including the original one.

    6) There are too many hunter mysteries to count, but let's try! The MM gain their powers from the Saints which connect mankind to God. The Lucifuge are exactly what they claim. Cherion are controlled by a group of fallen angels which seek to replace God by using the power of the monsters. AKD collect relics which are imbued with the powers of the angels, while the AO use their faith and the blessings of the Djinn (as the call the Qashmalim) in order to make Elixers. Nothing special in TF:V and the core compacts. The KoSG serve the Cherubim and stop mankind from defying their punishment for their Original Sin, while the Promethean Brotherhood is made from the humans who has discovered an ancient ceremony in which they can take the sins of other upon their souls- in order to temporary see to the glory of Eden. The KotS are those men who were blessed by God with the ability to sense those who defy the laws of God and keep sinning by using the forbidden Fruit. The Les Mystere serve the Grigori while the Cainte Heresy have learned their magic from Lilith, which is angry about the kindred for staying alive and not giving her their souls. VASCU is run by and Angel. The Faithfull of Shulpae serve God by regaining his stolen energy from the mummies while the Order of Saint Adrian is, again, without change.

    7) Geists (or Rephaim) are those angels which have found escape in the Underworld during the rebellion in order to escape Hell (for it is so distant from the light of the God that they are protected from his wrath). Because of that, they can't leave the Underworld (or Sheol) out of fear that they'll be discovered and punished, which is why they bind themselves to human souls. The Chatonian are those angels which died during the Rebellion, while the Kereboi are those angels which God made in order to supervise the Underworld. The reason that Ceremonies work in the weird way they work is because the Underworld is actually a limtless potential of concepts which God has thrown away and could be used bu those with connection to the Underworld. The Horsemen are exactly what they are- the Horsemen of thew Apocalypse, which gather and army of dead souls while waiting to destroy the world.

    8) The mummies originate from Nimrod and Babylon. Nimrod created the Tower of Babel in order to gain the power of God, and when God stroke it down it actually gained some of his power (which is why he left to Eden). By using that power Nimrod bound the dead souls in his realm into eternal life and servitude, while he used that power in order to become a god like being (Azar) and he gave life to his false idols (the Judges). Yet, they must gain more and more life energy in order to keep them alive, which is why they send their mummies to gather relics. The Devourer is actually a representation of God which seek to regain his lost powers.

    9) The God Machine is not God. Instead, it is the ancient Idol created by the Israeli while Moses wasn't around. because of the divine energies of the event, the Golden Bull gained conscious and believed itself to be a god. Since that day its has started to grow and spread, trying to fill the void which was left behind when God left mankind. It believes it does the good thing by trying to control all of mankind, by giving them the god they wished. The "angels" it makes are how it understand the angels of God, yet because those angels were made by a being which understand only its creators, each of them has the ability to become human. Yet, the Machine don't have enough energy to spare, which is why it tries to collect all the angels it loses so that one day it may conquer Eden and give mankind the God they always wished for.

    minor templates, fan gamelines and other mysteries will be given on demand (which I don't expect to see), and people are welcomed to create their own weird theories about how God did everything :P

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    This is friggin marvelous dude! I'm genuinely dazzled! This is useable as is and work wonders for say a hunters game. Though I would personally have the Djinn just be the Djinn, agents fashioned from smokeless fire with free will. The abyss as the flaming sword is brilliant, maybe that could be the fire. But quashmalim do make sense as djinn too. Judges as idols is brilliant!

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      I would have the angel that became Luna be Lailah, the "angel called Night" from certain interpretations of Genesis

      What if the Abyss were the multitude of souls who attempted to regain access to Eden but, for whatever reason, failed the test? Abyssal Intrusions and Paradox are them jealously lashing out at those who draw power from the Divine as they writhe between the Supernal and the Phenomenal.

      Having Geists be Angels that fled the war in heaven is actually a genius idea, and would be a great foundation for a Krewe's mythology

      Great work!


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        You know, I'm starting to think what would have happened if I've truly gave all of this some thought.. or perhaps it is the fact I didn't thought about it that you both liked it?

        and about the Abyss- the reason I've made it into the Flaming Sword was out of a simple thought process: if the Supernal is Eden, than what that blocks the way to Eden must be the Cherubim and the Flaming Sword, which is why I used the Annunaki and the Abyss to represent them. This is also why I've made the Djinn into the qashmalim- the Qashmalim are beings of smokeless fire, and the Djinn are also beings of smokeless fire. Sure, the qashmalim seem to lack free will to the level the one of Demon's team said that they can't fall, but I've always understood it in that they simply always work by their mission- even if they try not to. Again, feel free to take what you want

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        "And all our knowledge is, Ourselves to know"- An Essay on Man

        I now blog in here


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          This would be fantastic for a game that is using the translation guides from the oWoD.


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            Love it,how would Your Conjurers fit in the mix(oh and maybe Leviathan as well).



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              Let me put something in:

              Beasts: Ever hear of Adam's first wife, Lilith? Not born of his rib, but of the Earth? The stories are mostly right; she saw herself equal to Adam, and for that never coupled with him, eventually having to leave the Garden. They don't say she left on her own accord, nor that her Earth was what fed the Tree of Knowledge; God had created other beasts with other souls first, and upon learning that there might be a better lover than the comparatively mindless Adam among them. She didn't find one, but by the time she had returned, God had made Eve. The stories are also right that Lilith took the form of a snake and convinced Eve to share the Fruit of Good and Evil with Adam, but her motive was not jealousy or malice, but simple loneliness-there was none she could hold a simple conversation with, no one but the angels, and they often did not walk the mortal world, even in those days.

              Enraged by her disrupting paradise out of reckless desperation, God decided a fitting punishment to take the source of Lilith's sin, her prodigious mind, from her. She became a creature of instincts and primal emotions, the first denizen of the first dream, a nightmare produced when the first couple's minds allowed them to comprehend how dangerous the world truly was. Within it, she became as a she-wolf, following only her needs to eat, sleep, and on occasion breed with the monsters of those days, living weapons of the War in Heaven, long abandoned. Stopping only when something she saw reminded her off all that she had lost, and the sons and daughters of the primordial couple would wake up echoing the sobs that echoed in their dreams.

              Then came the Watchers, and their Children, the Nephilim; giants who were not entirely human, and alien beasts with mortal souls. They were born in pain, and their own fears called out to the sad dream walker, who then simply though she smelled a meal. As she dined on their misery, however, she understood them; broken relatives of humans, made horrifying and lonely by divine errors. With that, Lilith felt something she had never truly before, and something mere animals are incapable of; filial love for those lost children unrelated. That love reminded her of who she is, and the reborn human wrestled and yet reconciled with the Horror she became. Across all dreams, one thousand Nephilim heard a promise:

              Accept my love, accept my curse, and I shall help you. Your sons and daughters will be as of Eve and Adam, but they shall hear. Should they chose to listen, I will help you sing open what they truly are. All I ask is that you do not become as I did, and seek to guard and teach my brother's children for their sake, and not for your own.

              Seven hundred and fifty accepted. The remainder?

              Well, that's a far more heroic tale, I'd say.
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                I dig this. I like the Mage tie-in with the Garden of Eden.


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                  Deviant: It is not a pretty thing, the story of Cain and Abel. It's even less pretty when one realizes that the first murder was the censored version. In reality, Cain "sacrificed" his brother-and of him made the image of God, a living work of art in a body that had no business carrying a simulacra of the universe in its entirety. His brother's existence was actually ended by God as an act of mercy-and the agony transferred to Cain as part of his "boon", that sevenfold mark of Vengeance. When the Flood came, the Mark actually remained; Noah's family, as it turned out, regularly adopted the few Cainite descendants who showed virtue despite their belief in their invulnerability, intermingling with their Abelite descendants until there was not but a normal human race-with a dormant Mark. It takes a lot to awaken it-and not usually on the part of the bearer. Rather, in an ironic twist, the mark of Cain is awakened by suffering more akin to Abel-the state of having become a living sacrifice to whatever cause. This, above all else, is why the Remade are always mutating-they are, after all, knockoffs of the image of God.


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                    If you don't mind, I would like to bring in a small idea on Sirens.

                    Long before had God called the Flood upon the Earth, to drown his sinful creation and keep those worth saving, Noah and his family along with two of each animal. The reason most know of was that God wanted to destroy his own damned humanity and start anew. The real reason was that God wanted to punish his wayward children, the Nephilim, by making them watch the humanity they came to know and love all perish before them.

                    The Nephilim were distraught during the Deluge, not knowing what to do as they watched their loved ones die. Some became mad and killed themselves to be with their loved ones. Most of the others mutated, transforming into beings part man and part fish. They cut off their own wings and grew fins in their place. They worked endlessly upon their drowning loved ones, for they couldn't bear the strength to keep them alive forever. They tried mutuating them, making them part fish like they but the process destroyed what little souls they had left, becoming beings only desiring to survive no matter the cost to themselves or others. No longer were they the ones the Nephilim loved but victims who can barely survive the apocalypse God brought forth.

                    In the end, the Nephilim's efforts were worthless. Without a humanity to depend on, they began fading away. The last thing they did was sing a song, begging to avoid the Deluge. This song was charged by madness, grief, and love for a lost humanity, and wishing for the new humanity to avoid their mistakes.

                    They say that when the Song fell upon God's ears, he was touched. It was only upon the end of the Deluge that he promised that it would never happen again.

                    This Song still exists, drowning those who feel the same desperation the fallen Nephilim felt and turning them into beings like them. Part fish, part human who feed upon the souls of humanity to sustain themselves.

                    ...Of course, not all of the Nephilim died. One remained, hidden away in the deepest trench where not even the depths of Hell could match. This woman cried, all of her beloved humanity was dead and gone. Taken out by a petty God. When the waters settled though, and she saw the work of the previous Nephilim, she was mad with laughter. They were able to make soulless beings who could survive a Flood, but could they survive any apocalypse god would throw at them? When she came upon land, she found a new humanity worthy of her love. A new humanity she could experiment on. A humanity from which she could make an even newer humanity from, one that could survive any apocalypse that even a God would throw.

                    Taking the name of Echidna, the heretical Greek Mother of Monsters, she vows to create a humanity that doesn't need a God to survive.

                    Currently Doing: Siren the Drowning (Fansplat Ressurection)


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                      Given new stories in Conquering Heroes?

                      I'd like to make an addition to my story:

                      "Of course, the stories are mum on what happened to Lilith's biological children. Many died, of course. They weren't meant to exist, and attempting to cross a primordial human with a divine weapon is a glitched process to say the least. When she adopted the Begotten, I have no doubt many jointed their mother; perhaps that is why Beasts may metamorphize farther, they are simply awakening the long-dormant instructions to become weapons in a long-ago divine war."

                      "But some did not care. Some, I feel, enjoyed being creatures of instinct and hunger, driven only by their next meal. A simpler existence, that. And for that, they were never given any of God's Mercy; they would have no home, not in the first dream, nor among the humans they had rejected, in any form. They would be children of the days before the first Sabbath, of primal chaos and unformed clay that was before the world finished settling into its form. Many of those died after...but there was one living weapon who saw a use in them, and found a way to make more of their number from humans when the stars were right. The myths know him now as Behemoth, the primal monster of the land who only God could destroy-and even in death, his rage may reshape the first dream to fit his descendants"

                      "I have never met one, of course. But I'd imagine they'd be like their mother, before she remembered herself. Amoral. Primal. Ever seeking, but never finding."

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                        Reviving this, because this is totally now the mythology of a krewe of Furies I'm making: the Jury of Mastema, the prosecutors and jail counselors of Purgatory.

                        To them, there is only one true Chothonic "God"; Lucifer, illegitimate ruler of hell and selfish short-sightedness incarnate. To "ascend" to become one is nothing less than to repeat the First Evil, as opposed to the First Sin; to dethrone loyal Satan, and wreck the very nature of the afterlife as a place of rehabilitation and make of Hell a parasite that actively inspires the darkness it is supposed to combat and purify, and make Limbo a chaotic mess that actively steals Essence from the dead where Laws are not in place to give it a different purpose. Of course, Lucifer and his archdemons can't create; why do you think the Dark One's stooges use what is essentially repurposed corpses to empower themselves.


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                          Check your local library system and see if it has "The Gnostic Bible" by Willis Barnstone. If I remember correctly it has an index in the back, look for an angel named Samael. According to the Gnostic texts it was Samael that took on the form of a serpent. Also Samael impersonated Adam and fathered Cain.


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                            Very clever idea, but it's not for me as I prefer polytheism in all things.