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  • Had an idea for a Vhailor-like servant of Justice (as in - the cosmic concept of it). Part of me is thinking Royal Avatar Goetia with new Numina like
    Inverted Resonance - The entity draw power as sustenance from the lack or antithesis of its concept rather than the presence. For whatever would normally be the opposite of its nature, it can draw Essence, treat as the Resonance Condition, and locate (including with the Seek Numen). Individual Influences are unaffected.
    Royal Pejorative (Royal Avatar only) - As the Royal Avatar of a greater power, some of the entity's powers carry increased weight. One of the entity's Numina or Influences automatically succeeds in any Clash of Wills against Rank 5 and below ephemeral entities as well as lesser beings. Against greater opponents, use the patron entity's Clash of Wills dice pool.

    On the other hand, they might also work as a Horror, with Influence: Justice, Bane Strike (Unpunished), and Home Ground (Places of Injustice)... Decisions, decisions.

    If anyone else wants to do a version, feel free.

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    • The idea looks solid - the only thing I would have reservation with is a"Royal Pejorative"Numina. Most "Royal Avatar" level entities are so blisteringly powerful anyway that a "automatic win" mechanic would be somewhat redundant. And allowing them to clash with Rank 6+ Entities is a little odd, since Rank 6+ entities don't have stats,and are assumed to exist as pure plot device anyway.

      write up below.

      The Merciless One
      This entity resides in the Temenos, the Astral Realm that houses the collective dreams, myths, and concepts of Humanity. The Merciless One is an avatar that travels Realms of Fate, Law, Justice, Revenge, and Karma. It is an entity of Justice without Mercy – the idea that leniency and mercy only enables the wicked. The entity is zealous and has little sense of scale, and levies severe punishment for even minor acts of wrong doing. It’s appearance evolves as the concept it represents evolves, but its current form is of a stern woman in black armor, blindfolded and bearing a sword.

      Rank 5 [Goetia]
      Power 15 Finesse 12 Resistance 13, Willpower 10, Essence 50
      Corpus 20, Size 7, Initiative 25, Defense 12, Speed 37
      Influence: Justice 3, Punishment 4
      Ban: Can only act against transgressors that remain unpunished; Bane: tears of the unjustly punished
      Manifestation: None
      Numina: Antithesis (Justice/Injustice)*, Awe, Emotional Aura (Guilt), Know Soul (as the Dread Power), Nemesis (Unpunished)*, Phantom Arsenal*, Seek, Stalwart

      Numina – Antithesis: Choose one of the entities Influences when this Numina is selected; the entity is considered resonant with that concept as well as a related, but opposing concept. Example could include Heat/Cold, Love/Hate, Life/Death etc. This only applies to the Resonant Condition, and grants the entity no direct power over the opposed concept.

      Numina – Nemesis: The entity spends 3 Essence to deal horrific damage to a specific type of foe (such as Dogs, Murderer’s, Liar’s,etc). Against enemies of the chosen description, the entity count as their opponent’s Bane when using unarmed attacks, claws, or teeth and deal aggravated damage.

      Numina – Phantom Arsenal: The entity spends 1 Essence point to manifest blades, claws, fangs, hooks or other appropriate weaponry. The modification acts as a +1L weapon. By spending an additional point of essence, this weapon gains the “9-Again” quality.

      Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
      The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
      Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
      Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


      • So this i my take on a god of sorts, that is a major npcs in a chronicle im running. This is however not her form I'm using, that would be her current vampire-form.
        Some of her powers are copied from or inspired by powers in this and other threads, credit where credit is due, but i can't remember which posts or authors.

        The Undying Goddess

        Over the strecthes of time she has been called many names by diffrent cultures, most of which is long since forgotten. The sands of time has eroded her names,her deeds and personality, her powers and workings are deeply intertwined with the birth of mythology. She has been worshiped as a diety in many lands and her orgins are lost. She herself only tells that there is truth in legends and she was there in the ancient times and people worshiped her. Perhaps she was once mortal or perhaps she’s an actual goddess, some even mean she’s the original goddess of death and the underworld but surely nothing is that simple. What is known though is that many still today worship her as a godess in her own right or at least as a part of some higher power, attributing sotries and mythologhy to her and giving her names of many a diety from history, and she usually don’t seem to mind. More then a few cults of the Crone see har as the actual Crone or a fragment of her, perhaps as a emenation or physical representation. Either way, no one could question her imense power, but whom can really tell what she is. One of many epetiah given to her is the undying one, due to the way she seems to return even though she seems to have been destoryed many times over the ages.
        The werewolves that has interacted with her through the ages says she’s no normal spirit or claimed from the shadow, but something resembeling one, both of dead flesh and epehmera. Mages speculate that she’s a alien spirit or perhaps even a supernal entity from Stygia that sought refuge in a lower depth. The few mummies that have encountered her, somtimes confuse her, at least for a short time as one of the Judges or perhaps an avatar of one of them. Some think she’s really just a powerful ghost, or perhaps a chtonian that have figured a way to evolve beyond the limits of the Underworld.

        The Royal Avatar of The Undying Goddess
        Whatever she once was has long changed and it would be hard to categorize her easily now. Mechanically she functions mostly like a Pangaean, with the following exceptions:
        Like Pangaean she’s not a Spirit and are uneffected by any thing that would affect a spirit only, neither is she a ghost or just an ancient vampire. Trying to affect her would require both Spirit and Death Arcanum.
        She does have a twilight presence and manifistations
        The death of the royal avatar does not leave a carcass

        Rank: 5 (?)
        Power: 15
        Finesse: 12
        Resistance: 14

        Willpower 10
        Essence: 50
        Initiative: 26
        Defence: 12
        Speed: 32
        Size: 6
        Corpus: 20
        Influence: Kindred 5, Blood 4
        Arcana: Death 5
        Ban: Must keep an oath that parties sworn whearing nothing but the naked flesh, baptipsted in blood of an unborn.
        Ban: The rays of the sun weaken her, removing a die from an attribute per turn until only a single die in each attribute remains
        Ban: May never enter a private dwelling without invitation from the dweller
        Ban: Water from a stream that leads to the Underground forces her to imaterialize or abandon a fetter or possession.
        Bane: The flames from the burning body of a vampire who is in Frenzy that has been undead for at least 27 years and was embreaced by the age of 27.
        Bane: The fangs from a vampire diablerized by a Strix that has soaked in Vitae from six clans for 4 days.
        Manifestations: Twilight Form, Image, Possess, Avernian Gateway, Materialize, Discorporate
        Numia: Price of Power ****, Awe, Agressive Meme, Blast, Dement, Drain, Mortal Mask, Hallucination, Banshee Wail, Curse, Heal, Regenerate, Blight, Twilight Abduction, Soul Thief (dread power), Immortal (dread power), Emotional Aura, Entropic Decay

        Vampiric entity
        This power allows the entity to use Vitae instead of Essence and vice versa. In materilized form she may feed Vitae as if a vampire or with a point of willpower use breath drinking, the later can be used from twilight.

        Divine Bleed:The first time in a scene that it suffers Corpus damage, the Undying Goddess may reflexively use the Awe, Dement, Entropic Decay or Hallucination Numina for free. It may also create a Rank 1 spirit of blood and darkness for free each time it suffers damage. This may or may not be a Strix.

        Monstrous Form: The Undying Goddess has Armour 14, and may spend 1 Essence to shrug off any Tilt it experiences. These benefits do not apply to attacks from its Banes.

        Goddess of Love
        By spending a point of Essence the Undying Goddess may inflict a persistant Swooning Condition on a subject, pertaining to either herself or anyone they both have met. For five points they also gained the Charmed condition. These Conditions last for one year and one day

        Godess of War
        By spending a point of Essence the Undying Goddess may inflict a persistant Inspired (war) Condition on a subject, pertaining to a conflict approved by the Undying Godess. For Five points they also gain the Addicted (war) Condition.

        Kin Goddess of the Kindred
        Any Kindred in her presence Gain the Raptured Condition partaining to her, as well as the Wanton Condition (even to Kindred that has previously resolved it in the month) as well as the Ecstatic Condition.

        Sacred Oaths
        Any oath or promise sworn in the presence of the Undying Godess holds power and as a goddess of oaths and law, she’s immediately aware if such an oath is broken and gains a brief vision about the event, furthermore she may reflexively use the Curse numen on the target for free.

        Blood of every vein
        With the expenditure of a Point of Willpower she may as an instant action de-materialize and and move herself to any Kindred she has used her Influences on and possess him or any descending vampire in his lineage, effectively teleporting in Twilight.

        Goddess in Flesh and Blood
        By paying 10 essence and a point of willpower the Undying Goddess diminishes some of her powers by giving herself corporeal form as a Kindred. She synthesizes her own essence with a corpse or temporary creates one from blood with her influence, embracing herself. From now she is considered a Kindred vampire and lose her Influence, Numia, Ban, Banes and other special powers except for; Immortal, Discorporate and Kin Goddess of the Kindred. The first time she uses this ability she creates a weak newly embraced neonate, but keeps anything she learns in her vampire form, even if it’s destroyed for future use, making her vampire form in this day one of, if not the most powerful vampire in existence.
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        • Would the Demonic Form Process Data Form work better adapted to a Manifestation, or a Numina?

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          • RE: Dataform

            After looking over it , Dataform is great as either, but I am slightly more inclined to set it as a Manifestation. Dataform would also make a great Dread Power for all your Horror needs!

            Re: Its been a while!

            Since its been awhile since I put down anything new, here is a Ghost using the updated mechanics from Geist 2nd Edition.

            Jesse Crow
            Jesse Crow was the leader of a band of thieves and outlaws active in northern Texas in the late 1800’s. Originally from Georgia, Jesse was a Confederate soldier who deserted the army and fled west several months prior to the official end of the Civil War. After spending several years working as a ranch hand and hired enforcer, he eventually settled upon banditry and soon gathered a gang of like minded criminals to engage in robbery and extortion. His criminal career was cut short when he and his gang were cut down in a fire fight with lawmen at the Palo Duro Canyon outside of Amarillo.
            As a Ghost, Jesse remains anchored to a photo of his body posed inside of a casket that was taken shortly after his death. The photo is currently part of a private collection of western memorabilia.
            Jesse appears as a tall man in the garb of a hard-riding outlaw clad in leather and denim, with a dark blue bandanna pulled over his face (beneath the bandanna reveals skeletal remains). His bloody is riddled in bullet holes that continue to bleed.

            Rank 2[Ghost]
            Power 5 Finesse 4 Resistance 5, Willpower 9, Essence 15
            Corpus 10, Size 5, Initiative 9, Defense 4, Speed 14
            Virtue Pragmatic, Vice Envious
            Aspiration: To take wealth from the undeserving
            Key Skills: Firearms, Larceny
            Key Merits: Fast Reflexes
            Influence: Anchor (Photograph) 2
            Ban: Must manifest when whiskey is burned; Bane: Consecrated Bullets
            Manifestation: Image, Materialize, Twilight Form
            Numina: Blast (Pistol), Innocuous, Regenerate, Telekinesis
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            Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
            The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
            Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
            Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


            • Originally posted by Reighnhell View Post
              RE: Dataform

              After looking over it , Dataform is great as either, but I am slightly more inclined to set it as a Manifestation.
              Right. It looks more like a Manifestation. The only issue that prevents it from clinching it as such is - what Manifestation Condition does it require, and does it need the same Condition on the other end?

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              Yossarian: "And lo, it was optimal."


              • I think it works better as a Numen. At least if it's condensed down to a means of transportation. Otherwise you get the problem that the entity would almost certainly leave the range of whatever prerequisite Manifestation Condition as soon as they travel to the next node.

                Edit: The way I see it Data Form would have to be condensed no matter if you make it a Manifestation or Numen.
                If you try to fit it into a Numen I'd recommend focusing on it as a means of long distance transportation.
                If a Manifestation it would instead be a way to store yourself in whatever devices are present in a location under the Open Condition, with transportation between connected devices (which would be almost all such devices if the location has wifi) as a bonus effect. The Manifestation would then end if the device the entity currently inhabits comes into contact with its Bane.
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                Ordo Dracul Mysteries: Mystery of Smoke, Revised Mystery of Živa
                Mage The Awakening: Spell Quick Reference (single page and landscape for computer screens)


                • Updates and Revisions

                  I have been going back over this thread and updating a few of my Ghosts to Geist 2nd edition rules. I am also re-posting a few that originally appeared here.
                  Blackheart Jean-Philippe
                  “Blackheart” Jean-Philippe is the ghost of a notorious pirate that lived during what is considered the Golden Age of Piracy. Once a slave, Jean-Philippe took to piracy and raided the waters surrounding Haiti in the early 1700’s before being slain in battle. Even as a ghost, Jean-Philippe retains a sense of adventure and taste for the pleasures of wine, song, and sensuality. He is pragmatically ruthless, and thinks little of permanently dispatching enemies.
                  Jean-Philippe appears by turn either a handsome Haitian man with an athletic build, or a moldering skeletal corpse. He is anchored to his cutlass blade, which remains in excellent condition, with a bright polish and fresh leather wrapping on its hilt. The blade has moved through various museum collections, but was stolen 10 years ago. It’s current whereabouts are unknown.

                  Rank 2[Ghost]
                  Power 4 Finesse 6 Resistance 4, Willpower 10, Essence 15
                  Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 10, Defense 4, Speed 15
                  Virtue Adventurous, Vice Ruthless
                  Aspiration: To seek adventure and fortune
                  Key Skills: Streetwise, Weaponry
                  Key Merits: Professional Training (Pirate)
                  Influence: Anchor (Cutlass) 2
                  Ban: Must honor a declaration of truce; Bane: rum mixed with sea water
                  Manifestation: Fetter, Twilight Form, Unfetter
                  Numina: Awe, Blast (Pistol), Firestarter, Pathfinder, Telekinesis

                  The Bleak Cardinal
                  The Geist named the Bleak Cardinal can recall only fragments of its mortal life. Once, it was a man of the cloth and respected figure within his community. But he had long ago lost his faith in both man and God and every confession taken only increased his despair. Cast into Purgatory upon his death, he sought redemption, eventually enduring a second baptism in the waters of the Styx. The Bleak Cardinal now seeks redemption and salvation, hoping to help lost souls move beyond purgatory and earn their final rest.
                  The Bleak Cardinal appears as a bearded, skeletal corpse, dressed in red vestments of a catholic Cardinal His eyes blaze with a bright light and he speak in a quite, whispering voice with an educated eloquent manner of speaking.

                  Rank 3[Geist]
                  Power 9 Finesse 8, Resistance 7, Willpower 10, Essence 20
                  Corpus 12, Size 5, Initiative 15, Defense 8, Speed 22
                  Virtue Compassion, Vice Doubt
                  Aspiration: To Regain his Faith
                  Remembrance: Persuasion
                  Innate Key: Key of Cold Wind
                  Ban: Cannot harm members of the Clergy Bane: Communion Wine
                  Manifestation: Bargain, Discorporate., Image, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Blast, Drain, Emotional Aura, Rapture, Sign, Telekinesis

                  The Dullahan
                  The Reaper known as “The Dullahan” is a nightmarish vision of a headless horseman clad in black riding leathers and wrapped in a dark cloak. A relentless hunter, once its prey is chosen, few things can deter it. Not satisfied with just the dead, it is known to strike at the living fated to die, dragging their their freshly manifested ghosts back to the Underworld. Those wearing the Black Mantle of the Dullahan appear as a tall man (or woman) with lean, athletic frames, and carry their severed heads with them or keep them nearby. The Dullahan is always accompanied by a spectral mount or vehicle of some sort, typically a midnight black stallion, but occasionally they appear with horse drawn coach, motorcycle or car. As The Dullahan, the Reaper carries a sword and a whip. Victims are ensnared by the whip and engulf into the folds of the Black Mantle. Where the captured ghosts are taken is a mystery to even other Reapers, but none are ever seen again. The current Dullahan is a ghost named Christoph, who in life was a notoriously blood thirsty Hessian mercenary. These days he rarely sheds his Deathmask and spends nearly every moment as The Dullahan.

                  Rank 2/4 [Reaper]
                  Power 7/12 Finesse 3/9, Resistance 4/12, Willpower 7/10, Essence 15/25
                  Corpus 9/17, Size 5, Initiative 7/21, Defense 3/9, Speed 15/26
                  Virtue Determined, Vice Ominous
                  Aspiration: To herald impending death
                  Influence: Anchor (Skull) 2, Doom 2
                  Ban (Christoph): Cannot approach anyone carrying his mortal remain Bane (Christoph): Gold
                  Ban (Dullahan): Cannot enter a House of Worship Bane (Dullahan): Religious icons made of Gold
                  Manifestation: Avernian Gate, Discorporate, Image, Materialize, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Awe, Descend, Engulf, Pathfinder, Phantom Arsenal**, Regeneration, Snare**, Speed, Telekinesis

                  Numina- Snare: As per the Dread Power (CofD, pg. 147)
                  Numina – Phantom Arsenal: The entity spends 1 Essence point to manifest blades, claws, fangs, hooks or other appropriate weaponry. The modification acts as a +1L weapon. By spending an additional point of essence, this weapon gains the “9-Again” quality.

                  Peter Marks
                  The actor Peter Marks was an up and coming star of silent films in the 1920’s. He was born Piotr Markov in Russia and immigrated to the United States in his early twenties with dreams of making it in show business. Gifted with athleticism, good looks and a knack for drama and slapstick comedy, his first few films were wildly successful. However, when talking pictures began to replace the silent films, Peter’s thick Russian accent (which was never a problem before) became a hindrance, and his first role in a talking film was as a lowly henchman, rather than the leading men he played in the silent era. Peter was so embittered by this casting that he spent most of his time on set drinking and was killed while performing a vehicular stunt while intoxicated. He died dreaming of the thunderous applause he received from the showing of his first film, and cursing the invention that ruined his career. The film itself was edited and released to positive reviews, but has largely been forgotten.

                  Rank 2[Ghost]
                  Power 6 Finesse 4, Resistance 4, Willpower 8, Essence 15
                  Corpus 9, Size 5, Initiative 8, Defense 4, Speed 15
                  Virtue Talented, Vice Vainglory
                  Aspiration: To gain the adoration of an audience.
                  Key Skills: Athletics, Expression
                  Key Merits: Striking Looks 2
                  Influence: Anchor (Theatre) 2
                  Ban: Discorporates if shown footage from his last film. Bane: Glass from a car built in the 1920’s.
                  Manifestation: Image, Materialize, Twilight Form
                  Numina: Curse (Mute)*, Hallucination, Rapture, Sign, Telekinesis

                  Numina – Curse: The entity curses a target with a specific malady. An entity can typically only inflict one type of affliction, but examples include boils, disease, madness, spiritual malaise, and many others. The Numen costs 3 Essence, and the activation roll is contested by the victim’s Stamina or Resolve + Supernatural Tolerance. If the entity succeeds, in may impose a Condition or Tilt appropriate to its particular curse (such as Amnesia, Blind, Deafened, Madness, Mute, or Sick). The entity can also specify an outward sign of the Curse; typically a type of disfigurement, marking or scar. The Curse remains until the entity either removes it or is destroyed. Certain supernatural means may also be able to remove the curse.
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                  Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
                  The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
                  Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
                  Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


                  • This fantastic thread has been one of the most helpful resources I've found for examples of Spirits for Werewolf 2E. Some of them have inspired new story idea's I think a collected edition would make an excellent product on the Storytellers Vault. Thanks so much for putting these up here you are a life saver. I don't have much of a head for crunch or a lot of time to homebrew my own antagonists so thanks again.