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    Originally posted by Reighnhell View Post
    Typically, an anchor rewards the character with willpower when they take some type of action, but how would regain will power if their Key is something passive? (Such as elements (fire, water, iron), time period (days, nights, Mondays), locations ( forests, hospitals,graveyards), and other passive conditions.)
    By being in the enviorment by whole scene / hour, even if it's not opitmal to it. That mean that water demon will stick to water, dark spirit of forest will run to forest itself and demon on Mondays will try to be always summoned on Mondays.

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      Re: Infernal Entities

      Thanks for the feedback. A Willpower point gained passively per scene is a bit fast for the system as is (most ephemerals can only gain a point of Willpower passively at a rate of 1/day). However, this consideration has given me some insight into how to make the Malpraxis a bit more mechanically defined. I am posting my revisions below. updated text has been highlighted.

      Infernal Entities (Diaboli &Dominions)
      Rank: Dominions run the full range of Ranks. Ephemeral Entities that become Diaboli retain their Rank. Corrupted Ghosts become Larvals, Corrupted Goetia become Deceptors and Corrupted Spirits become Immundi.
      Native: Dominions are native to a ream called the Inferno (or simply “Hell”). Corrupted Ephemeral entities retain their ties to their original realms (if any).
      Virtue/Vice: As creatures of pure sinfulness, Infernal Entities have a Vice, but do not have a Virtue. Instead, they have a Key, which is an additional condition or circumstance of when, where, or how the Vice is expressed. This combination of Vice and Key is the Infernal Entities Malpraxis. The entities Key also defines a Resonant Condition the entity can benefit from for the purposes of regaining essence. Infernal Entities regain up to 1 Willpower point per scene by either fulfilling their Vice, and regain all spent Willpower by fulfilling their Malpraxis, but can only do so once per chapter. Infernal Entities can benefit from being in the presence of individuals fulfilling their Vice or Malpraxis as it had fulfilled it itself. Infernal Entities of Rank 3 gain an additional Vice or Malpraxis, and another at rank 5.
      Language: Diaboli and Dominions understand all languages, including dead languages or languages used by other supernatural entities. In addition, Diaboli and Dominions speak “Dragons Tongue”; a twisted glossolalia that is spoken and understood by the Infernal Entities, but cannot otherwise be translated or deciphered.
      Integrity: Diaboli and Dominions don’t have an Integrity trait.
      Influences: Diaboli and Dominions have Influences that relate to the Vice and Key their Malpraxis, with Diaboli often retain influences they possessed before their corruption.
      Essence: Infernal Entities require the Corrupt Condition in order to regain Essence and prevent Essence Bleed.In addition, Infernal Entities can make use of Resonant Conditions tied to the Vice and Key of their Malpraxis in the same fashion. Diaboli retain the Anchor (Larvae) or Resonant (Immundi) Conditions they possessed prior to their corruption. Diabolists sacrificing precious resources (metaphorical or literal), animals, or even humans to the Infernal Entity in its presence allow it to regain the Resources value of the item or animal, or the current Integrity of a human sacrifice, as Essence.
      Secrets & Lies: No supernatural ability can reveal a Diaboli or Dominions lies, half-truths and other deceptions for what they are. Anyone using the power will see the result the Infernal Entity wants them to see. Likewise, no supernatural ability can read the mind or intrude upon the thoughts of an Infernal Entity.
      Soul of Sin: Infernal Entities have the Know Soul Numina (the same as the Dread Power).

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