Beginner's Luck (• - ••)
Effects: Whenever you spend Willpower on a roll where you have an untrained penalty, reduce the penalties you suffer on the roll by your dots in this merit. Whenever you succeed on an untrained skill check where you benefited from this merit, you may immediately trade a dot of this merit and a dot of Willpower to gain a dot in that skill - if you do so, take a Beat.


Quick Houserule: Younger characters (high school, maybe college freshmen and sophomores) only get 10/6/4 for their skills and a single Speciality - however, they get Small-Framed and Beginner's Luck •• for free, and get two floating specialities. Whenever they spend Willpower on a roll, they can forgo the three dice to instead "lock in" a floating speciality, gaining a Speciality related to that roll. You probably should also take a Persistent Condition to represent the fact that you're a legal minor.

Older characters (35+) may trade a Physical skill dot for a dot of Professional Training, an extra Speciality related to their job, and the Area of Expertise and Interdisciplinary Speciality merits for that Speciality. You might also want a Condition or two to represent work or family obligations.

Retired characters (65+) may trade a Physical or Mental dot for a dot of Allies (former colleagues), and Common Sense. And you might have a Condition related to your age - you're definitely not as spry as you used to be.

I don't think little kids and senior citizens work without a template - puberty and senescence are both massive changes. These houserules assume that the rules (as they stand) are for people in their "prime" - and, of course, that you're still Hollywood-competent.