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Broods, Distance, and the Apex

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  • Broods, Distance, and the Apex

    Current scenario in my game:

    1) One Beast, who we'll call Dragon, is the Apex of his relatively small slice of the Primordial Dream, due to very little competition in his geographical area, and genuinely being a terrifying monster.

    2) Another Beast, who we'll call Seahorse, lives a large distance away, geographically. One of Dragon's Chambers was built off of a seed in Seahorse's geographic area, and Dragon is in this area pretty frequently.

    They're about to form a Brood Lair, which brings up some questions. What Apex trait takes hold over the Lairs? The Trait from the Apex in Seahorse's area? Dragon's Hive Trait? Both? Neither? Is it dependent on where each of them are, physically?

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    The Hive Trait of an Apex applies to any Chambers that are within the area of a hive's corresponding population center and are not walled off.

    Their forming a brood Lair has no extra influence on the Hive Trait that might intrude on a given chunk of the Primordial Dream; if Dragon has not walled off his Seahorse Zone Chamber then it has the Hive Trait of Seahorse's Apex, but no other Chamber in Dragon's Lair does unless it was also from Seahorse Zone.

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