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    Normally, I find Family Dinner to be quite useful - after all, if you need a snack to keep your horror sated, then why not do it with friends and family? However, I also agree that it takes a lot of the work from Beasts. As a friend pointed out, a powerful and well fed Beast would normally need to hunt down someone and spend a great deal of time and effort to get satiety from them...or just watch a Changeling get a bit of Glamour. This is optional, but annoying for balance issues

    So, here's my idea for Family Dinner; rather than just getting a flat Satiety whenever a Beast sees another supernatural hunt, and then another for them indulging in their prey, compare the number of instances to how much Lair the Beast has. If the instances per scene is equal to or higher than half the Beast's Lair (rounded up), they get a Satiety for watching the hunt and another for watching the takedown, as per normal. However, the satiety only comes inlike it would for a feeding roll, at the end of the scene or only one satiety if digested immediately after viewing - further, to get multiple satiety per scene they need to fulfill the aforementioned number per instance. A Lair 1 Beast would get multiple satiety from watching a group of Changelings gaining Glamour, but a Lair 6 Beast would only be able to indulge in Family Dinner once unless the group they were watching got more glamour in the same scene. More simply a Lair 1-2 Beast would only need to watch a single hunt/takedown to get Satiety, a Lair 3-4 would need to watch two, a Lair 5-6 would need to watch 3, and so forth. If a Lair 1 Beast watches three hunts, he gets three Satiety; if a Lair 3 Beast watches that same thing, he only gets one, unless a fourth hunt is observed as well before the scene ends.

    My justification for this is that as the Beast becomes more potent, their Horror becomes harder to satisfy, and a meal that would feed a smaller Beast wouldn't tickle the hunger of a larger one. Family Dinner is like a kid's meal - when you're younger, you only need one for a proper meal, but as an adult you need quite a few more for it to be more than a snack.

    Obviously this can be improved more, so let me know what you think and how you would adjust Family Dinner to better work both in th early and late game.
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    I'm deeply hesitant to mess with Family Dinner without actually seeing how it plays out in late game.