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Question about Family Resemblance

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  • Question about Family Resemblance

    Alright. So, as written Family Resemblance is automatic and reflexive when dealing with supernaturals (Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings) and automatically succeeds unless the individual is hiding their nature by supernatural means - in which case it requires a clash before using it. However, there is a resisted roll listed beneath it which leads me to suspect that is -not- the clash roll. What is this roll for? Is it just for when you want to know how full a person is / their power stat rating? Or for when dealing with those who are 'somewhat human' after they've used their powers.

    Also, what are the limits of this 'hiding by nature via supernatural means'? Does it mean the changeling mask or any of the rather natural ways such creatures camouflage themselves, such as through the blush of health? Or is it referring to specifically spells designed to counter supernatural means of cloaking what you are from other supernaturals?

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    The first paragraph under the heading, right before the one about Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, et al, says that recognizing another Beast is automatic (barring supernatural concealment), but the ability must be rolled to learn more. By extension I assume this holds true for other supernats. The only thing you learn without a roll is what creature type you're looking at; Powerstat, 'fullness', and so on requires the roll.

    I think the recognition pierces reflexive, always on masking powers inherent to the splats, otherwise Beasts would fail to identify their cousins rather more frequently than the text seems to imply. A Changeling's Mask hides them from mortal eyes, but other fae types see through it automatically, and Family Resemblance seems to be an all purpose equivalent to that kind of innate splat to splat recognition. Now, if the Changeling explicitly strengthens the Mask, or you have a Fetch with the Normalcy Echo, that would require a clash.