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Question about Atavisms and Satiety

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  • Question about Atavisms and Satiety

    Hey everyone!

    Sorry if this question was asked before (I did some googling and searches here but didn't find it), but I just picked up this game. I was cynical about it, worrying that Onyx Path would do a rehash of the old Bygone Bestiary (which I thought was mostly cheesy and potentially ruinous to CWoD chronicles - to me it was like introducing a griffin in the Sopranos, and not in one of Tony's Malkavian dream scenes, but as an actual character).
    I was pleasantly surprised and the game hooked me instantly! I can't stop whispering "this is so awesome" every time I flip a page on this book.

    Anyway, I do run into some things I'm not clear about here and there.

    One thing I'm not sure of concerns Atavisms.
    It is mentioned that the Normal Effect takes place when my Beast is at Satiety 4+, but that Low Satiety (3 and below) gives an enhanced version of the Atavism.
    Does the Low Satiety replace the Normal Effect, or is it in addition to it?

    Thanks in advance to any replies

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    individual atavisms do a pretty good job of clarifying this in their descriptions. Usually it will say "in addition to the normal effect" when it's additive, and in most cases it is. Some of the direct damage ones get a simple numbers upgrade (as does Unbreakable), but in many cases it's expanded utility to the existing effects.