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  • Quick Question About Feeding

    Ok, this has been bugging me for a while now and I need the community's help to solve it. I've keep hearing that one of the biggest turn offs for Beast: the Primordial is that feeding requires inflicting breaking points on mortals. Many players rightfully find this heinous, and it profoundly colors their impression about the gameline. The thing is though....

    For the life of me I cannot remember where in the book it specifically states that a Beast must inflict breaking points to feed. And due to my current internet problems it would take hours for me to upload my own copy of Beast because I have no working laptop.

    Would you all help me solve this? Because my own readings of the book gave me the impression that the Shock that the Begotten feed upon just occurs under moments of extreme fear or duress, but not all instances are breaking points. And, that the only instances of encouraging the cause of Breaking Points involved the creation of Chambers and growth of your Lair specifically.

    Did I read this incorrectly? Is there a false impression of the mechanics going around like I fear? Please help make me wise.

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    Yep, you've mis-remembered.

    Here's the passage you're probably thinking of:
    In either case, the moment of feeding happens when the victim
    experiences the shock.
    The shock happens at the moment where a victim realizes
    what is happening. If he learns a lesson, the shock is the instant
    in which it crystalizes. Beasts liken the shock to the moment when
    one awakens, startled, from a nightmare — a moment that every
    Beast is well familiar with, having experienced it many times before
    the Devouring. This comparison is not completely apt, however;
    a victim can also experience the shock at the moment of death.
    Shock is not dissimilar to a breaking point for Integrity
    (see p. 155) insofar as it impacts the victim’s soul. A shock can
    be a breaking point, but it doesn’t need to be.
    I mean depending on how you do it, feeding probably will cause breaking points, because those happen whenever a mortal sees any supernatural phenomena. If that's a deal breaker, you shouldn't be playing Chronicles of Darkness at all. Vampires inflict breaking points when they feed. Lunacy inflicts breaking points. Magic inflicts breaking points.

    Why are people always turned off Beast for aspects that are present in every other fucking game line in the setting?


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      Thank you for the exact text Elfive, although I'm a bit confused at what point your trying to make. The very last paragraph of the text confirms what I'd thought, so are you trying to say that they cause breaking points anyway? Because I already knew they need to cause breaking points, that's how they grow their personal Legend. But that's also the thing, choosing the grow a Legend in an attempt to break from the Monomyth is a personal choice that all Begotten must decide about at some point in their lives. It make the difference between a soul stealing monster, and a monster that can ascend it's current state by stealing souls.


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        Sorry, that was a bit of a side-rant about the "feeding requires inflicting breaking points on mortals." thing is actually a really stupid objection to have to beast.

        Werewolves, for example, cause breaking points for mortals just by being in any of their three hybrid forms. By this logic, it's "heinous" for a werewolf to shape-shift in front of anyone. Or even use Dalu form at all, because it's supposed to be for hunting in cities with people. Who will need to roll for Lunacy.

        So, in summary, people are being turned off Beast because they think it contains an issue that it doesn't, but Werewolf does.


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          Beasts don't have to cause Breaking Points in order to feed, but feeding will often cause Breaking Points as a result to it being a supernatural process, and witnessing the supernatural is a universal Breaking Point for humans. But, like, the same thing is true of pretty much everything every splat does.

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            Thank you Elfive, Charlaquin,

            That's what I had though and just needed to confirm it without a computer. And for what it's worth I agree with your opinions about breaking points and feeding, my only worry was that Beasts feed of the dissolution of the human psyche rather than fear. Because one is definitely a different game than the other.


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              Yeah, Beasts don't have to cause breaking points; that would spoil the lesson (if there is one). Apparently someone made a big fuss about this misconception, so maybe that's the source of it. So yeah, in no uncertain terms, you do not need to cause a breaking point to feed. That said, you can use breaking points to build your Lair, but that's optional.

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