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    I had what I thought was a really cool idea for a Beast, an Anakim whose Horror is actually a big, scary, gothic locomotive, who has one Chamber in the Underworld and helps ferry souls to the afterlife. I have this really strong mental image of this monster engine rattling down the track that makes up its Lair. I'm having a little trouble actualizing it, though, and the problem mostly comes down to size.

    If I'm reading it correctly, the Horror has your normal size, modified by the (Lair x2) bonus dots. If you're already a Giant, as per the merit, and dump all your bonuses into size (because you're a train), that's still only 12. Now, size 12 is big. Really big. For a guy. It's nowhere near the size of a train engine, though.

    I'm sure the ST would let me fudge it, and I'm not that hung up on the exact number, but it feels like a bit of a stretch to me. Just fishing for any thoughts or ideas anyone else might have. Or am I just reaching beyond the scope of what a Horror can be?

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    Make the train itself the Lair? The Horror would be its driver, or the guy who collects tickets (whatever that was called). Heck, if the latter, then maybe the Beast could be a Collector, who takes ghosts' fetters as the 'payment' to the Underworld, whose lesson is that it is useless holding onto the dead forever and that everyone should move on.

    MtAw Homebrew: Even more Legacies, updated to 2E


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      You could also gather ghosts and their anchors and bring them to your lair I think.


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        I did consider just having the Horror be the conductor on the train, but then I imagined it stalking through people's dreams, or roaming shared chambers in a hive, and it just seems ridiculous. Even if he's this ghoulish figure, it just doesn't work for me once he steps off the train. Also, it's way cooler if the character himself is actually this thundering monster train. Coolness counts.

        One thing I considered was if he actually manifested differently in different chambers. Like in one, he's the engine bearing down on whoever finds themselves on the tracks, but another chamber looks like a passenger car, and in that one he's the cadaverous ticket-taker stalking up and down the aisle. It's like dream logic, where one minute you're running from the train, and the next you're hiding from a faceless man in a rotting uniform, but in your heart you know they're one in the same... I don't think there's a way to do that without homebrewing something, though, and I'm kind of reluctant to do that.


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          If you had Currents as a lair trait, you could use ghostly trains to force others to move them around - that is, the train itself would be the method of the Currents, and anyone who resisted would find the train passing through them. Anyone who failed would be picked up and thrown elsewhere because...well, they were hit by a train.

          As for the horror themselves...what about the tracks the train goes across? Except the tracks have legs, and eyes, and oh lord it is really a metal centipede with a train on its back.

          ...I am supremely tempted to make this Beast now...


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            I like Currents as a Lair Trait. You can use it to represent a whole bunch of different things.


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              It should be remembered that as written, the Size of the Horror doesn't actually contribute to Health (although Looming Presence explicitly does), and I never saw the point of restricting dream logic flexibility by strictly enforcing its Size in the Lair.*

              I like Taidragon's suggestions on the Horror and Lair Traits representing the trains.

              *Well okay there's something to be said about consistency for ease of portrayal, and probably other stuff that doesn't immediately occur to me.
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